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Markan Almavai

Markan Almavai
Half-elf Mage 1
Noble of the House of Almavai, Barony of Celene.
Black hair, green eyes, 38 years old

Str 11, Dex 14 (+2), Con 12 (+1), Int 18 (+4), Wis 15 (+2), Cha 13 (+1)
HP (1d6+1) 7
AC 12

Proficiencies +1              
  • Arcana, history, insight, persuasion
  • Gaming sets, land mounts
  • Daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaff, light crossbow
  • Saving throws: intelligence and wisdom
  • Fey Ancestry: advantage on saving throws vs charm and immune to sleep
  • Low-light vision
  • Keen senses: advantage on wisdom (perception) check
Languages: common, elvish, goblin, draconic, giant, orc, dwarvish, undercommon

Noble Retainers
  • Mirala: female human maid, keeps bed real warm.  Is a bit cheeky but loves Markan like a little brother (even though he is older than her!)
  • Nikal Tuathel: male elf, a noted tracker and hunter.  Is young but not a fighter, but more like a woodsman.  Is teaching Markan the bow
  • Veyli: female half-elf.  Young girl, wants to be a mage and in a couple of years just maybe.  Acts as Markan's gofer and messenger
Wizardry: spellbook, ritual casting, arcane recovery.  DC 8 + int modifier + proficiency bonus. 
Spells per day: 2
Spellbook (* evocation spells)
  • Prestidigitation
  • Read magic
  • Shocking grasp* [dexterity save, 1d8 damage and no reactions until its next turn, disadvantage if wearing heavy armor]
First level
  • Alarm [ritual; twenty foot cube]
  • Detect magic [ritual; concentration, up to ten minutes]
  • Protection from evil [one action; touch; ten minutes; evil elementals, fey, fiends and undead, evil creatures get a disadvantage to strike, cannot be charmed, frightened or possessed and if already affected gets a new saving through with advantage]
  • Thunderwave* [range fifteen feet in a fifteen foot cone; constitution save, 2d8 thunder damage and pushed ten feet away, on a successful save half damage and not pushed; unsecured items pushed ten feet way; additional 1d8 for every level beyond first]
Gear: 3 daggers, rod, spellbook, nice clothing, signet ring, scroll tube, scroll of pedigree, adventurer's kit, riding horse, long bow, 20 arrows, money (90gp)

Many years ago, the human warrior known as the Wyrmslayer.  He was a young man at the time and he caught the eye of an elf of the noble house of Almavai.  It turned out to be a one night stand and he was gone the next day with the jewelry she wore that night.  Later that year Markan was borne.

His mother was livid.  The Baroness Maharie was not an elf to trifled with, but she could not abandon the child, so she shuffled off the child.  He was in the hands of many nannies who took care of him.  He really shown to be smart and clever and he was given to an elf called Chelai Erinlo.  Chelai is a mage of considerable power and she was the one who taught Markan magic.  Chelai is more of a mother that Maharie.

He got word that Wyrmslayer was dead and  he went to where he died near Emridy Fields, where the famous battle of the Temple of Elemental Evil was fought.  He saw a five other people there, all the bastard children of Wyrmslayer...

  • A character for my friend +Will Glenn game that he is starting.  Yay!  I finally get to play!!
  • He basically was cast out by his mother, though he still carries the noble heritage.  He doesnt want to cause his mother any more grief so he is striking out on his own to make his mark on the world.  He still loves his mother and especially his sister.
  • Maharie did not like Wyrmslayer, was she part of of the plot to kill him?
  • Baroness Maharie did remarry to a true elf named Boryss.
  • He is the oldest and technically the Baron of Almavai should his mother be killed, but being a bastard and half-elf to boot, it will go to his younger sister, Elavah, though she is only 16 and in elven years still a baby.  They do get along, despite his mother.
  • It will all go for the 7th son.  Since the rest of the characters are human, Marken would be the oldest and the second brother is lost to the Temple.
  • 2nd level: mage 2; [3] school of evocation, sculpt spell
  • 3rd level: mage 3 [4/2]
  • 4th level: cleric 1/mage 3; [4/3] light, medium and heavy armor; shields; all simple and military weapons; healers kit; charisma saves; medicine; divine casting; war domain (war priest).  Worships Vandria Gilmadrith.  I chose Vandria because she stands against individualism and promotes unity and group tactics.  Something that is good for a party of adventures and brothers (and one sister) to boot.
  • 5th level: cleric 1/mage 4; [4/3/2] arcane archer feat
  • 6th level: cleric 2/mage 4; [4/3/2] channel divinity (guided strike)
  • 7th level: cleric 2/mage 5; [4/3/3/1] 
  • 8th level: cleric 2/mage 6 [4/3/3/2] potent cantrip
  • 9th level: cleric 2/mage 7 [4/3/3/3/1]
  • 10th level: cleric 2/mage 8; [4/3/3/3/2] [feat or stat]
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