Friday, March 14, 2014

The Year on Eave

Time as it is on Eave.
Human reckoning.
Paul Taere studied the year and came up with this timeline in the third year that they were on Eave.  Tulath adopted the calendar after they met.
  • Days are 26.2 hours long
  • 7 days to a week, Sunday through Saturday
  • Roughly 5 weeks in a month
  • 12 months in a year.  The months are named after the months of the Earth calendar.  The middle months of April, July, October and January have 34 days instead of 35.
  • 416 days in year.  Every 5 years is a leap year take place and the interim day is added to the calendar.  In the north it is when old oaths are re-sworn.  It takes place between the last day of winter and the first day of spring.
  • 4 seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter                                   
  • First day of spring in the beginning of March.  It is the vernal equinox.  The autumnal equinox in on the first day of autumn in September.  The vernal equinox is the first day of the New Year.
  • The summer solstice is the first day of June and the winter solstice is the first day of December.
  • There are two moons that orbit around Eave.  The smaller, dark moon is called Vuul and the larger, bright moon is called Suul.  Once every nine years in January, Vuul is perfectly formed within Suul’s brightness, so much so it resembles an eye.  The Eye of Vuul is a bad omen to the eladrin as the tides are very high and strange happenings abound.  When the gods slept so the elves could come to Eave, they had to imprison Vuul.  It is when His Eye is high in the sky, he tries to break free.
  • School is basically all year round in the North.  There is a break in each of the four seasons in the middle months save for the winter break.  It starts two days before Christmas.  The breaks are 20 days long save for winter break which lasts from Dec 23 and lasts through the brutal winter that takes place in January.  This takes place in North Realm only
  • New Year and New Year Day are the last day of February and the first day of March.
  • The first day in May in the start of the school season.
  • Mother’s Day is in May and Father’s Day is in June.  Mother’s Day is a big holiday in Tulath.
  • June 28 is the first day of the Airship Races in Kassingtonne.
  • The Cudder Races are held in July during the summer break in Leavestonne.
  • September 13 is the anniversary of the Starfall, when humans first landed on Eave.  They all observe that day.
  • October 12 is the day peace was settled between North Realm and Empire of Tulath.  Needless to say it is held in North Realm only. 
  • Last day of autumn break is the Day of Masks.  Basically Halloween.
  • Harvest Day is observed in November.
  • As per tradition, Christmas is observed on December 25.
  • Valentine’s Day is observed February 14th.
This is not list all of the holidays on Eave.  This the main holiday as they are held in North Realm.  There is still The Empire of Tulath and eladrin holidays to go through.  But I needed them to write out the next part of Rin's story.  You can expect stats for Rin as they are done for FATE Core soon.