Friday, July 12, 2013

Fate of Kingdoms, Part IV

·         The Age of Sorrows: This Age is marked with wars.  Tulath gained their first contact with Danaan in almost four hundred years when they found out that Danaan had found and occupied what was to known to become Harro’s Wall.  Harro’s Wall was a dwarven city that bisected the continents.  Tulath also attacked and regained the ancient Fleet Carrier Tulath.  They regained the weapons and vehicles that made them a force to be reckoned with and they carved out and held only great tracts of forests which they had burned down and cleared with the weapons they have gained.  They attacked Harro’s Wall, but were repulsed at great price.
·         The Bonding: Tulath was relentless.  They had giant walkers and jets and weapons and the willingness to use them.  They looked to the north and the Kingdom of Danaan and were very jealous of the rich farmlands that they possessed.  They probed here and there and developed massive airships themselves and sent out reconnaissance, looking for weakness in the Kingdom’s defenses.  A few years later, they attacked en masse at the Barony of Leavestonne.  This was a barony that was on western borders and was a very lush and fertile garden land were most of the food was grown for the Kingdom.  The Barony was lost in a single day.  The Empire of Tulath pressed forward as the Baronies fell, one by one.  Danaan-Tir was under attack, the ancient weapon systems coming online for the first time in centuries.  The city would have fell if not for Adragore danTaven.  He convinced the elves of the Kingdom of Hanali to come to the Danaan’s defense.  The elves awoke themselves in great numbers and came to the aid of Danaan and with their help they were able to push back the Empire.  Afterwards, the humans Danaan and the eladrin of Hanali pledged support for one another, as long as the humans behaved themselves.

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