Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Baronies of the Kingdom of Danaan

·         Crosstaal (House danGael), Baroness Vorra danGael. 
o   Vorra is an older woman who stands at Harrow’s Wall.  Harro was the first danGael to find the wall so many years ago during the Age of Expansion.  The danGaels’ were an experiment genetic engineering.  They are much taller and stronger.
o   We Stand at the Wall, Defend to the Last Man, Loyalty Above All
·         Eastaare (House danEvan), Baron Distan danEvan and his wife Jhass.
o   Lying on the eastern shores of the Danaan, Eastaare is a Barony that sails the seas.  They have colonized many of the islands that lie nearby.  They are steadfast sailors.
o   The Sea Gives Life, Steadfast Sailors, Always Looking to the Horizon
·         Holdingford (danAven), Baron Coaran danAven and his wife Hylaise
o   Located near the center of the Danaan, Holdingford is a major hub of trade and airship travel.  They are the richest of the Baronies
o   The Money Will Come, We Always Pay, We Expect to be Repaid
·         Kassingtonne (danHanno), Baron Martin danHanno and his wife Sera
o   Developers of the first airship.  Highly skilled engineers and pilots of airships.
o   Kassingtonne Race is a yearly event in which airships race a hundred kilometers.
o   To the Air, The Best Racers
·         Leavestonne (danRahn), Baroness Kanna danRahn and her wife Tully
o   Leavestonne is the breadbasket of Danaan.  A full 60% of the food for the Kingdom is grown here.  Ever since the Tulathians have developed airships of their own, the focus of the wars has been Leavestonne, making the defense of Leavestonne a major point of Danaan defenses.
o   Try, Try Again; Work Hard, Play Hard
·         Maarke (danTaere), Kemmen danTaere
o   Paul Taere was Danaan’s (the ship) navigator.  Kemmen is an old man, a scholarly man who is the head of Colleges of Danaan.  Has the largest collection of star charts in the world.
o   They ride the great birds, the dow.  While the great birds are uncommon elsewhere, they are common in along the coastal regions.
o   Knowledge is Its Own Reward
·         Barony of Stormtonne (danTaven). 
o   Baron Alyen danTaven and Beyissa Skysilver.  They are a barony that is built in a forest down below the plateau.  They are the emissaries between the Kingdom and the eladrin.  The baron is married to an eladrin, the first time it has happened
o   It is a large spire that makes up the plateau, the tallest in the land.  It is known as the Spear of Lann
o   Smallest Barony but the most powerful
o   Most of the Knights of the Order of the Thorn come from the Barony
o   Death Before Dishonor, Loyalty Above All, My Word is My Bond
o   Stormtonne is built on the ruins of a dwarven and elven community.
·         Torringtonne (danKavel), Baroness Syval danKavel and her husband Forret
o   The Kavels’ are descended from the engineers of the ship Danaan.  They are probably the most technologically developed nation on Evae.  They have an active space program.  Heavily dependent with the Barony of Maarke.
o   Back Into Space, Redundancy
·         Families of Worth
o   Botan
o   Chan *
o   Davic
o   Erver
o   Fitzwalter
o   Kray *
o   Leung
o   Rook, mainly in the Maarke
o   Troven

Monday, July 15, 2013

Fate of Kingdoms, Part V

·         The Uncertain Years: This period in time Tulath has been at war for over a century, but not even a population that has been bred for war can sustain a war for that long.  Even the vaunted propaganda of Duke Coviso and his house could not keep up with the wars.  So they pulled back and consolidated their forces.  They are at an uneasy peace with Danaan and still at a war with the Kingdom of Galadon.   The Uncertain Years are brought to an end when a marriage was proposed to cement the Tulaths and Danaans.  Because the Empress was a single child (and thirteen years old to boot), she offered the Evandur narKoromikos, the heir to the Arch-Duchy of Koromikos, to marry the princess of Danaan, Itami danAndahar.

The Main Kingdoms of Eave
·         Kingdom of Danaan
o   Everyone is Part of the Kingdom (they are a very accepting and generous people).
o   Freedom for All
o   Live in Peace, Prepare for War
·         Empire of Tulath
o   The Empire is Always Right
o   Militaristic to a Fault
o   The Weak Shall Be Culled (prowess is to be admired and weakness to be despised.  This goes back to the time when they were genetically engineered.  The weak and deformed are euthanized.  Warriors who are forced to retire because they are missing arms and/or legs though, are held in high regard).   
·         Kingdom of Hanali
·         Kingdom of Ceaneli
·         Kingdom of Galadon
·         Kingdom of Ealvehonri
·         Darkholme

Friday, July 12, 2013

Fate of Kingdoms, Part IV

·         The Age of Sorrows: This Age is marked with wars.  Tulath gained their first contact with Danaan in almost four hundred years when they found out that Danaan had found and occupied what was to known to become Harro’s Wall.  Harro’s Wall was a dwarven city that bisected the continents.  Tulath also attacked and regained the ancient Fleet Carrier Tulath.  They regained the weapons and vehicles that made them a force to be reckoned with and they carved out and held only great tracts of forests which they had burned down and cleared with the weapons they have gained.  They attacked Harro’s Wall, but were repulsed at great price.
·         The Bonding: Tulath was relentless.  They had giant walkers and jets and weapons and the willingness to use them.  They looked to the north and the Kingdom of Danaan and were very jealous of the rich farmlands that they possessed.  They probed here and there and developed massive airships themselves and sent out reconnaissance, looking for weakness in the Kingdom’s defenses.  A few years later, they attacked en masse at the Barony of Leavestonne.  This was a barony that was on western borders and was a very lush and fertile garden land were most of the food was grown for the Kingdom.  The Barony was lost in a single day.  The Empire of Tulath pressed forward as the Baronies fell, one by one.  Danaan-Tir was under attack, the ancient weapon systems coming online for the first time in centuries.  The city would have fell if not for Adragore danTaven.  He convinced the elves of the Kingdom of Hanali to come to the Danaan’s defense.  The elves awoke themselves in great numbers and came to the aid of Danaan and with their help they were able to push back the Empire.  Afterwards, the humans Danaan and the eladrin of Hanali pledged support for one another, as long as the humans behaved themselves.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fate of Kingdoms, Part III

·      The Dark Times: this was the period of time after the crash landing and the nuclear devastation of the Kingdom of Aragoi.  It is a period of time that lasted some two-hundred years.
o   Eladrin: the devastation of Aragoi put some pause in the elven step.  These strangers from the stars were very dangerous.  They harassed the Tulath for many years and when they found out that the no longer had any more weapons that could incinerate a whole city, the eladrin attacked without mercy.  Admiral Narimath was slain when the elves overran Tulath.  They had Tulath but could not destroy it so they used their magics to bury it.  In the North the elves and the humans of Danaan reached a peace settlement.  The humans could take the high plateaus where the elves had no interests in.
o   Tulath: The first officer, Commodore Antor Koromikos led the people into the mountains where the elves refused to go and found a city under the earth.  What they found was the remains of ancient dwarven city.  The dwarves were all but an extinct race that died as the goblins overran the cities.  They found an amazing wealth of metals and stones that the dwarves had dug up.  They sat there, regrouped and bided their time.
o   Danaan: The high plateaus were a hard land but the people of Danaan did their best with what they were given.  They still had their ship that had crashed in the Tir and it soon became a bustling city.  There were some trouble with the elves in those early years including an armed conflict, but as with always, cooler heads prevailed.  Danaan, the ship, became known as the capital.

·      The Age of Expansion: In this age, both Danaan and Tulath expanded their borders.  Danaan through hard won negotiation and Tulath through the sword.  Infact, over the centuries since they have crash landed here, the items of high technology had faded and were highly placed artifacts and family heirlooms.  Armor, weapons, vehicles, medicine and computers.  Danaan had built great airships that connected the high plateaus.  This was modeled after the elven ships that were carried aloft by magics.  Slowly, the humans became more active and stretched out their borders.  Tulathians used rails in their underground cities, their priesthood, The Church of Man, slowly deciphering the magic of the dwarves used to strengthen the minerals that they now were they inherited it all.  The Tulathians had found six great cities and numerous outposts.  Slowly, the Tulathians were biding their time however, for on their Carrier was the means to strengthen themselves.

Fate of Kingdoms, Part II

        The Age of Stars: Over a thousand years ago there were two interstellar communities of humans involved in what had become a civil war.  Tulathian fleet chased the Danaan forces to a remote system and after a bloody battle the forces on both sides were caught in the gravitational forces of the planet and were forced to land.
o   Eladrin: the eladrin viewed the battle from the stars as a dreadful omen.  As the watched the stars overhead explode in bright flashes.  They called the nights that followed the Death of Stars as the two fleets engaged with each other.  At the end of the fourth day, they let out a collective sigh of relief.  The heavens did not fall from the skies.  Humans did.
o   Tulath: Tulath was the name of the UTN Fleet Carrier that crash landed in the forested foothills near the elven Kingdom of Aragoi.  The city size ship that would become the Capital of the Empire.  Soon after the ship crashed, Prince Ealor of the Kingdom of Aragoi came to visit the strangers from the stars.  Due to a series of mishaps, Prince Ealor and his party were slain.  This started a war between the Fleet Carrier and Aragoi that ended when the Carrier fired its remaining nuke at Aragoi, decimated the elves, causing enmity between Tulath and the elves to this day.

o   Danaan: Danaan was the name of the Earth Ship Danaan that crash landed a lake the elves called Tir.  The elves from the Kingdom of Hanali were very suspicious of the humans but Captain Andahar proved to be a better diplomat than the Admiral Narimath of the Tulath.

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Fate of Kingdoms

Wow.  It has been a long while since I have posted anything on this blog.  Well, since I do not know the fate of the +Plus Ten To AWESOME! Forums, I will post a little of what I have got here.  But what are you going to post?  I am going to post a modified version of Eave for Fate Core.  Think of a fantasyish world were humans arent the dominant race.  In fact they are the remains of the two great star-faring races that have crash landed on the world populated by elardrin.  Magic and ancient technology collide.  Stay tuned for more!