Sunday, March 23, 2014

Itami danAndahar for Fate Core

Princess Itami danAndahar

Itami danAndahar
Concept: Princess and Heir to North Realm
Trouble: Princess and Heir to North Realm (its a double edged sword)
Refresh: 3

  • A Girl or a Princess?: Itami sometimes just wants to be a girl, but her duty says otherwise.
  • Hide From the Nanny: Itami was a troublesome youth that helps her at times now that she is a young adult.
  • Listen to Both Sides: Itami will listen to both sides of a situation before making an important decision.

  • Absolute Authority. You are good at being in charge. +2 to Contacts as long as you are in a position of direct authority over those you intend to contact.
  • Lie Whisperer. +2 to all Empathy rolls made to discern or discover lies, whether they’re directed at you or someone else.
  • Specialist (governance). You get a +2 to all Lore rolls relating to that field of specialization.

  • Contacts +3
  • Deceive +1
  • Empathy +2
  • Lore, Modern +2
  • Stealth +1
  • Wll +1

  • Princess and Heir to North Realm.  Itami is the Princess of North Realm and its heir.  She has access to the entire realm, its personnel, resources and monies and as such has access to just about anything she wants and needs.

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