Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rynyn Chronicles; Aliens; Avari'stacha (The Cross)

The Ethereals from X-Com: Enemy Unknown game (great freakin game by the way!).  The closest thing to the Cross I could find.

Avari'stacha, or the Cross as they are commonly known among the humans, are a bipedal alien race with four arms, two greater and two lesser arms.   Large arms are for strength the lesser arms are for agility.  They appear to by a cross between insects and lizards.  When they appear without their helmets, one can see their mandible and four eyes.  They are so named The Cross by the humans for their ships when first sighted appeared to be cross shaped.  There appears to be three distinct sub-races.

The Sage (Amar) Class are the only class that has the psychic abilities, though all of the Cross have a limited form telepathy that allows them to silently communicate.  The Sage Class is incredibly thin and tall, standing about two meters tall.  There are only around a hundred of the sages left and all are incredibly powerful psychics who ponder the mysteries of Twani'cjik.  The most powerful one is Wan'chett because he is so incredibly old, at least ten times as old as any Cross.
  • Ashae'jin is the leader of the Sages and sits in the High Triumvirate.  Female
  • Wan'chett is the oldest known Cross due to his extended sleep for two-thousand years on Mars.

The Soldier (Re'kesh) Class much taller and look incredible buff.  They stand around two hundred fifteen centimeter and weigh upwards to a hundred thirty-five kilos.  They are incredibly strong, at least two to three times as strong as a fit human.  They are quick and surprisingly silent and number among the most numerous of the Cross due to the massive cloning of Soldiers.  They are put into a variety of Kesh.  The first Kesh is made up of naturally born Soldiers.  The second and on are made up of cloned soldiers.  Naturally born Soldiers are generally more independent than those of other kesh for those of the Second and beyond are created for loyalty above all.
  • Mak'shar of the Second Kesh.  He is a cloned soldier.
  • Mak'tar of the Second Kesh.  He is a cloned soldier.
  • Una'keel is the leader of the Soldiers, a First Kesh warrior who sits on the High Triumvirate .

The final class are the Workers.  Those of the Worker (Soxi) Class cover every one from simple laborers to doctors and scientists.  They are shorter and a bit more stocky then the Sages but are a bit stronger.  There are two sub-classes of the Worker Caste, the intelligent thinker with a larger cranial capacity that many of the technicians doctors and scientist come from, and a stronger, resilient laborer class.
  • Arli'tan is the Cross doctor on the cityship in charge of filling the space for the labs.  Female.
  • My'cor sits on the High Triumvirate for the workers.