Sunday, September 29, 2013

Magic in Eave

Magic in the world of Eave is wondrous and wild and quite varied.  This treatise on magic will discuss how the Tulathian and Danaans use the magic that suffuses the world in which they live.  As already stated, Tulathians use magic to bolster what they have.  They have institutionalized magic to make it work for them and they have made an excellent job of it.  The Danaans have embraced magic in all its forms and can work the mightiest of magic on par with the eladrin.

That is dichotomy of the two forms of magic.  Those Danaans that have learn to use magic can cast on the fly.  Tulath cannot.  They can craft and enchant on such a large scale but do not know how to cast the spells like the Danaans do.  The eladrin will not teach them, in fact, it took the Hanali hundreds of years before they would even teach those of Danaan.  They ended up teaching them much to consternation of the other eladrin kingdoms.

That first human caster was a young woman by the name of Keri danTaven.  She, along with a few others of her house where allowed to go to the Hanali capitol, the first time humans were allowed too to set up an embassy there.  She was enthralled by what she saw.  A city built amid the great trees hidden from the view of those that flew overhead.  She had always been enthralled with magic and here she was in the heart of it in the North.

It is said by the eladrin of Galadon that she was a witch who charmed the great elven mage Tairen Velithu into teaching her magic.  It is not known if the two of them ever consummated the love that they were both said to have but in the end, Keri proved to be a most valuable student, despite what the other eladrin would say.  She learned to sing with the winds, talk to the great tree Elonvor, tame the toshurs to ride and commune with the great beasts that lurked in the woods.  Taerin was surprised at the speed in which she picked up the magic, learning it in years what took some eladrin decades to learn.  Unfortunately it would be almost a hundred years before another human student would learn magic for Keri made a vow never to teach what she had learned.

Part II coming soon!