Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Harro's Wall, Part I

Harro’s Wall was found in Year 185, toward the end of The Dark Times.  It was a huge fortress constructed by the dwarves when they were still a viable people.  Harro danGael was a hearty man (a remnant of the Spartan Project) and a quick look of the defenses showed that the wall defended the Northern side from the Southern side.  This frightened them.  Here was an absolutely huge and seemingly impenetrable fortress which bisected the continents that lay in the ruins of a mighty battle.  The skeletons of the dwarves, beasts and an unknown humanoid creature that looked to be slightly shorter that the dwarves but with exaggerated skulls.  They skeletons they found with the exaggerated skulls numbered over a hundred thousand.

Harro spent his remaining years refortifying the wall, just in case the creatures ever came back.  He found foundries and forges underneath the wall and when he died in Year 221, they had just a quarter of the foundries up and running.  The mountains proved to be impassable for a number of years due to impossibly heavy snowfalls.  Even with the development of airships, all that they were able to do was make preliminary scouting reports or were lost.  Vancent danAndahar, the king at the time, stated that this was the southernmost edge of the kingdom.  That suited the danGaels just fine as the refortification of the fortress took much of their time, in addition the surrounding mountains where a treasure trove of minable ores.  Soon the fortress was bristling with weapons both old and new.

In Year 239 their fears were realized as they got reports of seeing strange humanoid creatures.  Short, green skinned, with exaggerated heads that struck in the night or in the darkened tunnels of the mines.  The goblins where not dead.  For years they have struck at the men and women of Crosstaal.  Sometimes they would slaughter everyone and other times not a sign of survivors was found as if they were taken.  Not many survivors of the attacks where ever found, but the few that survived where surprised at the bloodthirsty viciousness of their attackers.  This was the start of The Goblin Wars which lasted for over a hundred years, countless raids and four massive attacks on the wall.  The wall held and the goblins would not be seen until Year 467, the year that Tulath arrived and tried their hand at taking the wall thus beginning the Age of Sorrow.