Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rules of Eave: Weapons and Armor

Working on the Mecha Suits next!  Ignore the last entry on weapons.  This is ALL under playtest and is subject to change for the better.  If you find it useful to use, by all means use it, just let me know what you think of it.  It is all I ask.

I will be using the Red and Blue Dice system from the Fate Tool Kit.  Some weapons, such as the heavy weapons will have the Damage Floor and Ceilings.  For instance the Heavy Scribble Laser (the Finger of God) would be Red 4/2.  Which means that you would roll your 4 dice, 3 of them Red and it would do a minimum of 2 levels of stress.  Where the lowly dagger would be Red 0/-.  Some of the weapons can have aspects as well.

I am also using the Red and Blue Dice for armor as portrayed in the Fate Toolkit. 

  • Blast affect everyone in the same zone.
  • Blending is a special Aspect that if invoked the wearer is invisible until the wearer attacks or some other method of detection is used.
  • Burst uses the Hits and Overflow of page 216 of the Fate Core Rules except that a Burst weapon gains a +1.
  • Enchanted Aspect make the ancient armor equal to modern armor.
  • Hunker Down is a special Aspect that if the user of the shield is aware of an attack he or she will get a +2 on defense.  [Playtest: that will take his next action]
  • Poison inflicts the Poison Aspect.
  • Powered increases the wearers Physique by the number presented.  This does not add to the number of stress boxes the player has.
  • Set Fire sets the target on fire giving them On Fire Aspect.
  • Spartan indicates that the armor was built to Spartan.
  • Shields only makes armor a +4 armor bonus total and take the better damage ceiling.  So a tactical shield combined with a K6 armor it would be a total of B4/2, but the shield will give him the Hunker Down Aspect.
  • [Playtest: I have got to add ammo to the ranged weapons]
Ancient Weapons
  • Battle Axe.  R2/3
  • Brass Knuckles.  R0/-
  • Claws.  R2/1
  • Composite Bow.  R2/2
  • Crossbow.  R3/2
  • Dagger.  R1/-
  • Great Sword.  R3/2
  • Hand Axe.  R2/2
  • Halberd.  R3/2
  • Lance.  R3/2
  • Long Bow.  R2/1
  • Long Sword.  R2/2
  • Mace.  R1/2
  • Pole Axe.  R3/3
  • Rapier.  R3/-
  • Rocket Lance.  R3/3, Blast
  • Scimitar.  R1/2
  • Short Bow.  R1/1
  • Short Sword.  R2/1
  • Small Knife.  R0/-
  • Spear.  R2/2
  • Truncheon/Club.  R0/-
Modern Weapons
  • Auto Rifle.  R2/2, Burst
  • Auto Rifle, Heavy.  R3/2, Burst
  • Carbine.  R2/1
  • Flamer, Heavy.  R3/2, Sets Fire
  • Flamer, Light.  R2/1, Sets Fire
  • Machine Gun, Heavy.  R3/2, Burst
  • Machine Gun, Light.  R2/2, Burst
  • Magnum Revolver.  R3/3
  • Missile Launcher.  AP, R4/3; HE, R3/3, Blast; HEAP, R4/4, Blast; Plasma, R4/2, Blast
  • Needler Pistol.  R0/-, Poison
  • Needler Rifle.  R1/-, Poison
  • Particle Pulse Laser Pistol.  R3/2, Burst
  • Particle Pulse Laser Rifle.  R4/2, Burst
  • Pistol.  R2/1
  • Pistol, Heavy.  R3/2
  • Pistol, Light.  R1/-
  • Revolver.  R2/2
  • Rifle.  R2/2
  • Rifle, Heavy.  R2/3
  • Scribble Laser, Heavy.  R4/2, Burst
  • Shotgun.  R3/2
  • Sniper Rifle.  R2/4
  • SMG.  R2/1, Burst
Act like modern weapons in respect to armor.
  • Hand Grenade.  R3/2, Blast
  • Hand Grenade, AP.  R3/3
  • Primitive Bomb.  R2/3, Blast
  • Primitive Grenade.  R2/2, Blast
  • Satchel Charge.  R4/3, Blast
Ancient Armor
Ancient armor is does not operate that well against modern weapons and grenades.  Unless it is Enchanted, a person wearing ancient armor against a modern weapon will have their Blue die reduced by 1 and ceiling increased by 1.  This means if somebody wearing chainmail is attacked by somebody with an auto-rifle, it goes to a B1/- setting.  They would only get 1 Blue die with no ceiling on damage.  Now these, like the weapons are only the base weapons.  There are many of the arms and armor that are enchanted or superior in construction that will go up and over the presented stats.
  • Breastplate.  B3/4
  • Chainmail. B2/4
  • Eladrin Silk.  B2/4, Enchanted
  • Elven Chain.  B3/3, Enchanted
  • Elven Plate and Chain.  B3/2, Enchanted
  • Full Plate.  B3/2
  • Leather.  B0/-
  • Plate and Chain.  B3/3
  • Studded Leather. B1/-
  • Buckler.  B+1 versus one attack only/-
  • Shield.  B+1/3.  Hunker Down.
Modern Armor
Modern armor is useful against all manner of weapons.
  • ARC (armored reactive camouflage) Suit.  B1/4, Blending
  • Armored Vest.  B1/-
  • Combat Armor.  B2/3
  • ORC (operations recon and combat) Armor.  B3/2, Powered
  • Powered Combat Armor.  B3/3, Powered
  • Stealth Armor.  B0/-, Blending
  • Tactical Shield.  B+2/3, Hunker Down
Knight Series Powered Combat Armor
  • K0 Stealth.  B1/-, Blending
  • K2 Light.  B1/4.
  • K3p Light.  B1/4, Powered
  • K4 Medium.  B2/3
  • K5p Medium.  B2/3, Powered
  • K6 Heavy.  B3/2
  • K7p Heavy.  B3/2, Powered +2
  • K8 Superheavy.  B4/1, Spartan
  • K9p Superheavy.  B4/1, powered +2, Spartan