Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stories from Eave: Rin's Tale 7 reworked, with stats for Sofia Hess

[I have changed the conversation between Rin and Sofia.  She gives a lot of information she would not give out like that.  It needs to unfold.  Like I said, I am not a professional writer as of yet!]

[Here it is along with stats for Sofia.]

“Help yourself,” Rin said as she waved a hand over the tray of food.  Sofia stretched out of the water.  She wasn’t musclebound but very well put together.  “You are Spartan related aren’t you?” Rin asked.  The Spartans were a genetically created race of man that was created by United Terra, the precursor to the Empire of Tulath.  In the hundred or so years that the war in the stars raged on, there have been a couple of defection to the Earth Directorate of the Spartans.  When they crashed on Eave however, they no longer had access to the technology that made the Spartans.  There were very few Spartans that have a hundred percent blood, especially in the North and they were called Spartan Blooded.  Anybody who had the genes but not the size and strength of a Spartan were called Spartan Related.  Rin thought that Sofia was one.

“You have a good eye.”  Sofia looked over her right arm at Rin as she was getting a steamed bun.  “That is what my mother told me,” Sofia said as she sat down and ate the bite sized bun.

“Of what family?  Hess’s aren’t one of the Spartan Blooded families.”

“No they aren’t," Sofia said with an unpleasant voice.  "My mother was a whore who lived in Undershadow, south of The Wall."

"Oh," Rin said uncomfortably.  "I am sorry.  I did not mean to burden you with unfond memories."

"It is but a memory, long past now but still it stings from time to time."  Sofia took a deep breath and smiled softly at Rin.  "Like yourself Lady Rin.  To be taken in and adopted by House danTaven after you were rescued from the airship crash.  You are very fortunate indeed."

Rin smiled but inside her mind was working at breakneck speed.  "Thank you.  I was indeed fortunate.  The previous Baron was a indeed a kind man."  Both women smiled at one another and Rin knew that she was a much more dangerous opponent than the Davic boy.

Sofia Hess
Concept: Hidden Section 4 Agent
Trouble: Enamoured with the North
Aspects: Sexy Vamp; Stronger Than I Look

Careful +2
Clever +1
Flashy +3
Forceful +2
Quick +0
Sneaky +1
  • Because I am a femme fatal, once per game session I can charm and enamour a person who finds me attactive to gain a piece of information.
  • Because I am Spartan Related, I gain a +2 to forcibly defend against a physical attack.
  • [One additional stunt to be determined]
Sofia is an Empire Section Command agent.  She works for Section 4 and has been a deep cover agent for the last five years.  The story that she gave Rin is a total lie.

by fae-photography/deviantART