Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fate of Kingdoms, Part III

·      The Dark Times: this was the period of time after the crash landing and the nuclear devastation of the Kingdom of Aragoi.  It is a period of time that lasted some two-hundred years.
o   Eladrin: the devastation of Aragoi put some pause in the elven step.  These strangers from the stars were very dangerous.  They harassed the Tulath for many years and when they found out that the no longer had any more weapons that could incinerate a whole city, the eladrin attacked without mercy.  Admiral Narimath was slain when the elves overran Tulath.  They had Tulath but could not destroy it so they used their magics to bury it.  In the North the elves and the humans of Danaan reached a peace settlement.  The humans could take the high plateaus where the elves had no interests in.
o   Tulath: The first officer, Commodore Antor Koromikos led the people into the mountains where the elves refused to go and found a city under the earth.  What they found was the remains of ancient dwarven city.  The dwarves were all but an extinct race that died as the goblins overran the cities.  They found an amazing wealth of metals and stones that the dwarves had dug up.  They sat there, regrouped and bided their time.
o   Danaan: The high plateaus were a hard land but the people of Danaan did their best with what they were given.  They still had their ship that had crashed in the Tir and it soon became a bustling city.  There were some trouble with the elves in those early years including an armed conflict, but as with always, cooler heads prevailed.  Danaan, the ship, became known as the capital.

·      The Age of Expansion: In this age, both Danaan and Tulath expanded their borders.  Danaan through hard won negotiation and Tulath through the sword.  Infact, over the centuries since they have crash landed here, the items of high technology had faded and were highly placed artifacts and family heirlooms.  Armor, weapons, vehicles, medicine and computers.  Danaan had built great airships that connected the high plateaus.  This was modeled after the elven ships that were carried aloft by magics.  Slowly, the humans became more active and stretched out their borders.  Tulathians used rails in their underground cities, their priesthood, The Church of Man, slowly deciphering the magic of the dwarves used to strengthen the minerals that they now were they inherited it all.  The Tulathians had found six great cities and numerous outposts.  Slowly, the Tulathians were biding their time however, for on their Carrier was the means to strengthen themselves.