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Rules for Magic and Religion of Eave, redone

Well, I have gone and redone the Gods of Eave I have done up in my section of religion.  I know, I shouldn't have put it out back then as I was unsure about what I was going to do with them.  Now I have more of an idea and here they are.  While working on them, I have got an excellent idea on how to rework magic.  By casting a spell, the caster gains a minor benefit and a greater one by spending a point of refresh.  Please read it and do let me know what you think of what I have done as I want feedback.

... and fire rained down onto the land and the water rose up from the oceans to bathe the earth in fire and water.  The Isaldurii [gods], will awake from their sleep and all but the faithful shall be torn...
-From the Book of The Isaldurii, Vol 2.

The gods of the eladrin are for better words asleep on a dimension in which even the greatest of sages, both human and eladrin do not understand.  If the gods ever were to be awoken, it would be a catastrophe and as such do not manifest themselves.  The eladrin during the human Starfall thought that it was the world was coming to the end as ships fell from the sky and one of them caused a huge tidal wave that engulfed the eastern shores.  The moons were aligned and cast the Eye of Vuul down upon Eave.  The humans did not cause the destruction of their people, the Isaldurii did not awaken, and life went on with new neighbors.

The Isaldurii did not awaken but they stirred.  After the humans came to Eave there have been many more incidents of the supernatural have been happening.  Creatures that have been regulated to legend and myth now roam the land.  The goblins have been stirring from their centuries long exile far beneath Eave.  It seems that the humans have brought new life and old dangers to the world.
  • Alannah is the god of youth and chance
  • Ellathe is the goddess of the female fertility, childbirth and nature.  She is the keeper of the seasons.  Clergy is all female.
  • Skrive is the god of male virility, animals and hunting.  Clergy is all male.
  • Suless, the demon goddess of lust, perversion and evil.  She is the only goddess worshiped by the dark elves.
  • Suul is the goddess of the moon and all the light that shines down upon Eave.  She is invoked for the safe passage of travellers.
  • Taelah is the god/goddess of magic.  Of indeterminate gender s/he is the one the eladrin venerate the most.
  • Vuul is the dark god of the baser eladrin emotions.  Murder, lust and insanity.  No one openly worships this god as he is chained away on the moon that bares his name.  His true name is Ikusrii and he was the god of war and combat until he was seduced by Suless countless years ago, so much so that even she fears him.  It worked a little to well.
Humans of North Realm has come to worship the gods of the elves.  They have seen the wonders of magic and they are invoked and revered.  Religion of Eave is a mix of old human religions and ancient elven religion.  Humans of North Realm have a freedom of religion and have taken to the worship of several elven deities.  Those within the Empire worship the perfection of the human body.  Religion is a somewhat hot button issue within the human community.  Most of humanity have taken a somewhat philosophical view of religion before they have landed on Eave.  Most forms of Christianity, Islam and Judaism have fallen by the wayside and worshipped by only a fraction of the faithful as more and more evidence proved it to be less and less useful to a technologically advanced society. That is to say it is not totally gone, but has changed to such degree that it is not so easily discernible now from what it used to be.

On Eave, everything changed.  With magic, that the eladrin say comes of the gods and it is hard to argue with the results.  The advent of magic comes from the power of the gods, so say the eladrin.  Taelah, the god (or goddess) of magic is said to have taught the very first eladrin how to work magic.  The humans, scientists from both Danaan and Tulath, have been working to find out how the magic works as it manipulates an energy.  The eladrin say it is because of the gods and the humans have to reluctantly agree. 

Now the rules...

Clerical Magic
Magic use on Eave comes in many forms but it come from the same source.  To be a cleric of a particular gods they must have the concept or an aspect.  This could be as simple as a Priest of Taelah to as complicated as Holder of the Sacred Die of Alannah.  To further gain the use of spellcasting, they must also gain the special skill: Cleric of (god worshiped).  The skill will also cover the religious rites associated with that particular god and will be the die pool that they roll when casting spells.  Please note that not all priests can cast spells.
  • Cleric of Alannah.  This skill covers Stealth and has the supernatural ability to look ever young no matter how old the person is.
  • Cleric of Ellathe.  This skill covers Empathy.  They also have the supernatural ability to be equally comfortable in all types of weather.
  • Cleric of Skrive.  This skill covers Shoot.  It also covers to identification of animals and survival.
  • Cleric of Suless.  This skill covers Deceive.  Clerics of Suless are incredibly beautiful and unless they upset their goddess, they will never have a scar or blemish on their dark skin.
  • Cleric of Suul.  This skill covers Investigate.  The Clerics of Suul also gain the supernatural ability not to get lost while the moon is overhead.
  • Cleric of Taelah.  This skill covers Arcane.  The Clerics of Taelah are basically arcane casters and may use the arcane spell lists.
  • Cleric of Vuul.  This skill covers Provoke.  The cleric also gain the supernatural ability to not be affect by fear.
They may take the following as stunts in they so desire at normal costs.
  • Burglar’s Friend (Alannah).  This spell opens locks.  The caster rolls is Cleric of Alannah skill to overcome the locks defense (-4 to 4 depending on how good the lock is).  By spending a refresh the cleric can overcome the lock automatically or go up against a lock guarded by magic.
  • Curse of Vuul (Vuul).  When cast upon a target within the same zone it causes them to go insane, placing the aspect of In the Grip of Madness upon them.  By spending a point of refresh, the cleric can invoke the same aspect.
  • Ecstasy of Suless (Suless).  When cast upon target that is touched, the target is overcome and place the aspect Throes of Ecstasy on another character.  If a refresh is used, it may be cast on anyone in the same zone as well as they may invoke the aspect.
  • Healing Touch (Ellathe).  While in combat, the cleric of Ellathe can by touching the target, heal one stress box of damage box.  If a refresh is used the cleric can heal Consequences by a step.  A -6 becomes a -4, a -4 becomes a -2 and a -2 heals completely.  Only one healing touch may be used per wound.
  • Hunter’s Fury (Skrive).  By casting this spell the cleric of Skrive places an aspect Prey of the Horned God on the target within the same zone.  If a refresh is used a free invocation is gained.
  • Hunter’s Veil (Skrive).  As long as the cleric or target of this spell does not move, they gain the advantage As Still as a Toshur and they may invoke it by spending a point of refresh.
  • Mystic Bolt (any).  The cleric of any god can fire a single bolt at a target.  Resolve the attack as if it were a R1/- attack (see Weapons).  If a refresh is used, the cleric can fire is as a R2/2 attack.
  • Season’s Vassal (Ellathe).  When cast the caster can find enough food for herself for a day, no matter what season it is.  If a refresh is used, the whole party of up to six people will find food.
  • Strength of Vuul (Vuul).  The caster casts the spell upon himself and gains a R2/2 physical attack for the exchange.  It lasts for the whole scene if the caster spends a point of refresh.
  • The Die is Cast (Alannah).  Luck is on the clerics side.
  • The Ties That Bind (Suless).  The caster may take any length of rope down to a minimum if two meters in length to give the target the aspect Tangled in Rope.  Spending a refresh she may invoke it and binds the target if she doubles the targets defense against the attack.
The Church of Mankind and the Runecasters of the Empire of Tulath are a special case.  The Priests of the Church of Man work just like before as they are excellent craftsmen, but with special rules.  They must have the High Concept or Aspect such as Lay-Brother of the Church of Mankind or Tech-Priest of Narimath.  There special skill is Tech-Priest.  Besides the rites and abilities of the Church, the skill also covers all things related to the Crafts skill.

Arcane Magic
Now the same thing goes for users of the arcane.  They must have the appropriate High Concept or Aspect to justify their use, such as a Graduate of the Royal Academy of Danaan-Tir, Eladrin Arcane-Knight or Archmage of North Realm.  They must also take the special skill: Arcane.  Besides the ability to cast, the Arcane skill also gains the user to read and understand the complex runes and sigils of the magic involved.  It also covers the Ancient Lore skill.  They may take the additional stunts such as:
  • Arcane Bolt.  The caster may fire a single bolt and resolve it as a R2/1 weapon.  They may spend a refresh and fire three bolts, each bolt going for a different target.
  • Arcane Step.  Using this spell allows the caster to teleport up to five meters away.  Using a refresh, they can teleport up to ten zones away.
  • Call the Lightning.  This causes a bolt of lighting to strike down from the heavens striking as a R3/2 weapon on a single target.  This is only usable when it is cloudy and out it the open.  If a refresh is used, it may be cast anywhere, sometimes with unexpected results.
  • Creeping Fog.  This causes a creeping fog to envelop the zone the caster is in, giving everyone the aspect Shrouded in Mists.  By spending a refresh the caster may invoke the aspect upon everybody.
  • Fireball.  The caster hurls this at the target and it resolves as a R2/2 weapon.  By spending a refresh it may target everyone in a five-meter radius and sets things alight.  The caster may target opponents roughly up to three zones away.
  • Freeze the Body.  The caster put the target of this spell under his control basically holding him.  This places the aspect Slow as Kaddam on a target in the same zone.  It will become invoked if the caster spends a point of refresh.
  • Invisibility.  This causes the caster to be Unseen to Sight and invoke it for the exchange.  The caster may spend a refresh and gain it for the entire scene.
Runecasters are the arcane casters from the Empire of Tulath.  Their High Concept or Aspect are things like 
Lightning Hurler or Hidden Rune of Tulath City. Their special skill is Runecasting.  Besides the ability to cast, it gives the supernatural ability to resist the pain caused the rune that is carved into their flesh and therefore have an additional -2 Consequence.  Using a rune is a flashy affair and it is generally known that a person is a runecaster.  One one rune may be used at a time.  They may take the following stunts, such as:
  • Rune of Fire.  The caster gains the aspect Wreathed in Fire as the are wreathed in flames and can set small items alight and can hold small flames such as a torch unaffected.  They can spend a refresh to invoke it or cast a bolt of fire at a target or strike at them barehanded.  Resolve it a R2/2 attack.
  • Rune of Heat.  The caster gain the aspect Shimmering Heat, as waves of incredible heat can be seen.  They become too hot to touch.  By using a refresh, they make invoke it or gain an armor value B3/3 as weapons melt away.  May use it as a reaction.
  • Rune of Ice.  The caster gains the aspect As Cold as Ice as they become ice cold, frozen.  Ice forms in their hands and their breath comes out as icy steam.  Using a refresh they may invoke the aspect or gain
  • Rune of Metal.  The casters skins becomes as metal and gains the aspect As Hard as Steel.  The casters density becomes five times as much.  They may spend a refresh to invoke the aspect or gain the ability of armor at a B3/2 for a round or make an physical attack of R2/2.
  • Rune of the Earth.  The caster gains the ability Rooted to Eave as the caster becomes rooted to the earth.  As long as the character is on the earth or stone, he or she can not be knocked off their feet.  By spending a refresh the character my invoke the aspect or gain the ability to ignore damage a battle as they cannot move from were they are rooted, but will receive it all at the end of the battle.  This usually makes for a very dead earth user.

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