Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Baronies of the Kingdom of Danaan

·         Crosstaal (House danGael), Baroness Vorra danGael. 
o   Vorra is an older woman who stands at Harrow’s Wall.  Harro was the first danGael to find the wall so many years ago during the Age of Expansion.  The danGaels’ were an experiment genetic engineering.  They are much taller and stronger.
o   We Stand at the Wall, Defend to the Last Man, Loyalty Above All
·         Eastaare (House danEvan), Baron Distan danEvan and his wife Jhass.
o   Lying on the eastern shores of the Danaan, Eastaare is a Barony that sails the seas.  They have colonized many of the islands that lie nearby.  They are steadfast sailors.
o   The Sea Gives Life, Steadfast Sailors, Always Looking to the Horizon
·         Holdingford (danAven), Baron Coaran danAven and his wife Hylaise
o   Located near the center of the Danaan, Holdingford is a major hub of trade and airship travel.  They are the richest of the Baronies
o   The Money Will Come, We Always Pay, We Expect to be Repaid
·         Kassingtonne (danHanno), Baron Martin danHanno and his wife Sera
o   Developers of the first airship.  Highly skilled engineers and pilots of airships.
o   Kassingtonne Race is a yearly event in which airships race a hundred kilometers.
o   To the Air, The Best Racers
·         Leavestonne (danRahn), Baroness Kanna danRahn and her wife Tully
o   Leavestonne is the breadbasket of Danaan.  A full 60% of the food for the Kingdom is grown here.  Ever since the Tulathians have developed airships of their own, the focus of the wars has been Leavestonne, making the defense of Leavestonne a major point of Danaan defenses.
o   Try, Try Again; Work Hard, Play Hard
·         Maarke (danTaere), Kemmen danTaere
o   Paul Taere was Danaan’s (the ship) navigator.  Kemmen is an old man, a scholarly man who is the head of Colleges of Danaan.  Has the largest collection of star charts in the world.
o   They ride the great birds, the dow.  While the great birds are uncommon elsewhere, they are common in along the coastal regions.
o   Knowledge is Its Own Reward
·         Barony of Stormtonne (danTaven). 
o   Baron Alyen danTaven and Beyissa Skysilver.  They are a barony that is built in a forest down below the plateau.  They are the emissaries between the Kingdom and the eladrin.  The baron is married to an eladrin, the first time it has happened
o   It is a large spire that makes up the plateau, the tallest in the land.  It is known as the Spear of Lann
o   Smallest Barony but the most powerful
o   Most of the Knights of the Order of the Thorn come from the Barony
o   Death Before Dishonor, Loyalty Above All, My Word is My Bond
o   Stormtonne is built on the ruins of a dwarven and elven community.
·         Torringtonne (danKavel), Baroness Syval danKavel and her husband Forret
o   The Kavels’ are descended from the engineers of the ship Danaan.  They are probably the most technologically developed nation on Evae.  They have an active space program.  Heavily dependent with the Barony of Maarke.
o   Back Into Space, Redundancy
·         Families of Worth
o   Botan
o   Chan *
o   Davic
o   Erver
o   Fitzwalter
o   Kray *
o   Leung
o   Rook, mainly in the Maarke
o   Troven