Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Religion on Eave

Religion of Eave is a mix of old human religions and ancient elven religion.  Humans of North Realm have a freedom of religion and have taken to the worship of several elven deities.  Those within the Empire worship the perfection of the human body.  Religion is a somewhat hot button issue within the human community.  Most of humanity have taken a somewhat philosophical view of religion before they have landed on Eave.  Most forms of Christianity, Islam and Judaism have fallen by the wayside and worshipped by only a fraction of the faithful as more and more evidence proved it to be less and less useful to a technologically advanced society. 

On Eave, everything changed.  With magic, that the eladrin say comes of the gods and it is hard to argue with the results.  The advent of magic comes from the power of the gods, so say the eladrin.  Taelah, the god (or goddess) of magic is said to have taught the very first eladrin how to work magic.  The humans, scientists from both Danaan and Tulath, have been working to find out how the magic works as it manipulates an energy.  The eladrin say it is because of the gods and the humans have to reluctantly agree.

The eladrin do not have churches or cathedrals to their gods.  They have small temples and shrines, but no real clergy.  They may pray to Elinan for an easy brith, or thank Skrive for a good hunt.

Little do the inhabitants of Eave know that the gods sleep on Eave, providing the magic though their dreams.  They are being of immense power and their sleep provides a stable platform for the planet.  If they were ever awoken from their dreams, the planet would fall into cataclysm. 

Eladrin Gods
·         Alannah, god of youth, chance
·         Elinan, goddess of the earth, females, childbirth
·         Ellathe, goddess of nature, seasons
·         Skrive, god of hunting, animals
·         Taelah, god or goddess of magic
·         Vensor, god of the sky, males, virility


Every animal native to Eave has multiple Spirit Sovereigns.  One massive animal that holds the represents the best of the best of the animal.   It is intelligent and can speak telepathically.  Every animal has one.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Rules of Eave: Mecha-Suit Weapons

I am playtesting the armor and weapons section this weekend.  Let you know how it all works out!

Mecha-Suit Weapons
Mecha-suited weapons are large weapons that are mounted or carried on the mecha-suits.  Spartans can also use the handheld weapons, though a bit clumsily for simplicity sake they don’t take any penalty to attack.  If a person smaller than a Spartan uses a weapon usable by a mecha-suit, they will take a -2 on the attack role as the weapon takes on a Heavy and Cumbersome Aspect.  No one can use a built in weapon unless they are piloting the mecha-suit.

[Playtest] Armor Piercing rounds do tremendous damage against the target.  Ancient armor does nothing.  Enchanted and modern armor acts as though they were ancient armor, the blue die reduced by 1 and ceiling increased by 1. 

·         Auto-Cannon.  R3/2, Burst
·         Cannon.  R3/3, Blast
·         Cannon, Heavy.  R3/4, Blast, Built-In
·         Chaingun.  R3/3, Burst
·         Flamer.  R3/3, Sets Fire
·         Knife.  R2/2
·         Mace. R2/3
·         Missile Launcher.  AP, R4/3; HE, R3/3, Blast; HEAP, R4/4, Blast; Plasma, R4/2, Blast
·         Particle Pule Laser Rife, Heavy.  R4/3
·         Rail-gun.  R3/5, Amor Piercing, Built-In
·         Rocket Launcher.  R2/3, Built-In, Blast
·         Shotgun, Heavy.  R3/3

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rules of Eave: Mecha-Suits

Mecha-Suits are the end-all, be-all in infantry warfare.  They are mean and when they take the battlefield, they tend to make a lot of dead bodies.  This is all under PLAYTEST.  I unfortunately was going to playtest it yesterday, but Chris could not show up.  Bad Christopher.  If anyone does happen to use this, let me know!  I am interested!  Be sure to leave comments or questions in either case.

Mecha Suits
Mecha-Suits are the evolution of powered combat armor.  Mecha-suits are over three meters all, the tallest being close to five.  They offer supreme protection as well as on board weaponry that makes them equal to a platoon of men.  Some of them use a master-slave system for arms.  After mecha-suits there are mechs which average from ten meters tall and up

·         Armored gives a +1 defense against attacks.  Some of the larger or more heavily armored mecha-suits give a +2 or even +3.
·         Cold Resistant is able to operate without fail in cold environments.  [Playtest: gains a bonus to defense against Cold attacks.]
·         Heat Resistant can operate without fail in very high temperatures.  [Playtest: gains a bonus to defense against Heat/Fire attacks]
·         [Playtest] Master-Slave Arms have two sets of arms, one for the pilot and another for the actual mecha-suit.  The wearer may attack twice on the same target, one for the pilot’s weapon and another for the mecha-suit sized weapon.
·         Open Cockpit means that the driver of the mecha-suit is vulnerable.
·         All mecha-suits have sensors.  The Sensors Aspect give a +2 to Notice rolls because they advanced.
·         Slow Aspect give the mecha-suit a ponderous gait. 

·         Broadsword Mecha-Suit.  B4/1, Armored, Blending, Powered +4, Master-Slave Arms, Sensors
·         Deadelus Mecha Suit.  B4/1, Armored +2,  Powered +3, Sensors
·         K-12 Shining Knight.  B4/2, Armored, Powered +3

Giant Series Mecha Suit
·         Cyclops (the “Brute Suit”), all-purpose suit, 3.5 meters.  B4/2, Armored, Master-Slave Arms, Powered +2
·         Promethean, mainly used for construction, four meters tall.  B4/3.  Master-Slave Arms, Open Cockpit, Powered +4
·         Thrym, adapted for cold weather.  B4/1, Armored, Cold Resistant, Master-Slave Arms, Powered +3
·         Surtur, adapted for high temperature environments, firefighting.  B4/1, Armored, Heat Resistant, Powered +3
·         Atlas, general combat suit four meters.  B4/1, Armored +2, Powered +4, Sensors, Spartan
·         Titan, big combat suit tops out at over five meters tall.  B4/1, Armored +3, Powered +5, Sensors, Slow

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rules of Eave: Weapons and Armor

Working on the Mecha Suits next!  Ignore the last entry on weapons.  This is ALL under playtest and is subject to change for the better.  If you find it useful to use, by all means use it, just let me know what you think of it.  It is all I ask.

I will be using the Red and Blue Dice system from the Fate Tool Kit.  Some weapons, such as the heavy weapons will have the Damage Floor and Ceilings.  For instance the Heavy Scribble Laser (the Finger of God) would be Red 4/2.  Which means that you would roll your 4 dice, 3 of them Red and it would do a minimum of 2 levels of stress.  Where the lowly dagger would be Red 0/-.  Some of the weapons can have aspects as well.

I am also using the Red and Blue Dice for armor as portrayed in the Fate Toolkit. 

  • Blast affect everyone in the same zone.
  • Blending is a special Aspect that if invoked the wearer is invisible until the wearer attacks or some other method of detection is used.
  • Burst uses the Hits and Overflow of page 216 of the Fate Core Rules except that a Burst weapon gains a +1.
  • Enchanted Aspect make the ancient armor equal to modern armor.
  • Hunker Down is a special Aspect that if the user of the shield is aware of an attack he or she will get a +2 on defense.  [Playtest: that will take his next action]
  • Poison inflicts the Poison Aspect.
  • Powered increases the wearers Physique by the number presented.  This does not add to the number of stress boxes the player has.
  • Set Fire sets the target on fire giving them On Fire Aspect.
  • Spartan indicates that the armor was built to Spartan.
  • Shields only makes armor a +4 armor bonus total and take the better damage ceiling.  So a tactical shield combined with a K6 armor it would be a total of B4/2, but the shield will give him the Hunker Down Aspect.
  • [Playtest: I have got to add ammo to the ranged weapons]
Ancient Weapons
  • Battle Axe.  R2/3
  • Brass Knuckles.  R0/-
  • Claws.  R2/1
  • Composite Bow.  R2/2
  • Crossbow.  R3/2
  • Dagger.  R1/-
  • Great Sword.  R3/2
  • Hand Axe.  R2/2
  • Halberd.  R3/2
  • Lance.  R3/2
  • Long Bow.  R2/1
  • Long Sword.  R2/2
  • Mace.  R1/2
  • Pole Axe.  R3/3
  • Rapier.  R3/-
  • Rocket Lance.  R3/3, Blast
  • Scimitar.  R1/2
  • Short Bow.  R1/1
  • Short Sword.  R2/1
  • Small Knife.  R0/-
  • Spear.  R2/2
  • Truncheon/Club.  R0/-
Modern Weapons
  • Auto Rifle.  R2/2, Burst
  • Auto Rifle, Heavy.  R3/2, Burst
  • Carbine.  R2/1
  • Flamer, Heavy.  R3/2, Sets Fire
  • Flamer, Light.  R2/1, Sets Fire
  • Machine Gun, Heavy.  R3/2, Burst
  • Machine Gun, Light.  R2/2, Burst
  • Magnum Revolver.  R3/3
  • Missile Launcher.  AP, R4/3; HE, R3/3, Blast; HEAP, R4/4, Blast; Plasma, R4/2, Blast
  • Needler Pistol.  R0/-, Poison
  • Needler Rifle.  R1/-, Poison
  • Particle Pulse Laser Pistol.  R3/2, Burst
  • Particle Pulse Laser Rifle.  R4/2, Burst
  • Pistol.  R2/1
  • Pistol, Heavy.  R3/2
  • Pistol, Light.  R1/-
  • Revolver.  R2/2
  • Rifle.  R2/2
  • Rifle, Heavy.  R2/3
  • Scribble Laser, Heavy.  R4/2, Burst
  • Shotgun.  R3/2
  • Sniper Rifle.  R2/4
  • SMG.  R2/1, Burst
Act like modern weapons in respect to armor.
  • Hand Grenade.  R3/2, Blast
  • Hand Grenade, AP.  R3/3
  • Primitive Bomb.  R2/3, Blast
  • Primitive Grenade.  R2/2, Blast
  • Satchel Charge.  R4/3, Blast
Ancient Armor
Ancient armor is does not operate that well against modern weapons and grenades.  Unless it is Enchanted, a person wearing ancient armor against a modern weapon will have their Blue die reduced by 1 and ceiling increased by 1.  This means if somebody wearing chainmail is attacked by somebody with an auto-rifle, it goes to a B1/- setting.  They would only get 1 Blue die with no ceiling on damage.  Now these, like the weapons are only the base weapons.  There are many of the arms and armor that are enchanted or superior in construction that will go up and over the presented stats.
  • Breastplate.  B3/4
  • Chainmail. B2/4
  • Eladrin Silk.  B2/4, Enchanted
  • Elven Chain.  B3/3, Enchanted
  • Elven Plate and Chain.  B3/2, Enchanted
  • Full Plate.  B3/2
  • Leather.  B0/-
  • Plate and Chain.  B3/3
  • Studded Leather. B1/-
  • Buckler.  B+1 versus one attack only/-
  • Shield.  B+1/3.  Hunker Down.
Modern Armor
Modern armor is useful against all manner of weapons.
  • ARC (armored reactive camouflage) Suit.  B1/4, Blending
  • Armored Vest.  B1/-
  • Combat Armor.  B2/3
  • ORC (operations recon and combat) Armor.  B3/2, Powered
  • Powered Combat Armor.  B3/3, Powered
  • Stealth Armor.  B0/-, Blending
  • Tactical Shield.  B+2/3, Hunker Down
Knight Series Powered Combat Armor
  • K0 Stealth.  B1/-, Blending
  • K2 Light.  B1/4.
  • K3p Light.  B1/4, Powered
  • K4 Medium.  B2/3
  • K5p Medium.  B2/3, Powered
  • K6 Heavy.  B3/2
  • K7p Heavy.  B3/2, Powered +2
  • K8 Superheavy.  B4/1, Spartan
  • K9p Superheavy.  B4/1, powered +2, Spartan

Rules of Eave: Weapons

I will be using the Red and Blue Dice system from the Fate Tool Kit.  Some weapons, such as the heavy weapons will have the Damage Floor and Ceilings.  For instance the Heavy Scribble Laser (the Finger of God) would be Red 4/2.  Which means that you would roll your 4 dice, 3 of them Red and it would do a minimum of 2 levels of stress.  Where the lowly dagger would be Red 0/-.  Some of the weapons can have aspects as well.

Well, I havent had a chance to playtest this.  Let me know what you think. 

Ancient Weapons
  • Battle Axe: Red 2/3
  • Brass Knuckles: Red 0/-
  • Claws: Red 2/1
  • Composite Bow: Red 2/2
  • Crossbow: Red 3/2
  • Dagger: Red 1/-
  • Great Sword: Red 3/2
  • Hand Axe: Red 2/2
  • Halberd: Red 3/2
  • Lance: Red 3/2
  • Long Bow: Red 2/1
  • Long Sword: Red 2/2
  • Mace: Red 1/2
  • Pole Axe: Red 3/3
  • Rapier: Red 3/-, Reposte
  • Rocket Lance: Red 3/3, Radius
  • Scimitar: Red 1/2
  • Short Bow: Red 1/1
  • Short Sword: Red 2/1
  • Small Knife: Red 0/-
  • Spear: Red 2/2
  • Truncheon/Club: Red 0/-

Modern Weapons
  • Auto Rifle: Red 2/2, Burst
  • Auto Rifle, Heavy: Red 3/2, Burst
  • Carbine: Red 2/1
  • Flamer, Heavy: Red 3/2, Sets Fire
  • Flamer, Light: Red 2/1, Sets Fire
  • Machine Gun, Heavy: Red 3/2, Burst
  • Machine Gun, Light: Red 2/2, Burst
  • Magnum Revolver: Red 3/3
  • Missile Launcher: AP, Red 4/3; HE, Red 3/3, Radius; HEAP, Red 4/4, Radius; Plasma, Red 4/2, Radius
  • Needler Pistol: Red 0/-, Poison
  • Needler Rifle: Red 1/-, Poison
  • Particle Pulse Laser Pistol: Red 3/2, Burst
  • Particle Pulse Laser Rifle: Red 4/2, Burst
  • Pistol: Red 2/1
  • Pistol, Heavy: Red 3/2
  • Pistol, Light: Red 1/-
  • Revolver: Red 2/2
  • Rifle: Red 2/2
  • Rifle, Heavy: Red 2/3
  • Scribble Laser, Heavy: Red 4/2, Burst
  • SMG: Red 2/1, Burst
  • Shotgun: Red 3/2

Monday, November 4, 2013


I have been muddling along.  I am still struggling with personnel problems.  Here is just the snippets of what I have been working on...

The Barony of Stormtonne
Part of the Kingdom of Danaan, the Barony of Stormtonne is the smallest barony as well as the youngest.  It is also the most powerful barony due to its influence with the eladrin, its magic and the fact that the Order of the Thorn is headquartered here.

The current Baron is a man named Aylen danTaven.  His wife is the eladrin named Beyissa Skysilver.  Skysilver is the English for Faleath, and they named themselves Skysilver in honor of the wedding to cement the union.  Sorica Faleath was teacher of Edam danTaven, the second human to learn magic.  It was her love of Edam and his twin sister that led to her to teach others and her line followed suit.  The entire Skysilver clan is located near the barony.

The northernmost barony is located near the mighty edifice known as The Spear of Laan.  It measures almost a kilometer in diameter and rises to an incredible 143.62 kilometers in height.  It radiates magic and explorations to its height shows the magic ends at that elevation.  It was built several thousands of years ago by a concern of dwarves and eladrin.  The Spear of Lann is located right in the middle of the tonne (eladrin word for “castle”) as it rises up and out of a copse of the great worol (“world”) trees that can rise up to over kilometer in height.  The barony is built up along The Spear of Lann and occupies many of the lower levels.  The barony spreads out and many of the nearby worol trees are the home to the baron, his people and the eladrin.  Great airship docks are located along the spear.

Miranda Taven and her brother Jack where the first of their line.  They were both of the archaeological and anthropological fields of study.  They were fascinated by the eladrin and the magic that they worked.  Miranda eventually married Markan Andahar becoming the first queen and they both formed the framework for what would become the Order of the Thorn. 

Dark Elves
The dark elves are seriously thinking about the Spartan Blooded.  They have been using the goblins for years in a parody of a eugenics program, but the goblins have been played out.  They usually produce very stupid offspring.  Humans however are proving to be very excellent candidates producing very excellent slaves and soldiers.  They have been kidnapping various humans from around the world and are crossbreeding them with goblins, dwarves and other humanoid creatures to produce the best offspring.

Goblins are the result of the dark elves crossbreeding eugenics program.  For example the goblins who have the Thick Skin stunt are usually known as Red Caps.  They are tough and bloodthirsty lot, the tallest goblin species and the dark elves use them as shock troops.

The Barony of Holdingford
Holdingford lies in a great rift valley and is built upon the bones of a dwarven settlement.  Mining the great veins of ore that lie within make the Barony a very rich one.  Richer that Crosstaal though it does not have the great foundries.  Many small settlements abound around the rift that has a large river that runs through it.