Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This is a brief timeline of what is taking place on the Earth of Rynyn's game. After two years, I figured I should get a timeline done!

• 2014: Man goes back to the moon. The Americans stake their claim on the moon by establishing a base on the moon.
• 2021: Important steps are taken in fusion power and a fusion plant is first developed by a joint American and Japanese corporate bridge. A new era in energy has begun.
• 2022: There are large bases on the moon. The population at this time is 2000, semi-permanent residents.
• 2026: The first man steps foot on Mars.
• 2027: A fusion plant is small enough to fit is a car.
• 2030: By this time, there are many colonies on Mars. The population is 1000. During this time, humanity has many off world holdings.
• 2032: The first Martian is born. Little Illianna is born to happy parents.
• 2033: Ciao Wei, a Chinese scientist develops the fusion-pulse drive, cutting travel time to Mars form six months to six weeks. It is an incredible leap forward.
• 2035: The first generation of Mechasuits is unveiled.
• 2036: Terrorist release a bioterror plague that wipes out bio-engineered grain that feeds America. Kansas becomes a hellhole. Algae becomes an important food staple.
• 2047: Dr. Louis Murphy is developing human clones.
• 2049: Zachary Sword wins the US account with his Longsword Class Mechasuit. He becomes one of the richest men in the world because of it.
• 2050: Dr. Murphy develops finds a mutant gene that lets him develop clones with psychic powers. They have a shortened lifespan, something that Dr. Murphy argues with.
• 2060: Sword Industries make the Broadsword Class Mechasuit. They are developing even larger size mecha but are stymied by reaction times.
• 2061: Evangeline Gray forms a secret society to counter the growing corruption in the government. She retirees from the Senate. Only females are allowed into the upper echelons.
• 2062: Evangeline meets Helen for the first time.
• 2063: Helen finds that she cannot bear children. She goes crazy and disappears from sight, including from Royo, whom is a top level intelligence operative. She is with Evangeline.
• 2065: An alien species destroy a deep space patrol. They are known as the Cross for their cross shaped ships.
• 2066: The Cross invade Mars and quickly take over. There were over 30000 people on Mars at this time. There is no word from Mars.
• 2066: Helen meets Chrystana McLyn, who works for the military as an analyst. They are soon dating each other.
• 2066: Emily, a clone who creates singularities, ends up destroying greater Los Angeles when she creates a black with a radius of some 14 miles. The cover story is it is the Cross. Helen was seriously wounded, the only survivor of the black hole.
• 2067: The Cross invades the Earth. The clone known as Rynyn is decanted and it is soon found out that she can create singularities. Helen Reece, Emily old handler is recalled to duty. She is the only one who has the experience to train somebody who can control singularities.
• 2069: The war in growing bad for humanity.
• 2070: Helen calls Royo Gibson to come and take Rynyn away. There are many reasons why, but her life is in danger. Royo, who is known as Hugh at the time, takes her and hides out in Seattle.
• 2071: Ryn, with help from Hugh, Amanda, Jayne and soldiers assembled by Evangeline rescue Helen from the clutches of Becky from the Clone Ark. Hugh dies with the wounded Becky in a black hole measuring approximately 2.5 miles in radius.
• 2071: Lucy Sword, the only daughter becomes head of Sword Industries when her father dies. She asks, at the insistence of Ryn, Evangeline Gray for help.
• 2071: In order to find a cure for Ryn, Helen and Ryn rejoins the military.
• 2071: Deep space probes detect unknown ship entering the solar system.
• 2071: Operation Firebug!
• 2072: Rynyn and Helen are transferred to a secret base to undergo trails of a new Mechasuit. The Rapier has a PsiLens, a new piece of tech that will increase the wearer’s psychic abilities.
• 2072: Now!