Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rynyn Chronicles: We are Under Threat...

Rynyn in her Rapier class mecha-suit.

[This is part of the Rynyn Chronicles that have spanned for nearly every day for the last five years.  This is the start of chapter six or seven.  Hehe, I forgot which.]

“We are under threat,” Wan’chett began.  It took several more days before the member states could make it here to ruins of Los Angeles.  The streaming and glittering towers of the Cross ships makes for a nice change when put next to the ruins of the two singularity attacks.  You still can’t get over what the crystalline structure is made of, but if you could get samples to your materials lab, it would be marvelous.  The Psiguard are in force, providing security for the entire conference.

“We are under threat that is coming.  Over two-thousand years ago, the war between the Xioi and us, what you call the Cross, it was a war that we were losing.”  People are muttering all over.  It looks like the United Nations in here.  There are ambassadors form all the member states and Japan who is the only nation not to join.  There are also leaders of the most powerful companies on the planet, especially the one that provide defense contracts.  Lucy is sitting with a contingent of Sword industries vice-presidents.  You are sitting with Masamune Forge, including a member of your team.  There are high-ranking members the military here from all ranks.  Chambers is there looking surly as ever but Helen is also there, it looks like she is sitting at attention, her eyes just looking over the crowd.  “No,” his translator box boomed.  “It is a war we have lost.  For millennia my people have been cast adrift in the cosmos.  Sometimes being chased by the Xioi and their Ilick commanders.”

Above him, rendered in perfect, holographic form is a hideous shape of an Ilick, hunched over.  It looks short, but that was an illusion.  If it were to stand straight, it would be over two-hundred-fifty centimeters tall.  Its head looks like an octopus with too many tentacles coming out from underneath it.  Four tentacles came the mass, longer than the others.  It had two pale white eyes, with long, claw like fingers on long, spindly arms.  “This my dear friends is an Ilick.  A creature born of nightmares, fully enslaved to the Xioi for over five millennia.”

He paused for a moment too let the image sink in.  “This… this is a Xioi,” Wan’chett said and the holographic representation grew to over a hundred meters in length, filling the entire space above “Wan’chett.  If looked like a dark, sickly squid with a hundred of smaller tentacles that surrounded the main tentacles which extended for several hundred meters.  “This giant monstrosity is but a young specimen.  It lives in space but can enter the atmosphere to ravage cities.  It has parasites that we call Xioi-cral that live in the mass of tentacles.  Small, about the size of what you call cat, they are ravenous creatures that if attach themselves a host creature will control them until they die when all the blood is consumed.  There mental powers are great.  Greater than the girl psychics that you have created using the imperfect genetic science and genes that you have harvested from our people found on Mars.  Greater than the combined might of the High Triumvirate of the Cross.  More powerful than Rynyn, the greatest girl psychic that you have ever produced, who ended your civil war eleven years ago.  Greater than I, the lone survivor of the ancient Cross bloodlines, the most powerful of the Cross that remain.”  The great room was silent, the people are all to stunned to say anything staring at the Lovecraftian horror that hovers above them.

His translator box squawked back to life.  “Your people are clever.  You have created a tentative peace between all of your people when faced with a threat.  You have created great works of science and are taking steps to explore your solar system.  You are clever, but not clever enough.  I have seen countless, clever races who stood before the might of the Xioi and they have all have failed.  We can’t leave this planet now to the Xioi, because while they are mighty and powerful they do have a weakness.  Hubris.  They have devoured countless worlds but they are prideful, thinking that none can stand before them.” 

He turns to face a senator form European Union.  “I know what you are thinking Senator Haasfeldon.  You think that you can ask us to leave and the Xioi will pass you by, but they will not.  Your people have created psychics and therefore you have placed yourself on, how do you say, radar?  You have created psychic ripples in the fabric of the universe and they will come and enslave you, for no one has ever created psychics before.  That is the reason my people came to your planet.  Humanity is infinitely malleable, allowing you to create psychics because you were able to use our genes in your own genetic makeups.  Now if you take a look at the packet that you have received in your e-readers…”

The huge squid-like creature that is the Xioi seemed to derezz for a second.  Almost everyone failed to notice it, but you and Becky did.  Helen who is sitting across the room from you stands up.  “FOOLS ALL,” the huge Xioi said menacingly, it voice dripping with venom and vile.  “DO YOU THINK THAT YOU, OF ALL INSIGNIFICANT CREATURES IN THE COSMOS CAN STOP US?  AN EXAMPLE OF OUR POWER WE SHALL SHOW YOU AS WE CAN CONTROL THE SIMPLE MINDED ONES AMONG YOU ALL.” 

The Psiguard, the people who had the bud of psychic potential within them began to scream all in unison.  Instantly, the Cross guard of the warrior caste surrounded Wan’chett, their heavy weapons and blades at the ready as the first of the Psiguard began to fire into the unarmed crowds of delegates...