Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tribe 8: Evangeline

[This is my character for +Wil Hutton Tribe 8 Fate hack game.  I am trying to recreate the character as best I can from what I remember.  Evangeline was a troubled soul.  In this incarnation I made her a bit better to deal with people and the world.  She hates the Sangis z'bri that held her, but at the same time she longs to wear the collar again.  I tried to remember everything about her, but that crazy stroke in '07 did its job.  Here she is Wil.]

Tribe: Magdalen
Fallen Outlook: Jacker

Appearance: almost thirty years old, a hundred seventy centimeter tall and fifty-seven kilograms.  Black hair streaked with white and blue eyes.  Her skin is flawless besides the scars around her neck, wrists and ankles that look as though they bare z'bri marks.  She keeps covered from head to toe because of them and will not stand mirrors.  She is blessed by Magdalen however and besides the scars, is incredibly beautiful though she doesn't see that anymore.

High concept: Ex-Magdaline Warrior Woman
Banishment/Trouble: Mother of Monsters.  Once a high valued whore, Evageline beautiful and bit vain.  Her beauty was carried far and wide and while she was travelling via caravan, they were attacked by agents of a z’bri overlord of House Sangis.  Almost all in her caravan were killed and she was taken alive to be paraded as a prize before him.  For five years, Evangeline as she was tortured and abused by the lust filled z’bri of House Sangis in the most horrible way possible.  But worst of all, she gave birth to monsters.  Some were mindless beast but others were intelligent.  She tried to escape, flee from her horrid imprisonment.  One day, after giving birth she was left alone.  She appeared to be vacant, her body healing itself while she laid there.  Quietly, she left and fled only to be branded and banished by her fellow Magdalites.  Her body may have been blessed by Magdalen herself to heal the external scars so she would remain ever beautiful, she still possessed five sets of scars around her wrists, ankles and neck.  Horrid little scars that looked like they were carved in z’bri script.  Inside however, she was a broken and weepy mess…

Aspects: From Pain Comes Pleasure and Hero to the Forgotten People.  Evangeline lived on the scraps of Vimary.  She was lost, alone.  Part of her wanted to go back and lose herself to the z’bri.  Another part inflicted pain on herself whenever she felt that way.  She would not go back.  She would not go back.  She would not go back, she muttered in the night.  For almost a year she lived as she were a squat until she came upon a caravan being attacked like all those years before.  She took her rusty knife and charged.  She was like Joan the Warrior or Joshua the Ravager.  When it was all over she awoke to find herself bathed and clean.  She knew where she was and cried, for the first time in years since she was taken.   She tried to crawl out of the tent she was in for she was banished but a soft voice called her.  Zoe became to Evagenline like a confessor to listen to her, a dominatrix when she needed one to keep the z’bri at bay, a lover when she needed a softness but most of all, she was a friend.  Evageline knew that they could meet normally, but took to Zoe like a drowning woman whenever she could.  Zoe told her, almost like a benediction to seek out those hurt and weak in the wilds around Vimary.  That she was their champion in the darker days to come.  Evangline became a warrior saving those who could not stand for themselves.  She became a ranger at the behest of Zoe.  She soon became a hero to the forgotten people and soon she wasn't the broken girl but an avenging angel.  [Zoe does love Evangeline but her banishment makes a normal relationship impossible.  She is Magdalen and sees Evangeline when she can.  Zoe find it strange that even though she was banished, she is still blessed by Magdalen as all wounds heal without scar save her five scars.  Zoe feels that is because her banishment was hasty and ill-conceived.  Because Zoe cannot be with her, she told Evangeline to go out and save other people as she herself was saved by Evangeline.  Zoe gave her a purpose and Evangeline takes advantage of it.]

Aspect: [left to be filled in by another player]

Eminences: Sensuality, Vengeance 

+3 Fight, Will
+2 Empathy, Shoot, Survival, Synthesis
+1 Contacts, Dreaming, Fitness, Provoke, Resources, Stealth

Gear: leather armor, long bow, 20 arrows, short sword, hand axe, dagger, cloak, rope