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Religion on Eave

Religion of Eave is a mix of old human religions and ancient elven religion.  Humans of North Realm have a freedom of religion and have taken to the worship of several elven deities.  Those within the Empire worship the perfection of the human body.  Religion is a somewhat hot button issue within the human community.  Most of humanity have taken a somewhat philosophical view of religion before they have landed on Eave.  Most forms of Christianity, Islam and Judaism have fallen by the wayside and worshipped by only a fraction of the faithful as more and more evidence proved it to be less and less useful to a technologically advanced society. 

On Eave, everything changed.  With magic, that the eladrin say comes of the gods and it is hard to argue with the results.  The advent of magic comes from the power of the gods, so say the eladrin.  Taelah, the god (or goddess) of magic is said to have taught the very first eladrin how to work magic.  The humans, scientists from both Danaan and Tulath, have been working to find out how the magic works as it manipulates an energy.  The eladrin say it is because of the gods and the humans have to reluctantly agree.

The eladrin do not have churches or cathedrals to their gods.  They have small temples and shrines, but no real clergy.  They may pray to Elinan for an easy brith, or thank Skrive for a good hunt.

Little do the inhabitants of Eave know that the gods sleep on Eave, providing the magic though their dreams.  They are being of immense power and their sleep provides a stable platform for the planet.  If they were ever awoken from their dreams, the planet would fall into cataclysm. 

Eladrin Gods
·         Alannah, god of youth, chance
·         Elinan, goddess of the earth, females, childbirth
·         Ellathe, goddess of nature, seasons
·         Skrive, god of hunting, animals
·         Taelah, god or goddess of magic
·         Vensor, god of the sky, males, virility


Every animal native to Eave has multiple Spirit Sovereigns.  One massive animal that holds the represents the best of the best of the animal.   It is intelligent and can speak telepathically.  Every animal has one.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Rules of Eave: Mecha-Suit Weapons

I am playtesting the armor and weapons section this weekend.  Let you know how it all works out!

Mecha-Suit Weapons
Mecha-suited weapons are large weapons that are mounted or carried on the mecha-suits.  Spartans can also use the handheld weapons, though a bit clumsily for simplicity sake they don’t take any penalty to attack.  If a person smaller than a Spartan uses a weapon usable by a mecha-suit, they will take a -2 on the attack role as the weapon takes on a Heavy and Cumbersome Aspect.  No one can use a built in weapon unless they are piloting the mecha-suit.

[Playtest] Armor Piercing rounds do tremendous damage against the target.  Ancient armor does nothing.  Enchanted and modern armor acts as though they were ancient armor, the blue die reduced by 1 and ceiling increased by 1. 

·         Auto-Cannon.  R3/2, Burst
·         Cannon.  R3/3, Blast
·         Cannon, Heavy.  R3/4, Blast, Built-In
·         Chaingun.  R3/3, Burst
·         Flamer.  R3/3, Sets Fire
·         Knife.  R2/2
·         Mace. R2/3
·         Missile Launcher.  AP, R4/3; HE, R3/3, Blast; HEAP, R4/4, Blast; Plasma, R4/2, Blast
·         Particle Pule Laser Rife, Heavy.  R4/3
·         Rail-gun.  R3/5, Amor Piercing, Built-In
·         Rocket Launcher.  R2/3, Built-In, Blast
·         Shotgun, Heavy.  R3/3

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rules of Eave: Mecha-Suits

Mecha-Suits are the end-all, be-all in infantry warfare.  They are mean and when they take the battlefield, they tend to make a lot of dead bodies.  This is all under PLAYTEST.  I unfortunately was going to playtest it yesterday, but Chris could not show up.  Bad Christopher.  If anyone does happen to use this, let me know!  I am interested!  Be sure to leave comments or questions in either case.

Mecha Suits
Mecha-Suits are the evolution of powered combat armor.  Mecha-suits are over three meters all, the tallest being close to five.  They offer supreme protection as well as on board weaponry that makes them equal to a platoon of men.  Some of them use a master-slave system for arms.  After mecha-suits there are mechs which average from ten meters tall and up

·         Armored gives a +1 defense against attacks.  Some of the larger or more heavily armored mecha-suits give a +2 or even +3.
·         Cold Resistant is able to operate without fail in cold environments.  [Playtest: gains a bonus to defense against Cold attacks.]
·         Heat Resistant can operate without fail in very high temperatures.  [Playtest: gains a bonus to defense against Heat/Fire attacks]
·         [Playtest] Master-Slave Arms have two sets of arms, one for the pilot and another for the actual mecha-suit.  The wearer may attack twice on the same target, one for the pilot’s weapon and another for the mecha-suit sized weapon.
·         Open Cockpit means that the driver of the mecha-suit is vulnerable.
·         All mecha-suits have sensors.  The Sensors Aspect give a +2 to Notice rolls because they advanced.
·         Slow Aspect give the mecha-suit a ponderous gait. 

·         Broadsword Mecha-Suit.  B4/1, Armored, Blending, Powered +4, Master-Slave Arms, Sensors
·         Deadelus Mecha Suit.  B4/1, Armored +2,  Powered +3, Sensors
·         K-12 Shining Knight.  B4/2, Armored, Powered +3

Giant Series Mecha Suit
·         Cyclops (the “Brute Suit”), all-purpose suit, 3.5 meters.  B4/2, Armored, Master-Slave Arms, Powered +2
·         Promethean, mainly used for construction, four meters tall.  B4/3.  Master-Slave Arms, Open Cockpit, Powered +4
·         Thrym, adapted for cold weather.  B4/1, Armored, Cold Resistant, Master-Slave Arms, Powered +3
·         Surtur, adapted for high temperature environments, firefighting.  B4/1, Armored, Heat Resistant, Powered +3
·         Atlas, general combat suit four meters.  B4/1, Armored +2, Powered +4, Sensors, Spartan
·         Titan, big combat suit tops out at over five meters tall.  B4/1, Armored +3, Powered +5, Sensors, Slow

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rules of Eave: Weapons and Armor

Working on the Mecha Suits next!  Ignore the last entry on weapons.  This is ALL under playtest and is subject to change for the better.  If you find it useful to use, by all means use it, just let me know what you think of it.  It is all I ask.

I will be using the Red and Blue Dice system from the Fate Tool Kit.  Some weapons, such as the heavy weapons will have the Damage Floor and Ceilings.  For instance the Heavy Scribble Laser (the Finger of God) would be Red 4/2.  Which means that you would roll your 4 dice, 3 of them Red and it would do a minimum of 2 levels of stress.  Where the lowly dagger would be Red 0/-.  Some of the weapons can have aspects as well.

I am also using the Red and Blue Dice for armor as portrayed in the Fate Toolkit. 

  • Blast affect everyone in the same zone.
  • Blending is a special Aspect that if invoked the wearer is invisible until the wearer attacks or some other method of detection is used.
  • Burst uses the Hits and Overflow of page 216 of the Fate Core Rules except that a Burst weapon gains a +1.
  • Enchanted Aspect make the ancient armor equal to modern armor.
  • Hunker Down is a special Aspect that if the user of the shield is aware of an attack he or she will get a +2 on defense.  [Playtest: that will take his next action]
  • Poison inflicts the Poison Aspect.
  • Powered increases the wearers Physique by the number presented.  This does not add to the number of stress boxes the player has.
  • Set Fire sets the target on fire giving them On Fire Aspect.
  • Spartan indicates that the armor was built to Spartan.
  • Shields only makes armor a +4 armor bonus total and take the better damage ceiling.  So a tactical shield combined with a K6 armor it would be a total of B4/2, but the shield will give him the Hunker Down Aspect.
  • [Playtest: I have got to add ammo to the ranged weapons]
Ancient Weapons
  • Battle Axe.  R2/3
  • Brass Knuckles.  R0/-
  • Claws.  R2/1
  • Composite Bow.  R2/2
  • Crossbow.  R3/2
  • Dagger.  R1/-
  • Great Sword.  R3/2
  • Hand Axe.  R2/2
  • Halberd.  R3/2
  • Lance.  R3/2
  • Long Bow.  R2/1
  • Long Sword.  R2/2
  • Mace.  R1/2
  • Pole Axe.  R3/3
  • Rapier.  R3/-
  • Rocket Lance.  R3/3, Blast
  • Scimitar.  R1/2
  • Short Bow.  R1/1
  • Short Sword.  R2/1
  • Small Knife.  R0/-
  • Spear.  R2/2
  • Truncheon/Club.  R0/-
Modern Weapons
  • Auto Rifle.  R2/2, Burst
  • Auto Rifle, Heavy.  R3/2, Burst
  • Carbine.  R2/1
  • Flamer, Heavy.  R3/2, Sets Fire
  • Flamer, Light.  R2/1, Sets Fire
  • Machine Gun, Heavy.  R3/2, Burst
  • Machine Gun, Light.  R2/2, Burst
  • Magnum Revolver.  R3/3
  • Missile Launcher.  AP, R4/3; HE, R3/3, Blast; HEAP, R4/4, Blast; Plasma, R4/2, Blast
  • Needler Pistol.  R0/-, Poison
  • Needler Rifle.  R1/-, Poison
  • Particle Pulse Laser Pistol.  R3/2, Burst
  • Particle Pulse Laser Rifle.  R4/2, Burst
  • Pistol.  R2/1
  • Pistol, Heavy.  R3/2
  • Pistol, Light.  R1/-
  • Revolver.  R2/2
  • Rifle.  R2/2
  • Rifle, Heavy.  R2/3
  • Scribble Laser, Heavy.  R4/2, Burst
  • Shotgun.  R3/2
  • Sniper Rifle.  R2/4
  • SMG.  R2/1, Burst
Act like modern weapons in respect to armor.
  • Hand Grenade.  R3/2, Blast
  • Hand Grenade, AP.  R3/3
  • Primitive Bomb.  R2/3, Blast
  • Primitive Grenade.  R2/2, Blast
  • Satchel Charge.  R4/3, Blast
Ancient Armor
Ancient armor is does not operate that well against modern weapons and grenades.  Unless it is Enchanted, a person wearing ancient armor against a modern weapon will have their Blue die reduced by 1 and ceiling increased by 1.  This means if somebody wearing chainmail is attacked by somebody with an auto-rifle, it goes to a B1/- setting.  They would only get 1 Blue die with no ceiling on damage.  Now these, like the weapons are only the base weapons.  There are many of the arms and armor that are enchanted or superior in construction that will go up and over the presented stats.
  • Breastplate.  B3/4
  • Chainmail. B2/4
  • Eladrin Silk.  B2/4, Enchanted
  • Elven Chain.  B3/3, Enchanted
  • Elven Plate and Chain.  B3/2, Enchanted
  • Full Plate.  B3/2
  • Leather.  B0/-
  • Plate and Chain.  B3/3
  • Studded Leather. B1/-
  • Buckler.  B+1 versus one attack only/-
  • Shield.  B+1/3.  Hunker Down.
Modern Armor
Modern armor is useful against all manner of weapons.
  • ARC (armored reactive camouflage) Suit.  B1/4, Blending
  • Armored Vest.  B1/-
  • Combat Armor.  B2/3
  • ORC (operations recon and combat) Armor.  B3/2, Powered
  • Powered Combat Armor.  B3/3, Powered
  • Stealth Armor.  B0/-, Blending
  • Tactical Shield.  B+2/3, Hunker Down
Knight Series Powered Combat Armor
  • K0 Stealth.  B1/-, Blending
  • K2 Light.  B1/4.
  • K3p Light.  B1/4, Powered
  • K4 Medium.  B2/3
  • K5p Medium.  B2/3, Powered
  • K6 Heavy.  B3/2
  • K7p Heavy.  B3/2, Powered +2
  • K8 Superheavy.  B4/1, Spartan
  • K9p Superheavy.  B4/1, powered +2, Spartan

Rules of Eave: Weapons

I will be using the Red and Blue Dice system from the Fate Tool Kit.  Some weapons, such as the heavy weapons will have the Damage Floor and Ceilings.  For instance the Heavy Scribble Laser (the Finger of God) would be Red 4/2.  Which means that you would roll your 4 dice, 3 of them Red and it would do a minimum of 2 levels of stress.  Where the lowly dagger would be Red 0/-.  Some of the weapons can have aspects as well.

Well, I havent had a chance to playtest this.  Let me know what you think. 

Ancient Weapons
  • Battle Axe: Red 2/3
  • Brass Knuckles: Red 0/-
  • Claws: Red 2/1
  • Composite Bow: Red 2/2
  • Crossbow: Red 3/2
  • Dagger: Red 1/-
  • Great Sword: Red 3/2
  • Hand Axe: Red 2/2
  • Halberd: Red 3/2
  • Lance: Red 3/2
  • Long Bow: Red 2/1
  • Long Sword: Red 2/2
  • Mace: Red 1/2
  • Pole Axe: Red 3/3
  • Rapier: Red 3/-, Reposte
  • Rocket Lance: Red 3/3, Radius
  • Scimitar: Red 1/2
  • Short Bow: Red 1/1
  • Short Sword: Red 2/1
  • Small Knife: Red 0/-
  • Spear: Red 2/2
  • Truncheon/Club: Red 0/-

Modern Weapons
  • Auto Rifle: Red 2/2, Burst
  • Auto Rifle, Heavy: Red 3/2, Burst
  • Carbine: Red 2/1
  • Flamer, Heavy: Red 3/2, Sets Fire
  • Flamer, Light: Red 2/1, Sets Fire
  • Machine Gun, Heavy: Red 3/2, Burst
  • Machine Gun, Light: Red 2/2, Burst
  • Magnum Revolver: Red 3/3
  • Missile Launcher: AP, Red 4/3; HE, Red 3/3, Radius; HEAP, Red 4/4, Radius; Plasma, Red 4/2, Radius
  • Needler Pistol: Red 0/-, Poison
  • Needler Rifle: Red 1/-, Poison
  • Particle Pulse Laser Pistol: Red 3/2, Burst
  • Particle Pulse Laser Rifle: Red 4/2, Burst
  • Pistol: Red 2/1
  • Pistol, Heavy: Red 3/2
  • Pistol, Light: Red 1/-
  • Revolver: Red 2/2
  • Rifle: Red 2/2
  • Rifle, Heavy: Red 2/3
  • Scribble Laser, Heavy: Red 4/2, Burst
  • SMG: Red 2/1, Burst
  • Shotgun: Red 3/2

Monday, November 4, 2013


I have been muddling along.  I am still struggling with personnel problems.  Here is just the snippets of what I have been working on...

The Barony of Stormtonne
Part of the Kingdom of Danaan, the Barony of Stormtonne is the smallest barony as well as the youngest.  It is also the most powerful barony due to its influence with the eladrin, its magic and the fact that the Order of the Thorn is headquartered here.

The current Baron is a man named Aylen danTaven.  His wife is the eladrin named Beyissa Skysilver.  Skysilver is the English for Faleath, and they named themselves Skysilver in honor of the wedding to cement the union.  Sorica Faleath was teacher of Edam danTaven, the second human to learn magic.  It was her love of Edam and his twin sister that led to her to teach others and her line followed suit.  The entire Skysilver clan is located near the barony.

The northernmost barony is located near the mighty edifice known as The Spear of Laan.  It measures almost a kilometer in diameter and rises to an incredible 143.62 kilometers in height.  It radiates magic and explorations to its height shows the magic ends at that elevation.  It was built several thousands of years ago by a concern of dwarves and eladrin.  The Spear of Lann is located right in the middle of the tonne (eladrin word for “castle”) as it rises up and out of a copse of the great worol (“world”) trees that can rise up to over kilometer in height.  The barony is built up along The Spear of Lann and occupies many of the lower levels.  The barony spreads out and many of the nearby worol trees are the home to the baron, his people and the eladrin.  Great airship docks are located along the spear.

Miranda Taven and her brother Jack where the first of their line.  They were both of the archaeological and anthropological fields of study.  They were fascinated by the eladrin and the magic that they worked.  Miranda eventually married Markan Andahar becoming the first queen and they both formed the framework for what would become the Order of the Thorn. 

Dark Elves
The dark elves are seriously thinking about the Spartan Blooded.  They have been using the goblins for years in a parody of a eugenics program, but the goblins have been played out.  They usually produce very stupid offspring.  Humans however are proving to be very excellent candidates producing very excellent slaves and soldiers.  They have been kidnapping various humans from around the world and are crossbreeding them with goblins, dwarves and other humanoid creatures to produce the best offspring.

Goblins are the result of the dark elves crossbreeding eugenics program.  For example the goblins who have the Thick Skin stunt are usually known as Red Caps.  They are tough and bloodthirsty lot, the tallest goblin species and the dark elves use them as shock troops.

The Barony of Holdingford
Holdingford lies in a great rift valley and is built upon the bones of a dwarven settlement.  Mining the great veins of ore that lie within make the Barony a very rich one.  Richer that Crosstaal though it does not have the great foundries.  Many small settlements abound around the rift that has a large river that runs through it.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Orders of Knighthood of North Realm

  • King’s Companions: The King’s Companions is an honorary knighthood bestowed upon the friends of the king, forming core of his advisors.
  • Order of the Bow: This Order is given to a variety of gunners, marksman and bowmen of North Realm.  They are given this Order for exceptional skill and accuracy.  [Knight]
  • Order of the Crescent Sword: An order of knighthood granted to those who perform an exceptional deed or service to the realm.  [Knight Marshal, Knight Lord, Knight]
  • Order of the Hart: A special order of knights who range all across North Realm as Rangers bringing justice to far-flung homesteads and travelers.  Do to their status as only the most trustworthy are taken, they are respected by the eladrin and are allowed to travel in their lands unmolested.  [Knight Marshal, Knight Lord, Knight Warden, Knight]
  • Order of the Rose: Royal Guards and Queen’s Champions, The Order of the Rose are Protectors of the Royal House and Family.  Pages make up a bulk of the personal servants to the Royal Family.  The Order of the Rose lies under the direct command of the Queen of North Realm.  By tradition they can take no orders from anybody save her (hence the King’s Companions), a tradition dating back to Miranda, the first Queen of North Realm.  They may take all things by the King as merely asking them.  [Knight Marshal, Knight Lord, Knight, Squire, Page]
  • Order of the Shield: The noble defenders of Harro’s Wall.  After the invasion of Leavestonne by Tulath, the Order protects the whole southern border.  Vorra danGael is the Knight Marshal of the Order of the Shield.   [Knight Marshal, Knight Lord, Knight, Squire]
  • Order of the Thorn: This Order is a secret branch of the Order of the Rose.  They are spies and if needs-be assassins.  They are led by the current Baron of Stormtonne, Aylen danTaven.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rules of Eave: Magic and the Church of Mankind

The Church of Mankind

[Sorry for the lateness of my post.  I have some serious family issues of which with I am dealing.]

The Church of Man is the magical might of the Empire of Tulath and their magical might consist of the great craftworks that they do.  From mightiest engine of war to the finest gossamer gowns made of silver and gold for a music box dancer.  They are responsible for the great public works, such as the carving the mountain of Narimath and the great gardens that surround the palace of the current Empress.  They have taught the Emperors and Empresses of Tulath, much to the frustration of Section Command. 

The Church of Man is a vast enterprise and the Tech-Priest are but one faction of the clergy.  Many years ago after they installed Tullson II the Emperor of the Tulath they was an argument about what they were to call themselves.  Unified Man it what they were called, but they needed something that will unify the people against the common enemy, the eladrin.  The Church of Mankind, or the Church of Man is somewhat of a misnomer.  They are not really a clergy and they do not worship a god, but they have grown to be the sword and gun, the armor and shield of The Empire.  They do not pray and the liturgies that they invoke are dwarven rites of power.

The Tech-Priests are the largest sect of the Church of Mankind.  They hold considerable power.  In game terms they use Craft as the ability to work their magic.
  • Lay-Brothers (Craft +0) are simple laborers or the young who have the intelligence to serve as a Tech-Priest in the future.
  • Tech-Priest Initiates (Craft +1) are the mass producers of the Church.  The simple enchantment that they know go into enchanting the raw materials that are used in the rest of the Church.
  • Tech-Priest Adepts (Craft +2) fine tune what is made at the Initiate level.
  • Tech-Priest Journeymen (Craft +3) are allowed to make the arms and armor for the nobility and military.
  • Tech-Priest Craftsman (Craft +4) are the true Tech-Priests.  They are usually assigned to specific task or project.  It can be teaching the younger priests or being assigned to a mechanized unit
  • Tech-Priest Master Craftsmen (Craft +5 or greater) are masters of their craft.  Currently there are over two-hundred Masters in the Empire.  One of the Master Craftsmen is chosen to represent all of the Tech-Priests.  Currently, that master in Hedric Croy.
All this being said, normal craftspeople can get their hands on enchanted goods, but they must be licensed in order to do so.  Many of the people are ex-Church members who then keep an eye out for those with a quick tongue and strong hands to be inducted into the Church.  With that there is a growing and thriving back market for the goods and materials.  It is these people that you should watch out for, for there is a rumor of smiths who have taken the dwarven magic to the next level.  Something about reading the runes carved into special icons to be able to cast spells on the fly.  A mighty feat indeed.

The Church of Mankind is ruled by an inner council made up of the same type of people that was in Unified Man.  They meet once every six months to determine policy that will shape and form society.

In game terms, a simple enchant would be adding a +1 to ancient arms and armor.  An uncommon enchant would be adding a +1 to modern arms and armor.  A rare enchant would be make or repair a mecha-suit or constructing a particle laser or other advanced weaponry.  Then you have got the big things like mecha that would require a lot of craftsmen.  The thing about it is that it takes time to construct and a lower level of craftsmen would be required to gather all the necessary components together.  As such, it would require a game that centers of the crafting to be of any use.

The Runecasters are a secret order of renegade casters that have learned to read the ancient dwarven runes to cast their spells.  Their special flavor of magic deals with heat, fire, thunder, earth and metals.  They should have spells that reflect those qualities.  They have the runes on them hidden in jewelry or other somewhat permanent manner that they must have in order to cast their spells.  A player that starts off may have one spell per level of Craft that they have.  There is a Runecaster whose body in covered in runes tattoos.  Unfortunately he has to keep himself covered lest he arouses suspicion.  Generally one does not use this method of casting the runes for they do heat up when cast.  The runes are therefore important to the caster as they focus the power within them to cast hence they are carved onto a totem.  The Runecasters operate in secret as if the Church of Mankind or the Empire should find out about them, there is no doubt about the fact that they would not see the light of day.  They would either be killed or put in a lab somewhere to be studied.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rules of Eave: Animals

[Please, make a comment and tell me how I did in creating the animals.  Looking for some feedback, good or bad.]

The animals are generally considered Average NPCs.  A few of them can be considered Fair or even Good level of NPCs dependent on the GM.  Some like the toshurs are already Good quality.  Others can be considered named NPCs.

All animals native to Eave have six limbs and tend to be rather large.  The humans have brought with them chickens, dogs, cats and surprisingly ferrets.

Aggressiveness: How naturally aggressive is the animal.  It is the Skill in which they make their attacks.  Their main attacks are listed in parenthesis.
Physique: Just like the characters skill.
Speed: A speed of +0 is the default and is about how fast a human can run.  For every +1 the animals speed, it can travel one additional zone in a normal movement.  They may also use the Skill in place of Athletics and therefore Defense.
Stealth: the natural stealth of a creature, works just like the skill.

A few plains that do exist and the rolling hills are the land of the aurachs (eladrin call them morrows).  Large six-legged bison-like creatures who coincidentally taste like beef.  They have a hard, carapace-like leather that is extremely thick in the front.  When danger abounds and they cannot outrun it they will circle themselves facing out to protect the young from predators.
Aspects: A Massive Herd, Protect the Young
Skills: Aggressiveness +1 (butt, kick), Physique +4, Speed +1, Stealth -1
Stunts: Charge (get a +2 to attack when they charge at least one zone away).

Cudders are a large six-legged boar-like creature, as big as a large cow on Earth.  They are not normally a riding animal, but some of the college students of Leavestonne have begun to ride them in impromptu races around campus.  It has stuck and the Cudder Races have grown to be a big thing in Leavestonne.  They are usually nasty and brutish but have been domesticated by the humans over the past eight-hundred plus years
Aspects: Ornery and Ugly
Skills: Aggressiveness +3 (gore), Physique +3, Speed +2, Stealth +0
Stunts: Stubborn (reduce the stress caused by the attack by one)

Kaddams are a slow and ponderous six-legged lizard like creature.  They are native to the higher latitudes and incredibly stable creatures.  They are slow and grew large because they are not very tasty.  There are few creatures in the higher latitudes that will feed on them, but they make excellent draft animals.
Aspects: Slow and Ponderous; Dumb as a Rock
Skills: Aggressiveness +1 (bite), Physique +5, Speed +0, Stealth +0
Stunts: Bad Taste (not really a stunt, but the attacker that bites it has got to be really hungry)

Mikkas are the common, six-legged stags that the elves use to ride.  They are fleet and dexterous able to navigate the forests and even the large branches that the eladrin use as their highways.  They are one of the favorite food of the toshurs.  They are not big enough to carry Spartan Blooded person and can barely carry a normal human.  But the humans of Danaan are raising a much larger version to carry a human.
Aspects: Skittish Woodland Creatures; Fast Runners
Skills: Aggressiveness -1 (gore), Physique +0, Speed +4, Stealth +2
Stunts: Burst of Speed (gain a +2 to speed for the turn to run away)

To the eladrin they are called “ulru” and they are a dangerous creature that roam in packs and have spines that grow along their haunches.  They are silent save when they are on the attack when they communicate using a series of sharp yips.  They will usually follow an alpha female.
Aspects: Follow the Alpha, Pack Hunters
Skills: Aggressiveness +2 (bite), Physique +1, Speed +2, Stealth +2.  The alpha will usually have a +1 to all Skills.
Stunts: Raise the Hackles (a creature that makes physical contact with a ravid must do so with one additional shift or take a +0 attack against them)

Tarns are great birds that live on the eastern shores of the Evalan Continent.  They are called tarns (to the eladrin they are called “dow”) due to the writing of an old Earth novelist of times past.  They are six-limbed creatures with four-wings (greater and lesser) and two legs.  Having four wings make them very nimble in the air and agile in the water when they dive for the great fish that they live on.  They are a common sight in the Baronies of Maarke and Eastaare in which the people ride them.
Aspects: Flock Mentality
Skills: Aggressiveness +1 (claws), Physique +1, Speed +3, Stealth +0
Stunts: Fly-By Attack (move before and after an attack, up to their Speed)

Toshurs (Good quality)
Toshurs are large, six-legged tiger like creature that only the most elite eladrin ride.  They bond to one rider and when the rider dies they become forlorn and will stay with the body.  They are carnivores and naturally green in color.  The additional camouflage makes them very dangerous in the forests and jungles in which they live.  Usually on a low hanging branch on which they pounce on their prey.  T
Aspects: Silent Killers; Patient Hunters
Skills: Aggressiveness +2 (fangs, claws), Physique +3, Speed +1, Stealth +3
Stunt: pounce (+2 to initial Attack, and if they make a successful they can apply a Knocked Down effect on the target), camouflage (+2 to Stealth if they are not moving)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Technology of Eave: Travel

We are going to deal with the Technology of Eave.  It goes from very high to very low.  It is a world of magic and science.  We are going to talk about Armaments, Communications, Computers, Environmental, Medicine, Power and Travel.  We are going to deal with travel, from the riding and draft kadams, to high level jets and walkers.  Travel, whether it be by the six-legged, slow and ponderous, lizard-like kaddams; or the newest land cruiser put out by Imperial Autos, all depends on the type of environment they are in and for what they are used.

Animals used for riding:
  • Cudders are a large six-legged boar-like creature, as big as a large cow on Earth.  They are not normally a riding animal, but some of the college students of Leavestonne have begun to ride them in impromptu races around campus.  It has stuck and the Cudder Races have grown to be a big thing in Leavestonne.
  • Kaddams are a slow and ponderous six-legged lizard like creature.  They are native to the higher latitudes and incredibly stable creatures.  They are slow and grew large because they are not very tasty.  There are few creatures in the higher latitudes that will feed on them, but they make excellent draft animals.
  • Mikkas are the common, six-legged stags that the elves use to ride.  They are fleet and dexterous able to navigate the forests and even the large branches that the eladrin use as their highways.  They are one of the favorite food of the toshurs.  They are not big enough to carry Spartan Blooded person and can barely carry a normal human.  But the humans of Danaan are raising a much larger version to carry a human.
  • Tarns are great birds that live on the eastern shores of the Evalan Continent.  They are called tarns (to the eladrin they are called “dow”) due to the writing of an old Earth novelist of times past.  They are six-limbed creatures with four-wings (greater and lesser) and two legs.  Having four wings make them very nimble in the air and agile in the water when they dive for the great fish that they live on.
  • Toshurs are large, six-legged tiger like creature that only the most elite eladrin ride.  They bond to one rider and when the rider dies they become forlorn and will stay with the body.  They are carnivores and naturally green in color.  The additional camouflage makes them very dangerous in the forests and jungles in which they live.  Usually on a low hanging branch on which they pounce on their prey.

Now to the eladrin they are common and not so common riding animals.  With the coming of humans they have brought with them a need for oil and other elements to power their machines.  While they both have very good technology, they do not have much of the fuel available to produce such vehicles.  Scientist from both sides have assumed that there is a lot of oil underneath the forests and jungles that the eladrin call home.  The eladrin will not have any of that!   Tulath has available small refineries to produce much of the fuel that the military uses and they had to take it by force.  They have had to make use of magic to power their vehicles and that doesn’t work to get into space.  The easiest power source to make is simple enchantment to heat up a piece of metal to make steam.  Many of the vehicles that most people use are made of such enchantments.  The military vehicles, especially the artifact vehicles use a high grade fuels and fusion reactors to make.  Danaan on the other hand, thanks to the Barony of Eastaare have begun to pull oil from the seafloor.  Some of the eladrin are uncomfortable with this but the Kingdom of Danaan tries to do its very best not to pollute the waters.

Vehicles.  Most vehicles are made using a mixture of technology and magic.
  • The car is a ubiquitous piece of human technology.  They are very common in Tulath and not so common in Danaan.  They are all enchanted to make use of steam and the higher end of engines make use of the steam capture enchantments to funnel the water back into the tanks to improve their range.  From the two person cars to massive trucks they are all available.  Motorcycles are very popular as well.
  • Walkers are large four to six-legged vehicles that he humans use.  They technology makes for them to be very versatile in rough terrain.  In clear terrain, they could go down and travel on their wheels making them very adaptable.  Danaan does not have many of them left since the invasion, while Tulath has quite a few left.  They are making purely magical versions, but they are rather expensive to make, even for the mighty Tulath war machine.
  • Tanks and jets are in the same boat as walkers.  They have made simple planes and rotary aircraft and with the oil that with which they are being stingy.  Drones are very common on both sides.
  • Mecha are seven to ten meter tall, bipedal tanks with excellent maneuvering abilities in rough terrain.  They are usually fusion powered however and because of that are only used in the case of emergencies.  Ladeline, the archmage of Danaan has been experimenting with human-operated golems.
  • Both nations are very good when it comes to the mass transit of its people and goods.  Tualth has an impressive train system which connects the Empire together.  They even have a system of subways and trams for their cities.  Danaan has a system of airships which connects the various plateaus that make up their Kingdom.  The eladrin do like the airships and have made their own, purely magical creations.
  • Watercraft, on the rivers of the forest is basically controlled by the eladrin.  Out on the sea however the humans have made significant progress.  In the Northern Kingdom the Barony of Maarke is the king of ships and they basically own the entire Eastern Ocean.  To the south however Tulath has made very little in the way of ships.  They have got a couple of them on the Western Ocean but not that many.
  • Tulath and Danaan also have active space programs and Danaan has the lead.
  • The eladrin have the ultimate in personal transportation of Evae.  Their ancient ancestors have made teleportation pads between their cities.  It is only in emergencies as it takes a mage of considerable power to active one.  This is how Hanali knew about the duplicity of the Tulath and the atomic destruction of Aragoi.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Zang the Wanderer for FAE Conan

This is a true conversion from Mongoose’s Conan to this FAE version that my friend +Jim Sandoval  did and will hopefully do again!  It is not complete, but it is something!

Go check out +Jim Sandoval  Conan FAE hack!

Zang the Wanderer
Concept: Wandering Hyrkanian Archer
Trouble: Chased From His Tribe by a Jealous Rival
Race: A True Hyrkanian
Class: Nomad from the Cold Plains of Hyrkania
Reputation: Haunted by a Memory...

Str +3, Dex +5, Con +1, Int +1, Wis +2, Cha +1

Refresh: 0 0 0
Stress: mental 0 0 0         physical 0 0 0
Consequences:  -2

Rapid Shot.  By taking a -2 on his Dexterity attack rolls, he may shoot twice.
Mounted Archery
Far Shot.  He may double the range at which he fires

Tulwar, Hyrkanian bow, spear, axe, club, leather jerkin, shield.  Horse and gear

Zang’s sad tale…
Zang is a hunter, a tracker and a warrior without peer, who preferred to be riding the plains on a fleet horse.  He was happy and content and brought forward unto himself many accolades.  He was simple man of little boast, much beloved by his people. It all came down around his ears.  Her name was Jia and she was a fair flower from Khitai.  Taken by the son of a chief, Khosun during a raid on a khitai caravan, Jia was a jewel.  The hyrkanians do not take slaves but Khosun took her to be his concubine.  After the raid, Khosrun asked Zang, who spoke khitai to watch her and in the four days stood guardian over her, he wished that it could have lasted forever.  Whether or not she bewitched him in order to escape, the night before they made it back to the tribe, he tried to steal her away.  Long and hard they rode and in the three days of the chase, he had slain many of his fellow warriors.  It ended with Jia dead and Zang fighting Khosun in which they fell off a cliff.  Zang did not know if Khosun survived, but he had Khosun’s tulwar.  Not wanting to return to his village, he wandered far and away from the plains of hyrkania.

Some pics!

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Dark Elves

The Dark Elves of Eave are a dark and mysterious clans of elves who live under the very feet of those that they secretly control.  In The Crossover when the eladrin and dwarves can to this world in the ancient past, the fought armies of goblins and trolls and giants led by the dark elves.  They Crossovered but not in enough time before everything else came though as well.

Dark elves are a myth, a myth that they duly support.  There are those who disappear in the night, never to be seen again, but that is attributed to the goblins.  Most of the times it is, but there are the times when it is not.

The dark elves are very interested in sciences and what it could bring them.  They have approached the Tulath though their goblin intermediaries but that has gone very slowly.  So they have begun to kidnap various people, Tulath and Danaan to interrogate.  They (I should say their goblins) have scoured the land for crashed bits of technology and picked them clean.  They are slowly building a realm of technological, scientific and magical might.

No one knows of their existence.  Not the eladrin, not Section Command, not the Order of the Thorn.  Not even you, the reader know about them, for if you did, you might receive a visit in the night from some sharp daggers…

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rules of Eave: Spartan Blooded

I was trying to write up on the Order of the Thorn, the Kingdom of Danaan's spy network.  I gave up after three tries and worked on the Spartans some more instead.  Let me know what you think.  Have fun...

Extra: Tulathian Spartan Training
Permission: Must be Tulathian, a member of the Spartan Blooded race, must be willing to serve in the Tulathian military
Costs: Skills
The Spartan Training extra is a skill that encompasses all manner of weaponry and hand to hand combat.  A Tulathian Spartan may use this skill in place of any combat skill they would use, from Fight or Shoot.  They may also use it in place of any tactics role that they can make to gain some sort of tactical advantage due to their schooling.

Tulathian Spartan of the Third Spartan Elite Guard
Concept: The best of the best in service to the Empire
Aspects: Nothing Can Stop Us; We Are Death Personified; In the Blood and In the Flesh We are Steel
Skills: Tulathian Spartan Training +5, Spartan Blooded +4, Provoke +4, Operate +3, Will +3, Athletics +3, Contact +2, Notice +2, Pilot +2 and Stealth +2.  These are the common skills that they have.

The Third Spartan Elite Guard is only currently twenty in number.  They are led by an old and grizzled Spartan named Janus, the Primus of the Third Spartan Elite Guard.  They are equipped with all manner of artifacts, from the Giant Series Mecha Suits, PPL5 Particle Pulse Laser Rifles and the absolutely hideous Heavy Scribble Laser, nicknamed the “Finger of God”.  They are the elites of the elite and the only ones better than they are the First Spartan Elite Guard.

They have a lot of Spartan Blooded folks running around.  They only reason that they do not have more of the Spartans in such powerful equipment is that they do not have that many artifacts around anymore.  The Tech-Priests already do wonders in keeping them armored and repaired.      

Tulathian Spartan
Concept: a proud warrior in service to the Empire
Aspects: It is in the Blood; Honor Our Fallen Dead; Strike Fast and Strike Hard
Skills: Tulathian Spartan Training +4, Spartan Blooded +3, Provoke +3, Will +2, Notice +2, Athletics +2 and Stealth +1 are common skills that they would have.

This is a common Tulathian Spartan.  He may or may not be trained in Operate, to wear a mecha-suit.  They are trained with everything from a knife to the newest heavy weapons available.

Now those Spartan Blooded of Danaan origin do not have access to the incredible brutal training that the Tulath gives their Spartan Blooded.  In Danaan it is rare to be Spartan Blooded except in places such as the Baronies of Crosstaal and Leavestonne where the major families of danGael, Chan and Kray reside.  Of course, the genes of the Spartan Blooded are strong and every once in a while a woman will give birth to someone that they would call Spartan Blooded anywhere in the Northern Kingdoms.  Most Spartan Blooded people find work in the military, constabulary or some such work that their great size will be a boon.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Section Command

Section Command was borne out of necessity.  The Political Officers were already aboard the UTN Fleet and were instrumental in their many victories.  However they failed when they crash landed on Eave.  In the early years they were as fractured as the petty warlords that split up and threatened the fledging state.  With the coming of the Church of Man they were basically hamstrung and no longer needed.  Remus Coviso saw that the Church of Man was gaining in secret power.  When Tullson II convened power and pulled all the fractured nations together, Remus proposed to reinstate all the Political Officers and to teach the youths of Tulath.  He proposed to have a system of schools and with the schools the political system of the new Empire could be taught and learned and reinforced.  There has been many births since the crash and there was still no way to teach them, so Tullson II agreed.  The youths of Tulath were forced to go to school and with that were then exposed to all the propaganda the state could throw at them.

Section Command was born then.  Slowly Remus started to build his command.  They needed spies internally, so Section 3 was born.  When Danaan was found, Section 4 was founded.  They are a vast network of information.  They let the Emperor know of their existence only when it suits them and they have eliminated certain Emperors to allow others to take his place.  They are loyal to their Nation and not to the man, despite what the propaganda machine may turn out.

  • Section Zero: Section Command leaders.  It consists of the Duchess and the lead for each of the Sections.
  • Section 1: Propaganda.  The largest propaganda machine on Eave and they work for the Duchess Coviso.  Their front is a publicity and marketing company.  They secretly work on forming, organizing and implementing propaganda in the Empire.  It was Section 1’s idea to allow the an assassination attempt on the Empress and Section 5’s job to see that she was never in any real danger.
  • Section 2: The Teachers.  The Teachers look for those student of special worth and slot them for possible recruitment.  Not all of the teachers are members of Section Command but you can bet there are at least one in every large school. 
  • Section 3: Internal Security, the secret police.  They just report what they find, they don’t do anything else to make sure that they aren’t found and Section isn’t compromised.  They have infiltrated the Church of Man and know about the secret vaults, but have yet accessed them.
  • Section 4: External Security, the spies.  By mandate, they are not allowed to spy on the Empire of Tulath itself.  They currently have at least twenty spies in the Northern Kingdom.
  • Section 5: Special Forces.  Made up of Spartans and non-Spartans alike, they are very dangerous force.  If they do their job right, you don’t even know that they are there.  They are there to eliminate those factions that are too dangerous to let live, but too public to let die senselessly.  They are masters of that “accident.”
  • The Political Officers.  Political Officers (or Commissars) are publically known not as part of the Section Command but as part of any large, non-Spartan unit.  They are all part of Section Command however and keep the loyalty of the troops in line.  The lead Commissars know of Section Command.
  • Section X: Experimental.  They make and experiment everything that the Section may need from weapons to gadgets.  What they are currently working on is rather unsettling as they take prisoners and experiment on them.  They are trying to create bio-weapons that target the eladrin!  They are also working on the nature of magic.  They have come up with some technological items that negate the magic fields that they produce.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Kingdom of Danaan, Part I

Danaan is a bucolic nation of generally good and hardworking people.  Descendants of the Earth Fleet that crash landed on Eave it took them a great long while to gather their forces together and make the best of the world.  It all started with their main Battlecruiser Danaan crashed into a large lake at the base of a plateau.  Many of the crew were forced to evacuate the ship and the eladrin of Hanali collected them all.  The ship’s captain, Admiral Markan Andahar was surprised to see a boat come out greet them.  A single eladrin armed with only a slender sword and a bow, was on the boat that seemed to glide in the water without any means of propulsion.  They were both rather fearful of each other, but curious as well.  Admiral Andahar was surprised to see a somewhat intelligent being, seeing as how in orbit, nothing technological was found.  Tovar of the Hanli was surprised to see these humans that dropped from the heavens.  It was tense at first, until Tovar cast a spell that allowed them to communicate with each other.  They say that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic and for all their advanced technology Admiral Andahar and his crew could not figure out how Tovar could do that.  When he asked, he just said it was a simple spell.  Magic.  Needless to say that Admiral Andahar unsure about what to do, but the decision was taken from his hands.

The eladrin had just found out how evil the human were.  Prince Elaor and the Aragoi was just slain by the humans of Tulath.  Suddenly the flight deck where the parlay was being held was filled with eladrin, all armed and armored.  Overhead flew an eladrin airship borne aloft by magic.  It seems that they were all invisible, the humans only getting a glimmer of some weird energy from their sensors.  It became tense as they faced off against one another as more humans came out including a mech.  They came to extract their prince and Admiral Andahar stopped his people from firing.

The next couple of years were intense.  Danaan was slowly collecting there people that was scattered across the land.  They eladrin found many of them and returned them.  The eladrin found out that they were two separate forces of the human that fought in the stars and that the ones from the Earth Ship Danaan was not aligned with them.  Eventually the elves seeded them the plateaus, seeing as how the humans could not leave their world.

Tir was the name of the lake that the Earth Ship Danaan landed in.  Danaan Tir soon became the capitol of the Kingdom of Danaan.  Soon they shot out and claimed other plateaus after they developed the airships.  They began to map out this world which they had taking a more and more feudal aspect to their society.  This was mainly due to the eladrin, because when Prince Tovar asked them who their king was.  They have a king now along with eight baronies, each barony acting as a state that works for the betterment of the whole.  They have knighthoods and orders and guilds, very much in opposition to what Tulath has.  Danaan is about the people.

The other cities, the capitols of the Baronies are as follows:
  • The Barony of Crosstaal, ruled by House danGael.  The current Baroness of Vorra danGeal.  They stand at Harro’s Wall to the South.
  • The Barony of Eastaare, ruled by House danEvan.  The current Baron is Distan danEvan and his wife Jhass.  They are on the Eastern shores and have developed into great sailors
  • The Barony of Holdingford, ruled by House danAven.  The current Baron is a man named Coaran danAven and his wife Hylise.  The danAven family are in the center of the kingdom and are the richest family.
  • The Barony of Kassingtonne, ruled by House danHanno.  The current Baron is Martin danHanno and his wife Sera.  The developer of the first airships.
  • The Barony of Leavestonne, ruled by house danRahn.  The current Baroness in Kanna danRahn and her wife Tully.  A full 60% of the food for the Kingdom is grown here. 
  • The Barony of Maarke, ruled by house danTaere.  The current Baron is a widower named Kemmon danTaere.  The Colleges of Danaan are located in this Barony.
  • The Barony of Stormtonne, ruled by House danTaven.  The current Baron is Aylen danTaven and he is married to Beyissa of Hanali.  This is the first union of man and eladrin and they are the emissaries between the two kingdoms.
  • The Barony of Torringtonne, ruled by House danKavel.  The current Baroness is Syval danKavel and her husband Forret.  They have the active space program of the Kingdom of Danaan.
[If anyone would like to know something specific about the World of Eave, do let me know.  Feel free to leave comments on anything and I will answer as I can!]