Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tribe 8: Evangeline's Stunts

I forgot to do the stunts for Evangeline!  Here they are +Wil Hutton :
  • Righteousness: When you use this stunt, you get a +2 bonus when defending against any Sundering, Atmosphere, Taint or opponent with the Aspect Touched By The Seed for the duration of the scene or until you use Synthesis. Any existing aspects or Synthesis effects on you are dispelled when you use Righteousness.
  • Passion: When you use Synthesis to place the advantage Throes of Ecstasy on another character, you get a free invocation.  [Is loathe to do it though as she brings out the baser emotions.  It can get ugly, or provocative depending on your inclination.]
  • Army on the Edge of My Blade: You take no penalty—and grant no bonus—for being outnumbered, no matter how preposterous the numbers. (Fate System Toolkit, p.97)