Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Remnants of the Spartan Project on Eave

Spartan Project
The ancient Tulathians of United Terra began a eugenics program to create a better man.  The project was successful and gradually the whole society was using eugenics to breed their entire population.  The eugenics program eventually lead to the Spartan Project in which they began to use more serious genetic engineering to create super-soldiers.  Slowly the governing of the nation was being taken over by a line of genetically bred and engineered tyrants, for lack of a better word.  They were good and bad leaders of the United Terra and they built a great and somewhat successful Empire.  But like the emperors of old, they wanted more and so they started a war with their galactic neighbors.  The war lasted for close to a century as they gobbled up all their neighbors.  The Earth Directorate was the only power that was great enough to stop them and even though they outnumbered United Terra by at least three-to-one, they did not have the brilliant minds such as Admiral Narimath, Admiral Coe and General Itanshi.  Through incredible skill, luck and sheer brilliance, The Earth Directorate soon found itself on the losing end of the war.  The end of the war is not known…

Not all of the genetically engineered folk where of the mind to conquer and many of them defected to the Earth Directorate during the war.  The most famous of them Patrick Gael who lead the defense of the Aldeberan Prime and the evacuation of Titus Five.  They were two major victories for the Earth Directorate.  Other genetically engineered warriors joined the Earth Directorate and created families.  On Eave they include the danGael, Chan and Kray.

Tulathians are a hearty race.  Their average height for a man is six-four and woman are five-ten, compared to the average height for a Danaan man is six feet and a woman five-six.  The Tulathians were bred for this and the eugenics program made for people sound in body and mind.  Those family lines who have proved themselves were qualified to be genetically engineered.  On Eave they are the Veklo, Coryaku, Travati and Tonn.  There are many other families that have the Spartan blood in them.

After many generations on Eave, Spartan blood has weakened.  They have taken it upon themselves to marry into others that have the Spartan blood, a eugenics program in itself!  The families listed above are those that have held on to their Spartan heritage.