Friday, March 7, 2014

Stories from Eave: Rin's Tale, Chapter 2.13

Rin danTaven by +Minerva Fox 

[I want to change this.  It is so bad…]

“..hat are we doing with her?” Rin heard though the blood pounding in her ears.  The voice was that of an older man, rough and gravely.  She groggily awoke on her side where she had been thrown.  Her blood had pooled in her white hair of the damp volcanic stone.

“What do you want to do then?” a younger man asked.  “She is a noble of damned House danTaven and they be trickier than you.  We be lucky she did not come in with the damned guardsmen.”  She was in a room, most likely underground.  She could hear dripping water falling into a pool of water nearby.  The smell of soot was in the air and something was cooking over an open flame.

“Then she is not so gods damned tricky then is she?” the older man said.  She could feel that she was bound with tamma cord, a strong native plant that grew in thin hair-like vines.  It was used as binding when braided into ropes of varying size.  Rin was bound tightly with her hands behind her back, so much so that the she could not feel the flesh in her real hand.  She heard the older man turn away in disgust and stepped out of the room.

The younger man sighed as Rin heard another figure step on in.  “What’s up with Gregor?” a female voice asked.  Rin sighed.  She figured that they were in a room with a single exit.  She also figured out that her clothes was lose on her body.  They have taken away her blades… all of them.

“Why don’t we ask our guest?  Come now.  I know you are awake so you can stop playing, acting like you are asleep.”

Rin opened her eyes and saw that her assessment was pretty much right.  It was a cave hewn of the volcanic stone.  On the walls were tapestries and thing that weren’t tapestries; rugs that hung on the wall.  A small fire burned with a hunk of fish cooking over it.  The room was sloped a bit toward the exit and the dripping water ran down to the far corner.  A large sleeping pallet was in the far corner filled with blankets and furs.  The short man with a wound in his leg sat before the fire and a tall, flame haired woman stood and looked at her.  She was most-likely Spartan Related as she looked as though she was in really good shape in the tight leather she was in.

“Why would the Princess’s handmaiden run after me?  A well-armed handmaiden at that?” the man said.

Rin struggled to a seated position.  “It seemed like a good idea at the time,” she said she grimaced.  She noticed that the man was looking at her dagger that she wore openly on her belt.  It was the ancient blade that her father Elham had given her.  “I would like that blade back,” she said in a voice as calm as she could muster. 

He only looked at her as he shoved the dagger back into its sheath.  “You are very interesting,” he said.  “A handmaid with some two dozen blades on her.  Kind of young to be a bodyguard, or an assassin.”

“To be an assassin there is no age limit.  I serve the Crown of North Realm, nothing more, unlike you.  You would dare to strike down the heir to the Kingdom.  Who paid you, hmm?”

He looked at the woman with red hair.  “I am no assassin,” he simply said.  The woman coughed and he reiterated.  “I never sought out a copper for that.  That bastard went way too far and you know it,” he retorted heatedly. 

She bent down and kissed him on the forehead; pushing back his hair.  “I know baby, sorry.  I miss her too.”

Rin thought that it was a very intimate moment she was witnessing and stayed quiet.  The man sniffed and wiped his nose with a finger that looked dirty despite being washed.  “Like I said, I am no assassin.  The King and Queen of North Realm did nothing to me or mine, much less their little girl.” 

“Then why are you the one the one that we are looking for?  You know that it is only a matter of time before they capture you.”

“And they will have the wrong person.”  He sighed.  “Do you want to hear the whole story or just sit there and judge me?”

Rin sat there and thought about it for a moment while the man sat there and turned his fish on the fire.  “Well, it seems like I am not going anywhere.  I will listen to your story…”