Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Technology of Eave: Travel

We are going to deal with the Technology of Eave.  It goes from very high to very low.  It is a world of magic and science.  We are going to talk about Armaments, Communications, Computers, Environmental, Medicine, Power and Travel.  We are going to deal with travel, from the riding and draft kadams, to high level jets and walkers.  Travel, whether it be by the six-legged, slow and ponderous, lizard-like kaddams; or the newest land cruiser put out by Imperial Autos, all depends on the type of environment they are in and for what they are used.

Animals used for riding:
  • Cudders are a large six-legged boar-like creature, as big as a large cow on Earth.  They are not normally a riding animal, but some of the college students of Leavestonne have begun to ride them in impromptu races around campus.  It has stuck and the Cudder Races have grown to be a big thing in Leavestonne.
  • Kaddams are a slow and ponderous six-legged lizard like creature.  They are native to the higher latitudes and incredibly stable creatures.  They are slow and grew large because they are not very tasty.  There are few creatures in the higher latitudes that will feed on them, but they make excellent draft animals.
  • Mikkas are the common, six-legged stags that the elves use to ride.  They are fleet and dexterous able to navigate the forests and even the large branches that the eladrin use as their highways.  They are one of the favorite food of the toshurs.  They are not big enough to carry Spartan Blooded person and can barely carry a normal human.  But the humans of Danaan are raising a much larger version to carry a human.
  • Tarns are great birds that live on the eastern shores of the Evalan Continent.  They are called tarns (to the eladrin they are called “dow”) due to the writing of an old Earth novelist of times past.  They are six-limbed creatures with four-wings (greater and lesser) and two legs.  Having four wings make them very nimble in the air and agile in the water when they dive for the great fish that they live on.
  • Toshurs are large, six-legged tiger like creature that only the most elite eladrin ride.  They bond to one rider and when the rider dies they become forlorn and will stay with the body.  They are carnivores and naturally green in color.  The additional camouflage makes them very dangerous in the forests and jungles in which they live.  Usually on a low hanging branch on which they pounce on their prey.

Now to the eladrin they are common and not so common riding animals.  With the coming of humans they have brought with them a need for oil and other elements to power their machines.  While they both have very good technology, they do not have much of the fuel available to produce such vehicles.  Scientist from both sides have assumed that there is a lot of oil underneath the forests and jungles that the eladrin call home.  The eladrin will not have any of that!   Tulath has available small refineries to produce much of the fuel that the military uses and they had to take it by force.  They have had to make use of magic to power their vehicles and that doesn’t work to get into space.  The easiest power source to make is simple enchantment to heat up a piece of metal to make steam.  Many of the vehicles that most people use are made of such enchantments.  The military vehicles, especially the artifact vehicles use a high grade fuels and fusion reactors to make.  Danaan on the other hand, thanks to the Barony of Eastaare have begun to pull oil from the seafloor.  Some of the eladrin are uncomfortable with this but the Kingdom of Danaan tries to do its very best not to pollute the waters.

Vehicles.  Most vehicles are made using a mixture of technology and magic.
  • The car is a ubiquitous piece of human technology.  They are very common in Tulath and not so common in Danaan.  They are all enchanted to make use of steam and the higher end of engines make use of the steam capture enchantments to funnel the water back into the tanks to improve their range.  From the two person cars to massive trucks they are all available.  Motorcycles are very popular as well.
  • Walkers are large four to six-legged vehicles that he humans use.  They technology makes for them to be very versatile in rough terrain.  In clear terrain, they could go down and travel on their wheels making them very adaptable.  Danaan does not have many of them left since the invasion, while Tulath has quite a few left.  They are making purely magical versions, but they are rather expensive to make, even for the mighty Tulath war machine.
  • Tanks and jets are in the same boat as walkers.  They have made simple planes and rotary aircraft and with the oil that with which they are being stingy.  Drones are very common on both sides.
  • Mecha are seven to ten meter tall, bipedal tanks with excellent maneuvering abilities in rough terrain.  They are usually fusion powered however and because of that are only used in the case of emergencies.  Ladeline, the archmage of Danaan has been experimenting with human-operated golems.
  • Both nations are very good when it comes to the mass transit of its people and goods.  Tualth has an impressive train system which connects the Empire together.  They even have a system of subways and trams for their cities.  Danaan has a system of airships which connects the various plateaus that make up their Kingdom.  The eladrin do like the airships and have made their own, purely magical creations.
  • Watercraft, on the rivers of the forest is basically controlled by the eladrin.  Out on the sea however the humans have made significant progress.  In the Northern Kingdom the Barony of Maarke is the king of ships and they basically own the entire Eastern Ocean.  To the south however Tulath has made very little in the way of ships.  They have got a couple of them on the Western Ocean but not that many.
  • Tulath and Danaan also have active space programs and Danaan has the lead.
  • The eladrin have the ultimate in personal transportation of Evae.  Their ancient ancestors have made teleportation pads between their cities.  It is only in emergencies as it takes a mage of considerable power to active one.  This is how Hanali knew about the duplicity of the Tulath and the atomic destruction of Aragoi.