Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rules of Eave: Animals

[Please, make a comment and tell me how I did in creating the animals.  Looking for some feedback, good or bad.]

The animals are generally considered Average NPCs.  A few of them can be considered Fair or even Good level of NPCs dependent on the GM.  Some like the toshurs are already Good quality.  Others can be considered named NPCs.

All animals native to Eave have six limbs and tend to be rather large.  The humans have brought with them chickens, dogs, cats and surprisingly ferrets.

Aggressiveness: How naturally aggressive is the animal.  It is the Skill in which they make their attacks.  Their main attacks are listed in parenthesis.
Physique: Just like the characters skill.
Speed: A speed of +0 is the default and is about how fast a human can run.  For every +1 the animals speed, it can travel one additional zone in a normal movement.  They may also use the Skill in place of Athletics and therefore Defense.
Stealth: the natural stealth of a creature, works just like the skill.

A few plains that do exist and the rolling hills are the land of the aurachs (eladrin call them morrows).  Large six-legged bison-like creatures who coincidentally taste like beef.  They have a hard, carapace-like leather that is extremely thick in the front.  When danger abounds and they cannot outrun it they will circle themselves facing out to protect the young from predators.
Aspects: A Massive Herd, Protect the Young
Skills: Aggressiveness +1 (butt, kick), Physique +4, Speed +1, Stealth -1
Stunts: Charge (get a +2 to attack when they charge at least one zone away).

Cudders are a large six-legged boar-like creature, as big as a large cow on Earth.  They are not normally a riding animal, but some of the college students of Leavestonne have begun to ride them in impromptu races around campus.  It has stuck and the Cudder Races have grown to be a big thing in Leavestonne.  They are usually nasty and brutish but have been domesticated by the humans over the past eight-hundred plus years
Aspects: Ornery and Ugly
Skills: Aggressiveness +3 (gore), Physique +3, Speed +2, Stealth +0
Stunts: Stubborn (reduce the stress caused by the attack by one)

Kaddams are a slow and ponderous six-legged lizard like creature.  They are native to the higher latitudes and incredibly stable creatures.  They are slow and grew large because they are not very tasty.  There are few creatures in the higher latitudes that will feed on them, but they make excellent draft animals.
Aspects: Slow and Ponderous; Dumb as a Rock
Skills: Aggressiveness +1 (bite), Physique +5, Speed +0, Stealth +0
Stunts: Bad Taste (not really a stunt, but the attacker that bites it has got to be really hungry)

Mikkas are the common, six-legged stags that the elves use to ride.  They are fleet and dexterous able to navigate the forests and even the large branches that the eladrin use as their highways.  They are one of the favorite food of the toshurs.  They are not big enough to carry Spartan Blooded person and can barely carry a normal human.  But the humans of Danaan are raising a much larger version to carry a human.
Aspects: Skittish Woodland Creatures; Fast Runners
Skills: Aggressiveness -1 (gore), Physique +0, Speed +4, Stealth +2
Stunts: Burst of Speed (gain a +2 to speed for the turn to run away)

To the eladrin they are called “ulru” and they are a dangerous creature that roam in packs and have spines that grow along their haunches.  They are silent save when they are on the attack when they communicate using a series of sharp yips.  They will usually follow an alpha female.
Aspects: Follow the Alpha, Pack Hunters
Skills: Aggressiveness +2 (bite), Physique +1, Speed +2, Stealth +2.  The alpha will usually have a +1 to all Skills.
Stunts: Raise the Hackles (a creature that makes physical contact with a ravid must do so with one additional shift or take a +0 attack against them)

Tarns are great birds that live on the eastern shores of the Evalan Continent.  They are called tarns (to the eladrin they are called “dow”) due to the writing of an old Earth novelist of times past.  They are six-limbed creatures with four-wings (greater and lesser) and two legs.  Having four wings make them very nimble in the air and agile in the water when they dive for the great fish that they live on.  They are a common sight in the Baronies of Maarke and Eastaare in which the people ride them.
Aspects: Flock Mentality
Skills: Aggressiveness +1 (claws), Physique +1, Speed +3, Stealth +0
Stunts: Fly-By Attack (move before and after an attack, up to their Speed)

Toshurs (Good quality)
Toshurs are large, six-legged tiger like creature that only the most elite eladrin ride.  They bond to one rider and when the rider dies they become forlorn and will stay with the body.  They are carnivores and naturally green in color.  The additional camouflage makes them very dangerous in the forests and jungles in which they live.  Usually on a low hanging branch on which they pounce on their prey.  T
Aspects: Silent Killers; Patient Hunters
Skills: Aggressiveness +2 (fangs, claws), Physique +3, Speed +1, Stealth +3
Stunt: pounce (+2 to initial Attack, and if they make a successful they can apply a Knocked Down effect on the target), camouflage (+2 to Stealth if they are not moving)