Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Church of Man, Part I

The Church of Man
The Church of Man started out as a club of various Captains, Admirals and the like within the United Terran Navy.  This club, Unified Man, came about choosing their members from the best and the brightest of the eugenically and genetically engineered human of the Navy and they espoused greatness of the human body and mind and as such housed many great minds of the time.  Admiral Nerimath was one such leader of Unified Man and the current Church of Man revere him and the defense of the UTN ship Tulath as a saint.

Unified Man has changed a lot in the thousand years since Tulath crashed onto Eave.  Disbanded after Admiral Tulath’s death because Antor Koromikos was afraid of them staging a coup, they still lived on in secret.  The people were disillusioned and breaking up into petty states in the years after they had fled Tulath for the mountians.  They needed a strong leader so Unified Man began to secretly take in orphaned youths to train them in the ways of combat, the pursuits of the mind and honor of leadership.  When they had a proper candidate who was trained in the right way they approached Antor Koromikos in his last year (he lived until he was ninety-six), a bitter and broken man trying to hold the remnants of his people together.  They proposed a deal, one that Antor could not refuse.

Three things happened.  Antor “found” the last remaining child in the line of Tullson Nerimath, never mind the fact that his wife was on the world of Terra, the capitol of United Terra.  Soon after Tullson II was proclaimed the leader of all those who had fled Tulath.  Finally the Church of Man was fromed.  Over half of the petty warlords flocked under Tullson II banner and those that didn’t where quickly conquered by Tullson II.  He reorganized those families that supported his claims as Dukes, Counts and Earls and those that he had to bully into submission he made into Barons.  He soon afterwards declared himself Emperor of Tulath and promised the people that he would lead them to victory and prosperity.  He did not disappoint.

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