Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fate of Kingdoms, Part II

        The Age of Stars: Over a thousand years ago there were two interstellar communities of humans involved in what had become a civil war.  Tulathian fleet chased the Danaan forces to a remote system and after a bloody battle the forces on both sides were caught in the gravitational forces of the planet and were forced to land.
o   Eladrin: the eladrin viewed the battle from the stars as a dreadful omen.  As the watched the stars overhead explode in bright flashes.  They called the nights that followed the Death of Stars as the two fleets engaged with each other.  At the end of the fourth day, they let out a collective sigh of relief.  The heavens did not fall from the skies.  Humans did.
o   Tulath: Tulath was the name of the UTN Fleet Carrier that crash landed in the forested foothills near the elven Kingdom of Aragoi.  The city size ship that would become the Capital of the Empire.  Soon after the ship crashed, Prince Ealor of the Kingdom of Aragoi came to visit the strangers from the stars.  Due to a series of mishaps, Prince Ealor and his party were slain.  This started a war between the Fleet Carrier and Aragoi that ended when the Carrier fired its remaining nuke at Aragoi, decimated the elves, causing enmity between Tulath and the elves to this day.

o   Danaan: Danaan was the name of the Earth Ship Danaan that crash landed a lake the elves called Tir.  The elves from the Kingdom of Hanali were very suspicious of the humans but Captain Andahar proved to be a better diplomat than the Admiral Narimath of the Tulath.