Monday, November 11, 2013

Rules of Eave: Mecha-Suit Weapons

I am playtesting the armor and weapons section this weekend.  Let you know how it all works out!

Mecha-Suit Weapons
Mecha-suited weapons are large weapons that are mounted or carried on the mecha-suits.  Spartans can also use the handheld weapons, though a bit clumsily for simplicity sake they don’t take any penalty to attack.  If a person smaller than a Spartan uses a weapon usable by a mecha-suit, they will take a -2 on the attack role as the weapon takes on a Heavy and Cumbersome Aspect.  No one can use a built in weapon unless they are piloting the mecha-suit.

[Playtest] Armor Piercing rounds do tremendous damage against the target.  Ancient armor does nothing.  Enchanted and modern armor acts as though they were ancient armor, the blue die reduced by 1 and ceiling increased by 1. 

·         Auto-Cannon.  R3/2, Burst
·         Cannon.  R3/3, Blast
·         Cannon, Heavy.  R3/4, Blast, Built-In
·         Chaingun.  R3/3, Burst
·         Flamer.  R3/3, Sets Fire
·         Knife.  R2/2
·         Mace. R2/3
·         Missile Launcher.  AP, R4/3; HE, R3/3, Blast; HEAP, R4/4, Blast; Plasma, R4/2, Blast
·         Particle Pule Laser Rife, Heavy.  R4/3
·         Rail-gun.  R3/5, Amor Piercing, Built-In
·         Rocket Launcher.  R2/3, Built-In, Blast
·         Shotgun, Heavy.  R3/3