Monday, January 6, 2014

Barony of Maarke

Ruler: Baron Kemmon danTaere

The Maarke is a large and sprawling barony of the shores of great Morning Sea.  No defensive walls or barriers but it does have its fair share of hidden batteries that protect the city.  A hard and cold city during the winter to a mild and less hard during the summer months.  It is built somewhat upon a semi-active volcanic region that provides the city, nay the entire barony with geothermal power and warmth that make it somewhat hospitable.

One of the things that make The Maarke a great city was Paul Taere.  Paul Taere was the ships navigator aboard the Danaan.  He did not see a volcanic wasteland but a place of pristine beauty where is could be afforded a prime abode to mark the stars and try to figure out where they were.  He took the highest spire, the cindercone of an extinct volcano along the Morning Sea and there built a great observatory that is still used to this day.  Soon a thriving town and then a city and eventually a college was built around the spire.

The Maarke has growing and thriving community of scholars, fisherman and those that cater to them and the many travelers that stop at The Maarke.  Many hot springs hotels are located here.  Over the centuries, much of the lava fields have been cleared to allow the forest to reclaim the land.

There are many spires which goes up and many above the water.  The great tarns (dow) make their nests in the spires.  These great marine birds are a boon not only to ride but because they can spot the great fish that swim along the coast.

The biggest college in North Realm is here.  The Colleges of Danaan are located here, a sprawling campus that teaches both magic and science.

Besides the Maarke, this Barony has the towns of Harvard, Oxford and Yale.