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Religion of Eave: the Eladrin Gods part 2

The gods of Eave are basically done as I have done up the basic rules for them.  Now I want to detail some of the finer details I thought for some of them.  Note that most of this is not known, lost in the mists of time.

To understand the gods of Eave, we must go back millennia.  The eladrin and dwarves are not native to this world of Eave.  They believe that they were brought to the home of the gods and when the great calamity claim the old world that was caught up in combat and strife and the gods and their followers died.  For the gods were awake and strode across the land and seas.

Chief among the the Isaldurii (the eladrin gods) was Iksurii, the noble god of war, battle and combat.  He was noble and fair and was the bright star of the eladrin.  He was married to Tae, the goddess of magic and together they melded the physical and the spiritual together.  There was Suless and she was not the dark goddess she is now but the goddess of everything beautiful that sung and danced in light of Suul the moon and goddess who kept a lonely vigil high in the sky.  There was the bright and terrible Horned God of the male elves and the gentle but uncaring goddess of the female eladrin Ellathe.  Then there was the cheerful and puckish god of the eternal youth, Alannah.  There were gods of the sea and of the sky, of terrible might and beautiful grace; of great skill with the blade of bow and of the arts so fair.  But they were fell by the gods of darkness and chaos.

In the final days of the war, things happened like wildfire as it spread far and wide.  While Iksurii lead the valiant warriors of light with Aragdüm, the dwarven god of war, Suless whispered poisoned words into his ear.  Suless saw no end to the warfare except with the death of Isaldurii and their allies.  She had an idea though, from her countless orgies she had with all manner of creatures including the captured agents of the dark gods.  She whispered to Iksurii that if he bonded with the demons, he could take their strength and become even more powerful that even he could imagine.  At first he cast away such ideas but realized that her slow decent ton madness, but the seed was set for his eventual downfall.

Suless however did not know of the Great Plan that Tae had put into motion to save what she could of the eladrin people as well as themselves.  She began to revel in the bedlam she wrought and was the cause of some of the defeats (as well as some of the victories) that they had suffered toward the end of the terrible war.  It was after one of the defeats that Iksurii sought her out.  "If you can make me powerful enough to slay our enemies, then do whatever you have to do to give me the power to do so."

She squealed with glee and got to work, cocooning him silk and in the end he came out more powerful but had would come to know to his dismay, he had lost his tactical acumen.  He won his fights but at a losses that were unacceptable.  In a growing fit of madness he tried to slaughter the goddess, casting out of the Isaldurii.  Tae's plan to flee the world was the only way.

Tae had been working on a plan to open huge gates and to evacuate the world that was their home.  The dwarves and their gods came along with the whole of the eladrin people.  The gates flared to life and the great exodus had begun.  For weeks the people fled though the doorways created by Tae, and for weeks the endless hordes of demons came for them.  The demons salivated at the chance to ravage another world and battered the resolute defenders.  The elves fell, the dwarves fell, the gods themselves fell in the endless fighting.  Iksurii, lead the fight and left Tae woefully undefended and she was attacked by the loathsome demons.  She would have fell if not for Lah'druss the dwarven god of runes.  He fought of the demons and took up the shattered remains of Tae and fused himself with her to keep the gates open.  So was born Taelah.

The eladrin and the dwarves were free of their old world and they marvelled at their new world.  A great land of mighty trees and soaring mountains, as if the gods themselves had made the world for them.  The dwarves wept for their brethren and gods that have died in the war.  Lah'druss was the remaining god and he had bound himself with Tae.  Tae'lah was the last of the gods that had come from the gates and has s/he closed it and turned and collapsed and Iksurii went mad.  For the slight against her Suless who was hidden among the eladrin, had cast a spell that drove the once noble warrior insane.  The ground shook and the seas roiled and it took all the remaining gods to bind the insane god.  Suul volunteered to watch over Iksurii and the remaining gods agreed to slumber in this new world.

Below is the gods and a couple of Concepts and Natures associated with them.

Alannah is the god of youth and luck.  He is cheerful and puckish and is a rogue among the gods.  In the great cataclysm that struck the old world, he was the consummate spy.  He always kept up the gods with his good natured pranks.  As of late, he has also taken on the portfolio of song as bards, both human and eladrin have credited him with being their muse.

  • Bard of Alannah
  • Carefree Rogue
  • With Childlike Innocence
Ellathe is the quiet and gentle goddess of woman (both human and eladrin), nature and the seasons.  She is the one who is alseep the deepest as she plumbs the depths of the world.  The humans of North Realm have greatly taken to the worship of Ellathe.  The Sisters of Ellathe are great healers and midwives; and are akin to the great nunneries of old.  They have opened abbeys, hospitals and orphanages all over North Realm.

  • Sister of Ellathe
  • Winter's Bride
  • Seeker of Nature's Secrets
Skrive is powerful and terrible, the Horned God, the hunter of game and of male virility.  He fought along the side of the eladrin and dwarves and knows the horrors of war.  He keeps it in check but still has nightmares that cause the Earth to shake as his anger grows.  Ellathe keeps him in check however, lest he wakes in terrible anger.  He is the most popular god in Galadon and they have taken to hunting humans in their eternal war with Tulath.

  • Emissary of the Horned God
  • Patience of a Toshur
  • Hunter of Man
Dark elves worship only one goddess, Suless.  She had snuck in with her followers in the Great Crossing.  In the ancient eladrin pantheon, she was the goddess of beauty and vanity.  She was the most beautiful of creatures ever to walk on the face of the ancient world.  Her vanity was her downfall and her beauty was the weapon that brought about her demise.  She grew bored and jaded as all those around her fawned over her beauty.  As the ancient myths state she started to have sexual liaisons with mortal creatures and in doing so brought about many of the creatures that bred and became the trolls, giants, ogres and other creatures of nightmare.  She just didn’t care and she slipped into her malaise-like state.  Her orgies turned dark as she tried more and more depraved obsessions to keep her entertained.  Her and the dark elves dalliances with demons and other dark and powerful creatures have turned their flesh as back as night.  Suless is awake but at a much reduced state to hide herself among this world.

  • Breeder of the Pits
  • Mother of Monsters
  • Lost in Ecstasy
Suul, the lonely wanderer, the traveller, the sentinel against the dark times.  She stands far above Eave, cut off from the other Isaldurii.  She, among all the others is awake in her lonely vigil to keep Iksurii bound and asleep.  She is the guardswoman who only sleeps three nights a month when she is black in the sky.  She is known to watch over travellers and investigators.

  • Sentinel of Suul
  • Lonely Guardsman
  • Investigator of Hanali
Taelah, no one remembers what gender Taelah is.  Taelah is just Tae'lah.  Tae'lah is the fusion of an eladrin and a dwarven god.  When Tae'lah stepped though, it was thought that Iksurii went mad because his wife bonded with a dwarven god.  It was the only way for the remaining gods and their followers to flee.  Little did they know that it was all Suless fault for casting her out of Isaldurii.  Taelah has never woken since s/he had first stepped through the gate.  Taelah is the reason why magic infused the world (but only to a certain altitude).  Taelah sleeps and dreams...
  • Dreamer of the World
  • Magic of Innocence 
  • Keeper of the Lost Tome of Lah'druss
Vuul, the trapped god, the insane one, the slayer of kin.  Iksurii is trapped on Vuul, the second dark moon of Eave.  According to myth, once every nine years when both Suul and Vuul are full, the Eye of Vuul is upon the lands.  Supposedly that is when both of them are engaged in battle to keep him pacified.  Vuul is not worshipped but studied in Elvaehonri as they think they are close to spitting the two factions of his personality in half, returning him to his glorious self.  He is secretly worshipped in Galadon
  • Son of the Dark Moon
  • Vengeance is Mine
  • Blood is All I Know

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