Friday, September 27, 2013

The Church of Man, Part II

The Church then spent many a year on supporting the fledgling Empire.  One thing that they pondered long and hard on were the ancient dwarves that lived in the cities that they now occupied.  What they found was magic and it both freighted and fascinated them.  They collected as many of the ancient dwarven arms, armor and miscellaneous items that bore and enchantment that they could get their hands on.  They then began to study them and were baffled at what they had found.

Magic was locked away from the people of Tulath for over four hundred years.  It was not until a young smith by the name of Thom Nakamura paved the way.  It was Thom Nakamura that uncovered what was needed for the Tulathians to understand what was needed. He worked the forges for many a year making some fine weapons and armor because that is what the Chruch of Man told him to do.  He wanted more.  He wanted to make a weapon that could shatter a gate, blow away a stand of men or be hurled the length of a hundred paces and return to the hand that threw it.  Thom Nakamura found an eladrin that could speak the ancient and now dead language and forced it to teach him the language.  He figured, correctly, that the chants of ancient power were needed to forge the arms and armor.  He then forged a weapon using the forbidden words spoken in dwarvish.  The first weapon he ever made was a dagger that to this day, by the Emperors of Tulath.  It is said that the Dagger of Nakamura can cut though any metal put to the test.  It has never lost its keen edge and cannot be destroyed by any means.  It was then that the Tulathians has a renaissance of dwarven engineering.  They began to understand the myriad of ancient dwarven items that they had in their vaults.  The next part of their plan was to figure out a way to incorporate the ancient magic with their fading technology.

The Tech-Priests of the Church of Man soon became even more powerful and the only way to make the enchanted items was to learn dwarvish and the only way to learn dwarvish was to be initiated into the Church of Man.  The Tech-Priests have made great advancements in not just arms and armor but also public works, transportation and materials.  They have made the incredible trains that goes though there lands using their magic to continually heat a piece of metal to incredible temperatures to replace the use of coal.  They have made incredible public works such as open gates to an incredible source of water for drinking and sanitation.  They have made the Grand Imperial Palace nigh impregnable to attack my magic or science.

Stay tuned for Part III