Monday, October 7, 2013

The Empire of Tulath, Part I

The majority of cities that are under the control if Imperial Tulath are old dwarven holds, keeps and cities, so much of Tulath is located underground.  Much of what is theirs are connected by impressive train lines that keep the flow of trade goods and most importantly food.  Because of their mountainous terrain they are in they have little to no arable land in order to grow crops.  The ancient fields that the dwarves once used are no more, having been reclaimed by the forests and jungles of the elves.  To feed their large population they have had to beat the elves and slash and burn incredible amounts of land and then hold it from the elves.  Some years are lean, some years are feast.

The capitol of Imperial Tulath is a city named Narimath, to honor Admiral Tullson Narimath.  It was a medium-to-large dwaven city, the first city to ever found by humans.  Over the course of time they have spent on Eave they have dug out the sides of the mountain in which the city lay so it can breathe.  It is a serious feat of engineering.  The Imperial Court is there running the Empire, a huge bureaucracy that seems to be running well.  A cathedral to the Church of Man is there and it shows Admiral Tullson Narimath as a saint in the stained glass.

The Empress is a young girl of thirteen, but to say she is a figure head is a lie.  Corrine Norimath hautTulath is Spartan Blooded.  Even though Tullson II was not Spartan Blooded, it is common for the Emperors and Empress to take Spartan Blooded for their significant other.  She already stands close to two meters tall with blonde hair she keeps short due to the rigors of combat.  She is consoled by the Duke Koromikos and trained by the First Spartan Elite Guard and schooled by the Church of Man.  She has already seen an assassination attempt and she ended up having to slay the two elves form Galadon that tried to kill her when she visited the UTN Tulath.

The UTN Tulath is the spiritual center of Tulath.  It is a hard won battle to take it and keep it and keep it they have.  They have cleared a massive perimeter around the ship and it is the heart of their military.  Tulath City has sprung up around the massive ship and the train line that goes to it is heavily patrolled by Spartan troops on the ground and fliers from the Air Corps protect in from the air.  It is from there they control the various bits of the forests.

The largest city Tulath is Altair.  Named for the star system Altair, it the central home to the Duchy of Coviso.  The Church of Man controls the largest foundries on the planet and they are found here.  Unfortunately the Tech Priests and the current Duchess of Coviso do not see eye-to-eye.  Duchess Dheyla Coviso controls most of the propaganda for the Empire, a job at which they excelled.  She also secretly leads the spy cabal, The Section that along with The Church of Man keeps the Empire strong and unbroken.  They eliminate those that seem to be unassailable and do stuff like let the elves know of a secret ways through UTN Tulath to attempt to assassinate the Empress.  She was in no danger, but the boost to popularity among the populace went through the roof.  They do what needs to be done.

There are like six other large cities and countless towns throughout the Empire.