Monday, September 30, 2013

Magic in Eave, Part II

It was nearly a hundred years before another human was given the privilege of learning the art of magic.  For hundreds of years the eladrin have known of the human connection to their world and as such it was a matter of time before a human would pick it up on their own.  The Tulath have done so in their own right, learning how to craft magic, so magic was the eladrins fate alone.  The humans have been fascinated with magic for centuries.  However as it turns out, they did not have much of a choice.  In the Barony of Stormtonne there was born a set of twins.  Alana was fair and strong as her brother Edam was astute and wise.  Edam danTaven proved to be magical, for at six years of age he was creating illusions of beasts the lived in the forest for Alana to “slay.”  Edam is the first recorded natural caster among the humans and he needed a teacher.  The eladrin of Galadon argued that the human should be slain for the good of Eave.  Sorica Faleath, a longtime eladrin friend of the danTavens took it up herself to teach the young human.  The twins could not be separated however.  It was learned that Edam’s magic grew weak the farther his sister was away from him.  The eladrin were familiar with this concept, and they called it dual spirits.  So while Edam grew up to be a great mage, following in the footsteps of Keri, Alana grew up and learned to be an eladrin knight, so she could protect her brother.

Sorica loved the twins like they were her own and she was first to argue that not all humans were bad.  The danTavens have kept every single word that they have made to the eladrin and their own kingdom.  After Edam was trained, Sorica set out among North Realm, to search for more children.  Other eladrin followed suit and so magic was brought to the Kingdom of Danaan.

The eladrin were two-fold in teaching those that they found.  It was toward the Age of Expansion that they started to teach the humans of Danaan.  They were in contact with the other eladrin kingdoms and knew of the serious dangers that the Tulath could bring.  The eladrin knew that the Tulath had learned the dwarven magic and their numbers, science and military might could bring the entire continent under their heel.  They needed a counter and that is where the humans of Danaan could be of use.

There are several schools of magic in North Realm and numerous single masters both eladrin and human.  Most schools are small and teach one or two score of students at a time.  There is the Royal Academy of Danaan Tir that teaches both magic and sciences.  The Arcane Conservatory in Stormtonne and the Colleges of Danaan in the Maarke teach magic along with all the other courses of study that they offer.  The greatest mage of North Realm is a woman by the name of Ladeline and she is currently teaching three students magic.