Monday, July 15, 2013

Fate of Kingdoms, Part V

·         The Uncertain Years: This period in time Tulath has been at war for over a century, but not even a population that has been bred for war can sustain a war for that long.  Even the vaunted propaganda of Duke Coviso and his house could not keep up with the wars.  So they pulled back and consolidated their forces.  They are at an uneasy peace with Danaan and still at a war with the Kingdom of Galadon.   The Uncertain Years are brought to an end when a marriage was proposed to cement the Tulaths and Danaans.  Because the Empress was a single child (and thirteen years old to boot), she offered the Evandur narKoromikos, the heir to the Arch-Duchy of Koromikos, to marry the princess of Danaan, Itami danAndahar.

The Main Kingdoms of Eave
·         Kingdom of Danaan
o   Everyone is Part of the Kingdom (they are a very accepting and generous people).
o   Freedom for All
o   Live in Peace, Prepare for War
·         Empire of Tulath
o   The Empire is Always Right
o   Militaristic to a Fault
o   The Weak Shall Be Culled (prowess is to be admired and weakness to be despised.  This goes back to the time when they were genetically engineered.  The weak and deformed are euthanized.  Warriors who are forced to retire because they are missing arms and/or legs though, are held in high regard).   
·         Kingdom of Hanali
·         Kingdom of Ceaneli
·         Kingdom of Galadon
·         Kingdom of Ealvehonri
·         Darkholme