Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stories from Eave: Rin's Tale 8

[I changed Rin’s hair to white and Itami’s hair to red.]

"It seems you know quite a lot about me, not surprising that considering who I am.  Curious though, not many people know about the airship crash."

“Well,” Sofia said as she slunk over closer to Rin looking over her shoulder.  “Don’t tell anybody, but I am somewhat noblephile,” she said.  “I make it a hobby to know things about the nobles.  I know that you are adopted because your brother, Lord Aylen’s birth was difficult that your mother could not have any more children.  She wanted to have more children and couldn’t.” 

Rin had heard that there people like that, that made it their business to now about the nobility.  That was not in the realm of impossibility.  “That was simple.  My mother always wanted more children.  How was the Barony of Maarke formed?”

“Paul Taere want to find a place to set up his observatory.  That was easy,” she said as she moved before Rin and stared her in the eye.  “Give me a harder one,” Sofia gave her a hungry grin.

Rin tried to suppress her gulp.  “Alright.  What was the name of the first airship developed here in the Northern Marches?”

“Angel, named for the Baron Emeric danHanno of Kassingtonne’s wife.  Another,” she said as she inched closer and Rin felt Sofia’s hands on her knees.  Her hands felt hot, hotter than the water itself.

“What was the name of the King who halted the expansion to the south at Harro’s Wall?” Rin whispered.

“Vancent, also known as the Cautious.”  Rin could feel Sofia’s hands moving unseen under the water slowly over the outside of her thighs.

Rin did nothing to stop her.  “The Order of the Crescent Sword.  Who was the first recipient?” she gulped slightly.

Sofia had to thing about this one for few seconds.  “Captain Chloe Benson who married into the Baron Davis danAven of Holdingford after the siege of siege of North Realm by the Empire.”  Her face was inches away from Rin.  “Last question,” she breathed.

Rin felt it hard to think, between the heat of the bath and the heat of Sofia so achingly close.  She had not felt like this for any person except for her adopted brother.  “Oleg Veklos had to leave the military.  Why?”

“Because his parents were killed and he had to assume the mantle of…” Sofia stopped her face from inching in for a kiss, “… Earl.”  They stared at one another for a moment.  Rin could tell that Sofia was tensing up in the water and she extended her blade she had hidden in prosthetic.

Then it happened fast.

Sofia kissed her long and hard. 

At first Rin was surprised, her mind actually shut down form all its buzzing as she was swept up by the moment.  Her hands came up and entwined themselves around Sofia’s body and held her, the knife’s blade forgotten and still extended in the back of her hand.  Rin could feel the muscles in Sofia’s form, hard and unyielding in some places, but soft and pliable in others.  The heat was incredible, not heat of the bath but between the two women.

“That was cheating,” Sofia whispered after the kiss was broken.  “Veklos is a Tulathian family, not Danaan.”

Rin smiled shyly.  The tall woman was quick on her feet and Rin wasn’t sure once again.  “Well.  You know of the nobility quite well,” she said as she put her hands back under the murky water, the knife blade slowly sliding back into her hand.  “Tulathian and Danaan.”

“I think we may have to get out of the bath,” Sofia said.  “I think it is getting to hot in here.  You are all red.”

“I am not the only one…”

Slowly, they let each other go and Sofia pulled away and stood.  Water poured from her statuesque form, her flesh red from the heat of the bath and each other, her blonde hair limp form the heat of the water.  “I hope that I shall see you again.”

“Oh.  I am sure we shall meet each other again,” she gave the tall woman a meaningful glance.