Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rules of Eave: Mecha-Suits

Mecha-Suits are the end-all, be-all in infantry warfare.  They are mean and when they take the battlefield, they tend to make a lot of dead bodies.  This is all under PLAYTEST.  I unfortunately was going to playtest it yesterday, but Chris could not show up.  Bad Christopher.  If anyone does happen to use this, let me know!  I am interested!  Be sure to leave comments or questions in either case.

Mecha Suits
Mecha-Suits are the evolution of powered combat armor.  Mecha-suits are over three meters all, the tallest being close to five.  They offer supreme protection as well as on board weaponry that makes them equal to a platoon of men.  Some of them use a master-slave system for arms.  After mecha-suits there are mechs which average from ten meters tall and up

·         Armored gives a +1 defense against attacks.  Some of the larger or more heavily armored mecha-suits give a +2 or even +3.
·         Cold Resistant is able to operate without fail in cold environments.  [Playtest: gains a bonus to defense against Cold attacks.]
·         Heat Resistant can operate without fail in very high temperatures.  [Playtest: gains a bonus to defense against Heat/Fire attacks]
·         [Playtest] Master-Slave Arms have two sets of arms, one for the pilot and another for the actual mecha-suit.  The wearer may attack twice on the same target, one for the pilot’s weapon and another for the mecha-suit sized weapon.
·         Open Cockpit means that the driver of the mecha-suit is vulnerable.
·         All mecha-suits have sensors.  The Sensors Aspect give a +2 to Notice rolls because they advanced.
·         Slow Aspect give the mecha-suit a ponderous gait. 

·         Broadsword Mecha-Suit.  B4/1, Armored, Blending, Powered +4, Master-Slave Arms, Sensors
·         Deadelus Mecha Suit.  B4/1, Armored +2,  Powered +3, Sensors
·         K-12 Shining Knight.  B4/2, Armored, Powered +3

Giant Series Mecha Suit
·         Cyclops (the “Brute Suit”), all-purpose suit, 3.5 meters.  B4/2, Armored, Master-Slave Arms, Powered +2
·         Promethean, mainly used for construction, four meters tall.  B4/3.  Master-Slave Arms, Open Cockpit, Powered +4
·         Thrym, adapted for cold weather.  B4/1, Armored, Cold Resistant, Master-Slave Arms, Powered +3
·         Surtur, adapted for high temperature environments, firefighting.  B4/1, Armored, Heat Resistant, Powered +3
·         Atlas, general combat suit four meters.  B4/1, Armored +2, Powered +4, Sensors, Spartan
·         Titan, big combat suit tops out at over five meters tall.  B4/1, Armored +3, Powered +5, Sensors, Slow