Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Rin danTaven for Fate Core

Rin danTaven by +Minerva Fox 

Rin danTaven
High Concept: Hidden Order of the Thorn Agent
Trouble: Speaks Her Mind Regardless of the Consequences 
Refresh 2

  • A Blade for Every Occasion: she carries a lot of different knives.
  • Loves the Princess Like a Little Sister: she is not that much older than the princess so it was only natural that she bonded with the princess like the way she did.
  • Schooled by the Best People in North Realm: among her pedigree, she was taught by the most skilled thief and the Archmage of North Realm.

  • Ball Toss. Throwing a basketball isn't very different from throwing a knife. You may use your Athletics skill in place of Shoot for thrown weapons.
  • Defend the Weak. When someone is attacked physically while within your zone, you can spend a fate point to redirect that attack to yourself. You may defend against that attack at +1.
  • Eye for Detail. Your visual memory is so strong that with a little concentration, you can revisit any place you've been to in your memory in exacting detail. Sometimes, you can even pick up on details that you hadn’t consciously realized before. To use this ability, spend a fate point and make a single perception-based roll (usually Investigate, but not necessarily limited to that) to find things out as if you were still in the location, no matter how long ago you left it.
  • Feint. When it looks like you're going to go right, you go left and vice-versa. +2 to create advantages with Deceive that relate to confusion and misdirection in physical combat.

  • Arcane +1
  • Athletics +3
  • Burglary +1
  • Deceive +4
  • Empathy +1
  • Fight +2
  • Investigate +3
  • Notice +1
  • Stealth +2
  • Will +2

  • ARC Suit.  By wearing the full body suit, Rin can go invisible and remain as such for the scene if she wishes at the cost of a refresh point.
  • Arcane Hand.  Rin's left hand is magical.  Her magical prosthesis was made by the most skilled artisans and enchanted by the Archmage of North Realm herself.  It has a hidden compartment and the hand can detach and move on its own at her mental command.
  • Enchanted Armor.  Her armor is equivalent to eladrin silk and has an armor value of B2/4, enchanted.
  • House danTaven.  Rin is of the noble House danTaven and as such carries with it all the good and bad of that position. 

Her history is read in the Rin's Tale.