Monday, February 3, 2014

Samuel Wyrmslayer

Samuel Wyrmslayer
Human Cleric 1
Battle Priest of Heironeous
Black hair, blue eyes, 19 years old

Str 14 (+2), Dex 11, Con 13 (+1), Int 9 (-1), Wis 17 (+3), Cha 15 (+2)
HP (1d8+1) 9
AC 18

Proficiencies +1
- Insight, history, religion, persuasion
- Healing kit
- Simple and martial weapons, light, medium and heavy armor, shields
- Saving throws:  wisdom and charisma
Languages:  common, elvish, goblin, orc
TraitTemple services

Divine Domain:  War
War Priest:  Once per turn, make and extra attack 3 times per day.
Spellcasting: Ritual casting. Saving throw DC 8+ wis modifier + proficiency bonus (holy symbol) = 12
Spells per day:  2
Domain – Always memorized
- Divine favor [swift, self, concentration up to 10 min.] 1d8 extra radiant weapon damage.
- Shield of faith [swift, 50 ft, concentration up to 10 min.] shimmering field of protection surrounding 1 creature granting +1 AC.
- Sacred flame [25 ft] Dex save or take 1d8 radiant damage, no cover bonus.
- Light [touch, 1 hr.] 20 ft. radius bright light, additional 20 ft. radius dim light.
- Guidance [touch, 1 min.] grants willing target d4 to one ability check
First Level
- Bless [25ft, concentration up to 10 min.] grants targets extra d4 to attack and saving throw rolls.
- Cure wounds [touch] heals 2d8+2 hit points.

Gear: warhammer, chainmail, shield, 4 javelins, adventurer’s kit, flask of holy water, holy symbol, 9gp

The youngest bastard son of the warrior Wyrmslayer, Samuel was always considered a runt. Small, scrawny and awkward as a child he was always getting into fights and constantly in trouble. His mother was a warm, rotund bread maker until she fell ill after bearing her son. Unable to support or control her son, she sent him to the temple of Heironeous. He was taken into the temple and was forced to labor until his teens. During this time he learned of his mother’s death. Next he learned how to tend to the sick and dying and was able to perform this task in the midst of battle. Samuel then was trained in the art of war and forged into a weapon of Heironeous. Anger has always lived inside Samuel. The training he received has allowed him to manage it but if pressed, the lifetime of compounded pain and fury is released.


- Second level Barbarian

This is one of the bastards of Wyrmslayer.  My friend +Steven Crawford wanted him to go up, so here he is.  We have got to get everyone else to do their characters! Two down, four to go!

by Elxis/deviantART