Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Zang the Wanderer for FAE Conan

This is a true conversion from Mongoose’s Conan to this FAE version that my friend +Jim Sandoval  did and will hopefully do again!  It is not complete, but it is something!

Go check out +Jim Sandoval  Conan FAE hack!

Zang the Wanderer
Concept: Wandering Hyrkanian Archer
Trouble: Chased From His Tribe by a Jealous Rival
Race: A True Hyrkanian
Class: Nomad from the Cold Plains of Hyrkania
Reputation: Haunted by a Memory...

Str +3, Dex +5, Con +1, Int +1, Wis +2, Cha +1

Refresh: 0 0 0
Stress: mental 0 0 0         physical 0 0 0
Consequences:  -2

Rapid Shot.  By taking a -2 on his Dexterity attack rolls, he may shoot twice.
Mounted Archery
Far Shot.  He may double the range at which he fires

Tulwar, Hyrkanian bow, spear, axe, club, leather jerkin, shield.  Horse and gear

Zang’s sad tale…
Zang is a hunter, a tracker and a warrior without peer, who preferred to be riding the plains on a fleet horse.  He was happy and content and brought forward unto himself many accolades.  He was simple man of little boast, much beloved by his people. It all came down around his ears.  Her name was Jia and she was a fair flower from Khitai.  Taken by the son of a chief, Khosun during a raid on a khitai caravan, Jia was a jewel.  The hyrkanians do not take slaves but Khosun took her to be his concubine.  After the raid, Khosrun asked Zang, who spoke khitai to watch her and in the four days stood guardian over her, he wished that it could have lasted forever.  Whether or not she bewitched him in order to escape, the night before they made it back to the tribe, he tried to steal her away.  Long and hard they rode and in the three days of the chase, he had slain many of his fellow warriors.  It ended with Jia dead and Zang fighting Khosun in which they fell off a cliff.  Zang did not know if Khosun survived, but he had Khosun’s tulwar.  Not wanting to return to his village, he wandered far and away from the plains of hyrkania.

Some pics!

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