Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Timeline of Charles Mercer

While driving home from an excellent day where we were treated to +Chris Morrison 's food, I started to come up with a little timeline for Mercer.  It is a long drive from LA to Pismo Beach, and at first I came up with the reason he came to LA.  I came up with Nora Wells in which you can read Mercer's story in listed in the previous post.  I came up with it on the rush and I may redo later.

Timeline: this is by no means a complete timeline.  But it helps out by keeping everything straight as I parcel out Mercer's time.  Hope you can use it +Jim Sandoval !  Might be something there you can use.  More will be added later.
  • 1891 he was born.
  • 1900 we was rescued by Bartholomew Critchett and taken in as an apprentice.
  • 1912 he joins the British Military under the Order of Alchemists when his apprenticeship ended.
  • 1914 was the start of the Great War.  Lasts until 1919.
  • 1918, he takes the elixir and becomes immortal.  He is not sure of what happened to Major Carter.
  • Meets Nora Wells in 1925 and they have their one night stand.  Charles pines for her.
  • He was in India form 1928-1935.
  • World War II started in 1939 and lasted until 1945.
  • 1944 he receives word from Nora about CJ.  He agrees to help her by watching him as they go into D-Day.
  • In December 1944, Charles and CJ have it out.  Charles figures out that CJ is his son.
  • 1947 in promoted to Major and finally Colonel in 1949.
  • Is in Hong Kong from 1951 to 1958.
  • In Hong Kong, 1956 he meet Ley Fun, Guardian of the Egg, while on a mission that ended being the Hong Kong Riots that were between the Nationalist and the Communists.  
  • 1961, Charles ends up going to LA to meet Nora.  Finds out she is dying of cancer.
  • 1962 Nora dies.  CJ's son Johnathon has is first kid and names her Nora for his grandmother.  Charles retires and moves to LA to be near his family.  Opens the Lewd Toad and is the center for British ex-pats and the supernatural in LA.
  • 1965 Hugh from MI6 comes and gets help from Charles.  This will go on continuously from MI6, the FBI, Agents of the White Council and LA Sheriffs Department, just to make a few.  Hugh is always the name of the person that they send from MI6 and as of 1984, they has been four Hughs that have come to him.
  • In 1971, he helped Ley Fun escape due to the increased Tong activity in the area.  He took the then hatched dragonling to LA and has been part of the “family” ever since that day.
  • 1980 Nora goes to UCLA with help from a mysterious benefactor (Charles) and goes to Medical School to become a doctor.
  • 1984 we begin the story...

 Known Languages: English, French, German, Indian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, some Bantu and Swahili