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Itami danAndahar for Fate Core

Princess Itami danAndahar

Itami danAndahar
Concept: Princess and Heir to North Realm
Trouble: Princess and Heir to North Realm (its a double edged sword)
Refresh: 3

  • A Girl or a Princess?: Itami sometimes just wants to be a girl, but her duty says otherwise.
  • Hide From the Nanny: Itami was a troublesome youth that helps her at times now that she is a young adult.
  • Listen to Both Sides: Itami will listen to both sides of a situation before making an important decision.

  • Absolute Authority. You are good at being in charge. +2 to Contacts as long as you are in a position of direct authority over those you intend to contact.
  • Lie Whisperer. +2 to all Empathy rolls made to discern or discover lies, whether they’re directed at you or someone else.
  • Specialist (governance). You get a +2 to all Lore rolls relating to that field of specialization.

  • Contacts +3
  • Deceive +1
  • Empathy +2
  • Lore, Modern +2
  • Stealth +1
  • Wll +1

  • Princess and Heir to North Realm.  Itami is the Princess of North Realm and its heir.  She has access to the entire realm, its personnel, resources and monies and as such has access to just about anything she wants and needs.

Sofia Hess for Fate Core

Sofia Hess by +Minerva Fox 

Sofia Hess
Concept: Hidden Section 4 Agent
Trouble: Enamoured with the North
Refresh: 2

  • Sexy Vamp: Sofia is pretty damned sexy and she knows it.  She knows how to use it for male and female targets.
  • Stronger Than I Look:  Sofia is not a true Spartan, but is Spartan Related and stronger than she looks.
  • True to Her Word: Sofia is just that, if she gives her word, she will keep it.

  • Architecture of the Heart. Reading a room is a triviality to you. Even more, you can spot the emotional lynchpins in a room and easily understand how actions would impact the mood. If you roll Empathy to read a room—difficulty Mediocre (+0)—count how many shifts you accrue. Over the course of the scene, you may ask the GM to tell you how people would react to any hypothetical scenario. You can do this a number of times equal to the number of shifts generated.
  • Corroboration of Coincidence. Fate favors your lies with minor coincidences and circumstantial evidence that seem to lend them credence. You may apply a boost to the scene before you roll Deceive, so long as you can describe how it helps you look more honest. If successful, the boost turns into an aspect on the scene.
  • Only the Wind Will See Me Go. At the cost of a fate point, you may exit a scene, passing from sight. 
  • Tough as Nails. Once per session, at the cost of a fate point, you can reduce the severity of a moderate consequence that’s physical in nature to a mild consequence (if your mild consequence slot is free), or erase a mild consequence altogether.

  • Athletics +2
  • Contacts +1
  • Deceive +4
  • Empathy +3
  • Investigate +1
  • Fight +2
  • Physique +3
  • Provoke +1
  • Stealth +2
  • Will +1

  • Backing of the Empire.  Sofia has the backing of the Empire in the way of resources and monies.

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Rin danTaven for Fate Core

Rin danTaven by +Minerva Fox 

Rin danTaven
High Concept: Hidden Order of the Thorn Agent
Trouble: Speaks Her Mind Regardless of the Consequences 
Refresh 2

  • A Blade for Every Occasion: she carries a lot of different knives.
  • Loves the Princess Like a Little Sister: she is not that much older than the princess so it was only natural that she bonded with the princess like the way she did.
  • Schooled by the Best People in North Realm: among her pedigree, she was taught by the most skilled thief and the Archmage of North Realm.

  • Ball Toss. Throwing a basketball isn't very different from throwing a knife. You may use your Athletics skill in place of Shoot for thrown weapons.
  • Defend the Weak. When someone is attacked physically while within your zone, you can spend a fate point to redirect that attack to yourself. You may defend against that attack at +1.
  • Eye for Detail. Your visual memory is so strong that with a little concentration, you can revisit any place you've been to in your memory in exacting detail. Sometimes, you can even pick up on details that you hadn’t consciously realized before. To use this ability, spend a fate point and make a single perception-based roll (usually Investigate, but not necessarily limited to that) to find things out as if you were still in the location, no matter how long ago you left it.
  • Feint. When it looks like you're going to go right, you go left and vice-versa. +2 to create advantages with Deceive that relate to confusion and misdirection in physical combat.

  • Arcane +1
  • Athletics +3
  • Burglary +1
  • Deceive +4
  • Empathy +1
  • Fight +2
  • Investigate +3
  • Notice +1
  • Stealth +2
  • Will +2

  • ARC Suit.  By wearing the full body suit, Rin can go invisible and remain as such for the scene if she wishes at the cost of a refresh point.
  • Arcane Hand.  Rin's left hand is magical.  Her magical prosthesis was made by the most skilled artisans and enchanted by the Archmage of North Realm herself.  It has a hidden compartment and the hand can detach and move on its own at her mental command.
  • Enchanted Armor.  Her armor is equivalent to eladrin silk and has an armor value of B2/4, enchanted.
  • House danTaven.  Rin is of the noble House danTaven and as such carries with it all the good and bad of that position. 

Her history is read in the Rin's Tale.

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Religion of Eave: the Eladrin Gods part 2

The gods of Eave are basically done as I have done up the basic rules for them.  Now I want to detail some of the finer details I thought for some of them.  Note that most of this is not known, lost in the mists of time.

To understand the gods of Eave, we must go back millennia.  The eladrin and dwarves are not native to this world of Eave.  They believe that they were brought to the home of the gods and when the great calamity claim the old world that was caught up in combat and strife and the gods and their followers died.  For the gods were awake and strode across the land and seas.

Chief among the the Isaldurii (the eladrin gods) was Iksurii, the noble god of war, battle and combat.  He was noble and fair and was the bright star of the eladrin.  He was married to Tae, the goddess of magic and together they melded the physical and the spiritual together.  There was Suless and she was not the dark goddess she is now but the goddess of everything beautiful that sung and danced in light of Suul the moon and goddess who kept a lonely vigil high in the sky.  There was the bright and terrible Horned God of the male elves and the gentle but uncaring goddess of the female eladrin Ellathe.  Then there was the cheerful and puckish god of the eternal youth, Alannah.  There were gods of the sea and of the sky, of terrible might and beautiful grace; of great skill with the blade of bow and of the arts so fair.  But they were fell by the gods of darkness and chaos.

In the final days of the war, things happened like wildfire as it spread far and wide.  While Iksurii lead the valiant warriors of light with Aragd├╝m, the dwarven god of war, Suless whispered poisoned words into his ear.  Suless saw no end to the warfare except with the death of Isaldurii and their allies.  She had an idea though, from her countless orgies she had with all manner of creatures including the captured agents of the dark gods.  She whispered to Iksurii that if he bonded with the demons, he could take their strength and become even more powerful that even he could imagine.  At first he cast away such ideas but realized that her slow decent ton madness, but the seed was set for his eventual downfall.

Suless however did not know of the Great Plan that Tae had put into motion to save what she could of the eladrin people as well as themselves.  She began to revel in the bedlam she wrought and was the cause of some of the defeats (as well as some of the victories) that they had suffered toward the end of the terrible war.  It was after one of the defeats that Iksurii sought her out.  "If you can make me powerful enough to slay our enemies, then do whatever you have to do to give me the power to do so."

She squealed with glee and got to work, cocooning him silk and in the end he came out more powerful but had would come to know to his dismay, he had lost his tactical acumen.  He won his fights but at a losses that were unacceptable.  In a growing fit of madness he tried to slaughter the goddess, casting out of the Isaldurii.  Tae's plan to flee the world was the only way.

Tae had been working on a plan to open huge gates and to evacuate the world that was their home.  The dwarves and their gods came along with the whole of the eladrin people.  The gates flared to life and the great exodus had begun.  For weeks the people fled though the doorways created by Tae, and for weeks the endless hordes of demons came for them.  The demons salivated at the chance to ravage another world and battered the resolute defenders.  The elves fell, the dwarves fell, the gods themselves fell in the endless fighting.  Iksurii, lead the fight and left Tae woefully undefended and she was attacked by the loathsome demons.  She would have fell if not for Lah'druss the dwarven god of runes.  He fought of the demons and took up the shattered remains of Tae and fused himself with her to keep the gates open.  So was born Taelah.

The eladrin and the dwarves were free of their old world and they marvelled at their new world.  A great land of mighty trees and soaring mountains, as if the gods themselves had made the world for them.  The dwarves wept for their brethren and gods that have died in the war.  Lah'druss was the remaining god and he had bound himself with Tae.  Tae'lah was the last of the gods that had come from the gates and has s/he closed it and turned and collapsed and Iksurii went mad.  For the slight against her Suless who was hidden among the eladrin, had cast a spell that drove the once noble warrior insane.  The ground shook and the seas roiled and it took all the remaining gods to bind the insane god.  Suul volunteered to watch over Iksurii and the remaining gods agreed to slumber in this new world.

Below is the gods and a couple of Concepts and Natures associated with them.

Alannah is the god of youth and luck.  He is cheerful and puckish and is a rogue among the gods.  In the great cataclysm that struck the old world, he was the consummate spy.  He always kept up the gods with his good natured pranks.  As of late, he has also taken on the portfolio of song as bards, both human and eladrin have credited him with being their muse.

  • Bard of Alannah
  • Carefree Rogue
  • With Childlike Innocence
Ellathe is the quiet and gentle goddess of woman (both human and eladrin), nature and the seasons.  She is the one who is alseep the deepest as she plumbs the depths of the world.  The humans of North Realm have greatly taken to the worship of Ellathe.  The Sisters of Ellathe are great healers and midwives; and are akin to the great nunneries of old.  They have opened abbeys, hospitals and orphanages all over North Realm.

  • Sister of Ellathe
  • Winter's Bride
  • Seeker of Nature's Secrets
Skrive is powerful and terrible, the Horned God, the hunter of game and of male virility.  He fought along the side of the eladrin and dwarves and knows the horrors of war.  He keeps it in check but still has nightmares that cause the Earth to shake as his anger grows.  Ellathe keeps him in check however, lest he wakes in terrible anger.  He is the most popular god in Galadon and they have taken to hunting humans in their eternal war with Tulath.

  • Emissary of the Horned God
  • Patience of a Toshur
  • Hunter of Man
Dark elves worship only one goddess, Suless.  She had snuck in with her followers in the Great Crossing.  In the ancient eladrin pantheon, she was the goddess of beauty and vanity.  She was the most beautiful of creatures ever to walk on the face of the ancient world.  Her vanity was her downfall and her beauty was the weapon that brought about her demise.  She grew bored and jaded as all those around her fawned over her beauty.  As the ancient myths state she started to have sexual liaisons with mortal creatures and in doing so brought about many of the creatures that bred and became the trolls, giants, ogres and other creatures of nightmare.  She just didn’t care and she slipped into her malaise-like state.  Her orgies turned dark as she tried more and more depraved obsessions to keep her entertained.  Her and the dark elves dalliances with demons and other dark and powerful creatures have turned their flesh as back as night.  Suless is awake but at a much reduced state to hide herself among this world.

  • Breeder of the Pits
  • Mother of Monsters
  • Lost in Ecstasy
Suul, the lonely wanderer, the traveller, the sentinel against the dark times.  She stands far above Eave, cut off from the other Isaldurii.  She, among all the others is awake in her lonely vigil to keep Iksurii bound and asleep.  She is the guardswoman who only sleeps three nights a month when she is black in the sky.  She is known to watch over travellers and investigators.

  • Sentinel of Suul
  • Lonely Guardsman
  • Investigator of Hanali
Taelah, no one remembers what gender Taelah is.  Taelah is just Tae'lah.  Tae'lah is the fusion of an eladrin and a dwarven god.  When Tae'lah stepped though, it was thought that Iksurii went mad because his wife bonded with a dwarven god.  It was the only way for the remaining gods and their followers to flee.  Little did they know that it was all Suless fault for casting her out of Isaldurii.  Taelah has never woken since s/he had first stepped through the gate.  Taelah is the reason why magic infused the world (but only to a certain altitude).  Taelah sleeps and dreams...
  • Dreamer of the World
  • Magic of Innocence 
  • Keeper of the Lost Tome of Lah'druss
Vuul, the trapped god, the insane one, the slayer of kin.  Iksurii is trapped on Vuul, the second dark moon of Eave.  According to myth, once every nine years when both Suul and Vuul are full, the Eye of Vuul is upon the lands.  Supposedly that is when both of them are engaged in battle to keep him pacified.  Vuul is not worshipped but studied in Elvaehonri as they think they are close to spitting the two factions of his personality in half, returning him to his glorious self.  He is secretly worshipped in Galadon
  • Son of the Dark Moon
  • Vengeance is Mine
  • Blood is All I Know

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Rules for Magic and Religion of Eave, redone

Well, I have gone and redone the Gods of Eave I have done up in my section of religion.  I know, I shouldn't have put it out back then as I was unsure about what I was going to do with them.  Now I have more of an idea and here they are.  While working on them, I have got an excellent idea on how to rework magic.  By casting a spell, the caster gains a minor benefit and a greater one by spending a point of refresh.  Please read it and do let me know what you think of what I have done as I want feedback.

... and fire rained down onto the land and the water rose up from the oceans to bathe the earth in fire and water.  The Isaldurii [gods], will awake from their sleep and all but the faithful shall be torn...
-From the Book of The Isaldurii, Vol 2.

The gods of the eladrin are for better words asleep on a dimension in which even the greatest of sages, both human and eladrin do not understand.  If the gods ever were to be awoken, it would be a catastrophe and as such do not manifest themselves.  The eladrin during the human Starfall thought that it was the world was coming to the end as ships fell from the sky and one of them caused a huge tidal wave that engulfed the eastern shores.  The moons were aligned and cast the Eye of Vuul down upon Eave.  The humans did not cause the destruction of their people, the Isaldurii did not awaken, and life went on with new neighbors.

The Isaldurii did not awaken but they stirred.  After the humans came to Eave there have been many more incidents of the supernatural have been happening.  Creatures that have been regulated to legend and myth now roam the land.  The goblins have been stirring from their centuries long exile far beneath Eave.  It seems that the humans have brought new life and old dangers to the world.
  • Alannah is the god of youth and chance
  • Ellathe is the goddess of the female fertility, childbirth and nature.  She is the keeper of the seasons.  Clergy is all female.
  • Skrive is the god of male virility, animals and hunting.  Clergy is all male.
  • Suless, the demon goddess of lust, perversion and evil.  She is the only goddess worshiped by the dark elves.
  • Suul is the goddess of the moon and all the light that shines down upon Eave.  She is invoked for the safe passage of travellers.
  • Taelah is the god/goddess of magic.  Of indeterminate gender s/he is the one the eladrin venerate the most.
  • Vuul is the dark god of the baser eladrin emotions.  Murder, lust and insanity.  No one openly worships this god as he is chained away on the moon that bares his name.  His true name is Ikusrii and he was the god of war and combat until he was seduced by Suless countless years ago, so much so that even she fears him.  It worked a little to well.
Humans of North Realm has come to worship the gods of the elves.  They have seen the wonders of magic and they are invoked and revered.  Religion of Eave is a mix of old human religions and ancient elven religion.  Humans of North Realm have a freedom of religion and have taken to the worship of several elven deities.  Those within the Empire worship the perfection of the human body.  Religion is a somewhat hot button issue within the human community.  Most of humanity have taken a somewhat philosophical view of religion before they have landed on Eave.  Most forms of Christianity, Islam and Judaism have fallen by the wayside and worshipped by only a fraction of the faithful as more and more evidence proved it to be less and less useful to a technologically advanced society. That is to say it is not totally gone, but has changed to such degree that it is not so easily discernible now from what it used to be.

On Eave, everything changed.  With magic, that the eladrin say comes of the gods and it is hard to argue with the results.  The advent of magic comes from the power of the gods, so say the eladrin.  Taelah, the god (or goddess) of magic is said to have taught the very first eladrin how to work magic.  The humans, scientists from both Danaan and Tulath, have been working to find out how the magic works as it manipulates an energy.  The eladrin say it is because of the gods and the humans have to reluctantly agree. 

Now the rules...

Clerical Magic
Magic use on Eave comes in many forms but it come from the same source.  To be a cleric of a particular gods they must have the concept or an aspect.  This could be as simple as a Priest of Taelah to as complicated as Holder of the Sacred Die of Alannah.  To further gain the use of spellcasting, they must also gain the special skill: Cleric of (god worshiped).  The skill will also cover the religious rites associated with that particular god and will be the die pool that they roll when casting spells.  Please note that not all priests can cast spells.
  • Cleric of Alannah.  This skill covers Stealth and has the supernatural ability to look ever young no matter how old the person is.
  • Cleric of Ellathe.  This skill covers Empathy.  They also have the supernatural ability to be equally comfortable in all types of weather.
  • Cleric of Skrive.  This skill covers Shoot.  It also covers to identification of animals and survival.
  • Cleric of Suless.  This skill covers Deceive.  Clerics of Suless are incredibly beautiful and unless they upset their goddess, they will never have a scar or blemish on their dark skin.
  • Cleric of Suul.  This skill covers Investigate.  The Clerics of Suul also gain the supernatural ability not to get lost while the moon is overhead.
  • Cleric of Taelah.  This skill covers Arcane.  The Clerics of Taelah are basically arcane casters and may use the arcane spell lists.
  • Cleric of Vuul.  This skill covers Provoke.  The cleric also gain the supernatural ability to not be affect by fear.
They may take the following as stunts in they so desire at normal costs.
  • Burglar’s Friend (Alannah).  This spell opens locks.  The caster rolls is Cleric of Alannah skill to overcome the locks defense (-4 to 4 depending on how good the lock is).  By spending a refresh the cleric can overcome the lock automatically or go up against a lock guarded by magic.
  • Curse of Vuul (Vuul).  When cast upon a target within the same zone it causes them to go insane, placing the aspect of In the Grip of Madness upon them.  By spending a point of refresh, the cleric can invoke the same aspect.
  • Ecstasy of Suless (Suless).  When cast upon target that is touched, the target is overcome and place the aspect Throes of Ecstasy on another character.  If a refresh is used, it may be cast on anyone in the same zone as well as they may invoke the aspect.
  • Healing Touch (Ellathe).  While in combat, the cleric of Ellathe can by touching the target, heal one stress box of damage box.  If a refresh is used the cleric can heal Consequences by a step.  A -6 becomes a -4, a -4 becomes a -2 and a -2 heals completely.  Only one healing touch may be used per wound.
  • Hunter’s Fury (Skrive).  By casting this spell the cleric of Skrive places an aspect Prey of the Horned God on the target within the same zone.  If a refresh is used a free invocation is gained.
  • Hunter’s Veil (Skrive).  As long as the cleric or target of this spell does not move, they gain the advantage As Still as a Toshur and they may invoke it by spending a point of refresh.
  • Mystic Bolt (any).  The cleric of any god can fire a single bolt at a target.  Resolve the attack as if it were a R1/- attack (see Weapons).  If a refresh is used, the cleric can fire is as a R2/2 attack.
  • Season’s Vassal (Ellathe).  When cast the caster can find enough food for herself for a day, no matter what season it is.  If a refresh is used, the whole party of up to six people will find food.
  • Strength of Vuul (Vuul).  The caster casts the spell upon himself and gains a R2/2 physical attack for the exchange.  It lasts for the whole scene if the caster spends a point of refresh.
  • The Die is Cast (Alannah).  Luck is on the clerics side.
  • The Ties That Bind (Suless).  The caster may take any length of rope down to a minimum if two meters in length to give the target the aspect Tangled in Rope.  Spending a refresh she may invoke it and binds the target if she doubles the targets defense against the attack.
The Church of Mankind and the Runecasters of the Empire of Tulath are a special case.  The Priests of the Church of Man work just like before as they are excellent craftsmen, but with special rules.  They must have the High Concept or Aspect such as Lay-Brother of the Church of Mankind or Tech-Priest of Narimath.  There special skill is Tech-Priest.  Besides the rites and abilities of the Church, the skill also covers all things related to the Crafts skill.

Arcane Magic
Now the same thing goes for users of the arcane.  They must have the appropriate High Concept or Aspect to justify their use, such as a Graduate of the Royal Academy of Danaan-Tir, Eladrin Arcane-Knight or Archmage of North Realm.  They must also take the special skill: Arcane.  Besides the ability to cast, the Arcane skill also gains the user to read and understand the complex runes and sigils of the magic involved.  It also covers the Ancient Lore skill.  They may take the additional stunts such as:
  • Arcane Bolt.  The caster may fire a single bolt and resolve it as a R2/1 weapon.  They may spend a refresh and fire three bolts, each bolt going for a different target.
  • Arcane Step.  Using this spell allows the caster to teleport up to five meters away.  Using a refresh, they can teleport up to ten zones away.
  • Call the Lightning.  This causes a bolt of lighting to strike down from the heavens striking as a R3/2 weapon on a single target.  This is only usable when it is cloudy and out it the open.  If a refresh is used, it may be cast anywhere, sometimes with unexpected results.
  • Creeping Fog.  This causes a creeping fog to envelop the zone the caster is in, giving everyone the aspect Shrouded in Mists.  By spending a refresh the caster may invoke the aspect upon everybody.
  • Fireball.  The caster hurls this at the target and it resolves as a R2/2 weapon.  By spending a refresh it may target everyone in a five-meter radius and sets things alight.  The caster may target opponents roughly up to three zones away.
  • Freeze the Body.  The caster put the target of this spell under his control basically holding him.  This places the aspect Slow as Kaddam on a target in the same zone.  It will become invoked if the caster spends a point of refresh.
  • Invisibility.  This causes the caster to be Unseen to Sight and invoke it for the exchange.  The caster may spend a refresh and gain it for the entire scene.
Runecasters are the arcane casters from the Empire of Tulath.  Their High Concept or Aspect are things like 
Lightning Hurler or Hidden Rune of Tulath City. Their special skill is Runecasting.  Besides the ability to cast, it gives the supernatural ability to resist the pain caused the rune that is carved into their flesh and therefore have an additional -2 Consequence.  Using a rune is a flashy affair and it is generally known that a person is a runecaster.  One one rune may be used at a time.  They may take the following stunts, such as:
  • Rune of Fire.  The caster gains the aspect Wreathed in Fire as the are wreathed in flames and can set small items alight and can hold small flames such as a torch unaffected.  They can spend a refresh to invoke it or cast a bolt of fire at a target or strike at them barehanded.  Resolve it a R2/2 attack.
  • Rune of Heat.  The caster gain the aspect Shimmering Heat, as waves of incredible heat can be seen.  They become too hot to touch.  By using a refresh, they make invoke it or gain an armor value B3/3 as weapons melt away.  May use it as a reaction.
  • Rune of Ice.  The caster gains the aspect As Cold as Ice as they become ice cold, frozen.  Ice forms in their hands and their breath comes out as icy steam.  Using a refresh they may invoke the aspect or gain
  • Rune of Metal.  The casters skins becomes as metal and gains the aspect As Hard as Steel.  The casters density becomes five times as much.  They may spend a refresh to invoke the aspect or gain the ability of armor at a B3/2 for a round or make an physical attack of R2/2.
  • Rune of the Earth.  The caster gains the ability Rooted to Eave as the caster becomes rooted to the earth.  As long as the character is on the earth or stone, he or she can not be knocked off their feet.  By spending a refresh the character my invoke the aspect or gain the ability to ignore damage a battle as they cannot move from were they are rooted, but will receive it all at the end of the battle.  This usually makes for a very dead earth user.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Year on Eave

Time as it is on Eave.
Human reckoning.
Paul Taere studied the year and came up with this timeline in the third year that they were on Eave.  Tulath adopted the calendar after they met.
  • Days are 26.2 hours long
  • 7 days to a week, Sunday through Saturday
  • Roughly 5 weeks in a month
  • 12 months in a year.  The months are named after the months of the Earth calendar.  The middle months of April, July, October and January have 34 days instead of 35.
  • 416 days in year.  Every 5 years is a leap year take place and the interim day is added to the calendar.  In the north it is when old oaths are re-sworn.  It takes place between the last day of winter and the first day of spring.
  • 4 seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter                                   
  • First day of spring in the beginning of March.  It is the vernal equinox.  The autumnal equinox in on the first day of autumn in September.  The vernal equinox is the first day of the New Year.
  • The summer solstice is the first day of June and the winter solstice is the first day of December.
  • There are two moons that orbit around Eave.  The smaller, dark moon is called Vuul and the larger, bright moon is called Suul.  Once every nine years in January, Vuul is perfectly formed within Suul’s brightness, so much so it resembles an eye.  The Eye of Vuul is a bad omen to the eladrin as the tides are very high and strange happenings abound.  When the gods slept so the elves could come to Eave, they had to imprison Vuul.  It is when His Eye is high in the sky, he tries to break free.
  • School is basically all year round in the North.  There is a break in each of the four seasons in the middle months save for the winter break.  It starts two days before Christmas.  The breaks are 20 days long save for winter break which lasts from Dec 23 and lasts through the brutal winter that takes place in January.  This takes place in North Realm only
  • New Year and New Year Day are the last day of February and the first day of March.
  • The first day in May in the start of the school season.
  • Mother’s Day is in May and Father’s Day is in June.  Mother’s Day is a big holiday in Tulath.
  • June 28 is the first day of the Airship Races in Kassingtonne.
  • The Cudder Races are held in July during the summer break in Leavestonne.
  • September 13 is the anniversary of the Starfall, when humans first landed on Eave.  They all observe that day.
  • October 12 is the day peace was settled between North Realm and Empire of Tulath.  Needless to say it is held in North Realm only. 
  • Last day of autumn break is the Day of Masks.  Basically Halloween.
  • Harvest Day is observed in November.
  • As per tradition, Christmas is observed on December 25.
  • Valentine’s Day is observed February 14th.
This is not list all of the holidays on Eave.  This the main holiday as they are held in North Realm.  There is still The Empire of Tulath and eladrin holidays to go through.  But I needed them to write out the next part of Rin's story.  You can expect stats for Rin as they are done for FATE Core soon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Timeline of Charles Mercer

While driving home from an excellent day where we were treated to +Chris Morrison 's food, I started to come up with a little timeline for Mercer.  It is a long drive from LA to Pismo Beach, and at first I came up with the reason he came to LA.  I came up with Nora Wells in which you can read Mercer's story in listed in the previous post.  I came up with it on the rush and I may redo later.

Timeline: this is by no means a complete timeline.  But it helps out by keeping everything straight as I parcel out Mercer's time.  Hope you can use it +Jim Sandoval !  Might be something there you can use.  More will be added later.
  • 1891 he was born.
  • 1900 we was rescued by Bartholomew Critchett and taken in as an apprentice.
  • 1912 he joins the British Military under the Order of Alchemists when his apprenticeship ended.
  • 1914 was the start of the Great War.  Lasts until 1919.
  • 1918, he takes the elixir and becomes immortal.  He is not sure of what happened to Major Carter.
  • Meets Nora Wells in 1925 and they have their one night stand.  Charles pines for her.
  • He was in India form 1928-1935.
  • World War II started in 1939 and lasted until 1945.
  • 1944 he receives word from Nora about CJ.  He agrees to help her by watching him as they go into D-Day.
  • In December 1944, Charles and CJ have it out.  Charles figures out that CJ is his son.
  • 1947 in promoted to Major and finally Colonel in 1949.
  • Is in Hong Kong from 1951 to 1958.
  • In Hong Kong, 1956 he meet Ley Fun, Guardian of the Egg, while on a mission that ended being the Hong Kong Riots that were between the Nationalist and the Communists.  
  • 1961, Charles ends up going to LA to meet Nora.  Finds out she is dying of cancer.
  • 1962 Nora dies.  CJ's son Johnathon has is first kid and names her Nora for his grandmother.  Charles retires and moves to LA to be near his family.  Opens the Lewd Toad and is the center for British ex-pats and the supernatural in LA.
  • 1965 Hugh from MI6 comes and gets help from Charles.  This will go on continuously from MI6, the FBI, Agents of the White Council and LA Sheriffs Department, just to make a few.  Hugh is always the name of the person that they send from MI6 and as of 1984, they has been four Hughs that have come to him.
  • In 1971, he helped Ley Fun escape due to the increased Tong activity in the area.  He took the then hatched dragonling to LA and has been part of the “family” ever since that day.
  • 1980 Nora goes to UCLA with help from a mysterious benefactor (Charles) and goes to Medical School to become a doctor.
  • 1984 we begin the story...

 Known Languages: English, French, German, Indian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, some Bantu and Swahili

Monday, March 10, 2014

Charles Mercer: The real reason he is in LA

The real reason why he is in LA…
Charles has been alive for a long time and of course he has had many loves, but the first still burns in his heart.  It was after the Great War and while he was in England he met a young woman by the name of Nora Wells.  He was quite smitten with her since the first time he saw her.  Unfortunately the same could not be said of her, but gentle coaxing (adamant badgering) had finally breached her stonewall.  It had gone on a little too well and in the morning she was gone. 

He pined for her for many years, looking for her in a futile attempt.  It was in the waning days of the Second World War that from her he had received a letter.  It seemed that her son, CJ had joined the war for the Americans and if he could watch over him.  CJ Chambers was in England for a time and Charles agreed.  Anything for Nora.  Charles knew why he was in England for in a couple of days, D-Day was about to begin.

He would have tried to get him reassigned but it was too far along in the planning stages.  There was one thing that he could do however.  He led his unit of SAS soldiers and covered the young CJ through D-Day and beyond, secretly watching the young man, intervening only when needed.  It was during the Battle of the Bulge that CJ noticed that a British SAS squad was following his squad.  He had noticed them during D-Day and points in between, but at the Battle of the Bulge, he cornered the then Captain Mercer.  After a little scuffle they ended up talking and Charles admitted that he knew his mother and that he agreed to look in after him.  He did not know how to take that, but Charles assured him that all he had done, was him.  That he had to only intervene three times to save his life. 

CJ got up to leave, having much to think about.  “What does CJ stand for young man?” he asked as his neurosis about proper name was killing him.

He smiled.  “Charles Johnathon.  I was named for two important members of my mother’s family.”

Charles nodded as he left.  CJ was his son.

After the war Charles kept tabs on Nora and her family.  It seemed that she was married to a Roy Chambers for a month before he met her.  An American with the Expeditionary Force that came to England for the Great War.  She had moved to Los Angeles and started to raise a family there.  Nora had written him again in 1961 and begged him to come out and see her.  He relented and agreed.  When he entered the hospital room that she was in, she recognized him for except for some additional crow’s feet, he looked exactly the same as he did some forty years before.  She shooed her children and grandchildren out of the room and cried.  She was so sorry for everything she had put him through, but he had just put his fingers over her lips.  He knew.  He knew it all, for that was his job.  They talked for hours until the nurse came to chase him away.  That is when he left he ran into CJ, in his forties and about to have his first grand-child.  He stopped and stared at the man he knew.  He merely stood at attention and saluted.

CJ got married and had only a single child, a son.  His son, Johnathon had a daughter in the next year, Nora.  That is when he retired.  It was something that his mentor Bartholomew had said was Charles was introduced as his new apprentice to his daughters.  “Family.  It is the best thing in have in this world.”

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Stories from Eave: Rin's Tale, Chapter 2.13

Rin danTaven by +Minerva Fox 

[I want to change this.  It is so bad…]

“..hat are we doing with her?” Rin heard though the blood pounding in her ears.  The voice was that of an older man, rough and gravely.  She groggily awoke on her side where she had been thrown.  Her blood had pooled in her white hair of the damp volcanic stone.

“What do you want to do then?” a younger man asked.  “She is a noble of damned House danTaven and they be trickier than you.  We be lucky she did not come in with the damned guardsmen.”  She was in a room, most likely underground.  She could hear dripping water falling into a pool of water nearby.  The smell of soot was in the air and something was cooking over an open flame.

“Then she is not so gods damned tricky then is she?” the older man said.  She could feel that she was bound with tamma cord, a strong native plant that grew in thin hair-like vines.  It was used as binding when braided into ropes of varying size.  Rin was bound tightly with her hands behind her back, so much so that the she could not feel the flesh in her real hand.  She heard the older man turn away in disgust and stepped out of the room.

The younger man sighed as Rin heard another figure step on in.  “What’s up with Gregor?” a female voice asked.  Rin sighed.  She figured that they were in a room with a single exit.  She also figured out that her clothes was lose on her body.  They have taken away her blades… all of them.

“Why don’t we ask our guest?  Come now.  I know you are awake so you can stop playing, acting like you are asleep.”

Rin opened her eyes and saw that her assessment was pretty much right.  It was a cave hewn of the volcanic stone.  On the walls were tapestries and thing that weren’t tapestries; rugs that hung on the wall.  A small fire burned with a hunk of fish cooking over it.  The room was sloped a bit toward the exit and the dripping water ran down to the far corner.  A large sleeping pallet was in the far corner filled with blankets and furs.  The short man with a wound in his leg sat before the fire and a tall, flame haired woman stood and looked at her.  She was most-likely Spartan Related as she looked as though she was in really good shape in the tight leather she was in.

“Why would the Princess’s handmaiden run after me?  A well-armed handmaiden at that?” the man said.

Rin struggled to a seated position.  “It seemed like a good idea at the time,” she said she grimaced.  She noticed that the man was looking at her dagger that she wore openly on her belt.  It was the ancient blade that her father Elham had given her.  “I would like that blade back,” she said in a voice as calm as she could muster. 

He only looked at her as he shoved the dagger back into its sheath.  “You are very interesting,” he said.  “A handmaid with some two dozen blades on her.  Kind of young to be a bodyguard, or an assassin.”

“To be an assassin there is no age limit.  I serve the Crown of North Realm, nothing more, unlike you.  You would dare to strike down the heir to the Kingdom.  Who paid you, hmm?”

He looked at the woman with red hair.  “I am no assassin,” he simply said.  The woman coughed and he reiterated.  “I never sought out a copper for that.  That bastard went way too far and you know it,” he retorted heatedly. 

She bent down and kissed him on the forehead; pushing back his hair.  “I know baby, sorry.  I miss her too.”

Rin thought that it was a very intimate moment she was witnessing and stayed quiet.  The man sniffed and wiped his nose with a finger that looked dirty despite being washed.  “Like I said, I am no assassin.  The King and Queen of North Realm did nothing to me or mine, much less their little girl.” 

“Then why are you the one the one that we are looking for?  You know that it is only a matter of time before they capture you.”

“And they will have the wrong person.”  He sighed.  “Do you want to hear the whole story or just sit there and judge me?”

Rin sat there and thought about it for a moment while the man sat there and turned his fish on the fire.  “Well, it seems like I am not going anywhere.  I will listen to your story…” 

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Stories from Eave: Rin's Tale, Chapter 2.12

Several things happened at once that Rin with her heightened senses could see everything that was happening in slow motion.  She could see the short man running forward, bringing up his pistol.  The light glinting off the polished black metal.  Each pounding step that he took as it splashed in the thin puddles at their feet.  The man behind them was jumping up on the fountain to bring his weapon to bear.  His cloak was fluttering as he took aim.  She could see a third man, an undercover operative squaring his shoulder as he brought up his handgun.  The crowd gasping, screaming and running form the Princess and the assassins.

Rin’s mind ran faster than her body could manage.  She could kill either man with a thrown blade but she was not fast enough to catch them both.  So she did the only thing that was left, she tackled the Princess, bringing her back to the shorter attacker where she had hoped the magic of the cloak would prove enough to save her.  The assassin to their rear was began to shout something but was taken out so all he cried was a gargled scream.  He got a shot of though and it tore through her magical prosthesis as she brought the Princess down in a splash of water from the fountain. 

A much larger splash fell beside them as Sir Hanar plunged in the shallow fountain.  He was aboard an undercover airship in a Daedalus Class mecha-suit.  She looked up at him, a Rose on his breastplate with blade and handgun drawn standing protectively over them both.  “Are you alright?” she could hear him ask.  It was like he was far away.  Everyone was far away as Rin did a quick look around, the water running into her eyes.  There he was; the short assassin.  Rin did not even think about it as she got up and leapt over the fountain.

“Watch her!  I am going after him!” she cried and started running, leaving the Princess peeking over the edge of fountain.  She could see the guardsmen coming into the square and the people in the plaza panicking.

He was fast, probably faster than her but for the bullet wound he had taken in the leg.  She could see blood splattered on the ground as she could see him ducking around the corner before the coming guardsmen.  She quickly edged herself around the corner, taking care not to be shot at.  “Damn," she muttered as she could see him duck into a sewer grate.  She didn’t give it another thought as she ran to and slid feet first past the grate.

She landed feet first and a knife palmed in her right hand.  Her left hand was a bit stiff due to the gunshot wound.  She cursed herself.  She had acted too quickly to do a self-assessment after she was shot.  “Damn it Lady Rin,” she could hear Sir Hanar say in her ear.  “Where are you so we can sent backup?” he asked, though it sounded more like a command.

She took out the earpiece for a moment listening for the labored breathing and looking for ripples or blood in the darkness.  She heard the feint beats of footsteps coming from her right.  She edged down the passageway, trying to find that balance between speed and silence.  She put her earpiece back in and heard the Princess talking.

“Rin, come back!” she was saying but static was building up.

“I almost have him,” Rin whispered and hoped that they had heard her as all she now heard was static.  She felt alive though as the excitement of the chase pumped adrenaline in her system.  When the chase was on, she often acted without thinking.  Part of her loved the chase and part of her felt like she was letting Itami down for leading her into the trap.

She stopped.  She could no longer hear the footsteps that she was following.  She berated herself again in her mind and was coming to a junction carved though the volcanic rock.  Water poured down at her feet over the edge of the precipice going deeper into the earth.  There was very little light, save for what was coming in from grates that were above her head.

“Damn,” she whispered.  “It seems like I lost him,” she said though her mike.  She continued to look through the darkness and could barely see the passageways that lead to this junction.

“Good,” she heard Sir Hanar say.  “You can come back before you give Her Highness a coronary.”

Rin sighed and backed away from the edge silently.  She listened on more time for anything out of the ordinary, but all she heard was the water moving, dripping and falling down.  She didn’t hear the footsteps behind her as it bashed her in the head with a sap.  

Tribe 8: Evangeline's Stunts

I forgot to do the stunts for Evangeline!  Here they are +Wil Hutton :
  • Righteousness: When you use this stunt, you get a +2 bonus when defending against any Sundering, Atmosphere, Taint or opponent with the Aspect Touched By The Seed for the duration of the scene or until you use Synthesis. Any existing aspects or Synthesis effects on you are dispelled when you use Righteousness.
  • Passion: When you use Synthesis to place the advantage Throes of Ecstasy on another character, you get a free invocation.  [Is loathe to do it though as she brings out the baser emotions.  It can get ugly, or provocative depending on your inclination.]
  • Army on the Edge of My Blade: You take no penalty—and grant no bonus—for being outnumbered, no matter how preposterous the numbers. (Fate System Toolkit, p.97)