Saturday, September 28, 2013

DnD Next

This is just some of my notes for my DnD Next game.


  • Kade of the Ten Blades (halfling male, rogue)
  • Iona Raven's Daughter (human female, cleric of The Raven Queen)
  • Otto (human male, mage)
  • Ervan (elf male, cleric of Corellon)
  • Streng (human male, barbarian)
  • Thonkil (dwarf male, fighter)

The small town of Copperwood is going into battle with goblinoids from the south being displaced from the Empire of Rothes.

Population: 500 with more coming every day
Government: village elder is Sormen.  He is aided by two men, named Corwi and Rade.
Defense: a simple watch of about twenty men and women of the watch.  The number increases to fifty militia in times of need.
Inns: there are only two inns.  There is a large rambling inn called the Silver Frog and The Cold Comfort not nearly as big but more expensive.
Taverns: The Copper Dragon is the largest tavern.  There are two other taverns.  The Dancing Wench, a low class tavern and The Sad Devil a somewhat pricy establishment.
Supplies & Trade: Darvan Trading Coaster maintains a small tradehouse here.  There is the Vorkann Trade House.  There is an armorer and a weaponsmith but they are totally busy with orders from the mercenaries
·         The Moon House, a temple to Sehanine.  It is run by  Holmis (half-elf male) a devout man
·         Coins and Shield, a temple to Erathis and Bahamut.  It is run by Corine of Erathis.  Young woman who is beset by the rigors of the being head priest when the old one died.
·         Shrines to all the other gods set up around the gods.

·         Firena is the herbalist of the town.  She has pet goats.  Because of the impending goblin attack she is offering healing potions for 35gp instead of the 50gp.  She will have six the first time the party approaches her.
o   She offers money for various critters!
§  Feathers of owlbears, harpies, griffon and the like 1gp each
§  Carrion crawler head with all eight tentacles 10gp, or 1gp for each tentacle.  Weighs approximately 20lbs
§  Green slime are 5gp a jar.  Cubes, slimes and jellies gain 5gp for the nucleus in a jar.  Jars cost 5sp each.  A filled jar weighs approximately 1lb each
§  Shriveled wight heart: 15gp
§  Putrid zombie heart: 2gp
§  Ogre heart: 10gp
§  Set of ghoul fangs: 5gp each
§  Poison glands from spider or snake: 5gp each
§  She will buy magic items, but has a 500gp maximum.
·         Wanted posters:
o   Henstock the bandit.  80gp for his head.  120gp to bring him in alive, collect in Copperwood.  He is known for using traps.  In the company of a band of bandits
o   Mysterious figure only known for a tattoo on his back, three hashmarks done in a triangle.  This is the one Streng been tracking.  150gp for the body in Copperwood.  500gp in Moonsilver alive, 250gp for the body.  Wanted for murder.

Items for sale: Items for sale: things over 500gp are kinda rare.  Anything 499gp or less can generally be bought.  500gp is about all that they can do at any one time.  Any object will take roughly two weeks.
·         The armorer is a Halfling named Corol (cousin of Elo in Mirewood).  He has a suit of medium sized white dragon leather, a suit of small sized white dragon studded leather and a medium sized suit of white dragon scale.  The white wyrm Gerigos was slain about a hundred years ago.
·         The weaponsmith is a human named Fash.  He can make silvered weapons.
·         The ferrier is a fat man named Orio.
o   Mules: 20gp each.  6 left
o   Light riding horse: 60gp.  2 left
o   Pony: 40gp.  2 left
o   War dogs.  2 left, equal to a wolf.  Need handle animal, otherwise will only know the commands: attack and heel.  50gp each.  Food for them cost 1gp a day.
·         Darvan Trading Coaster and Vorkaan Trade House are two competing merchant family who are running regular runs to Copperwood because of the impending goblin invasion.
·         Liselai Autumnbloom has a variety of scrolls for sale
o   1st and 2nd level spells for 50gp/level
o   Buys magic items up to 750gp
o   Potion of climbing 50gp, potion of water breathing 100gp, oil of etherealness 100gp

Troops currently in Copperwood
·         From Moonsilver.  They have taken up residence in Dragonspear Castle
o   Lead by Naikel of the Moonsword (half-elf female), the newly formed head of the Knights of the Moon.  Rides a griffon
o   15 Knights of the Moon
o   80 infantry
o   40 cavalry
o   20 archers
o   10 Acolytes of the Moon
o   5 engineers
o   50 builders
o   20 camp followers, cooks
·         50 Bloodtalon mercenaries lead by Lexihara Bloodtalon (dragonborn female).  Bloodtalons are the largest mercenary companies on the continent.  A good twenty of them dragonborn
·         100 various mercenaries.  Many of them are going out to claim the bounty on goblins
·         40 Imperial Flameshields of Rothes, infantry and 10 Imperial Doomhammer minotaurs, led by Niss of the Blood (human male)
·         50 guard/militia of Copperwood
·         20 elves of Courvale.  Archers
·         Liselai Autumnbloom (elf female, mage) and two apprentices