Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dersden Files, Charles Mercer

Charles Mercer 
  • Focused Practitioner, Alchemist
  • Wears glasses, has a trimmed beard and mustache, salt and pepper hair. Five-nine and one hundred seventy pounds.  Looks to be in his forties.  
  • Charles is a man who has been alive since the early 1900’s because he has drank an elixir he got which acts like Wizard’s Constitution.  He has taken part in the Great War and World War II.
  • Channeling -2 (water), Rituals -2, Wizard’s Constitution, Refinement -1, Refinement -1, Conviction (reliant self image).  1 refresh left
  • Has a familiar, a large toad named Augustus that lays about in an extra-large terrarium above the bar.
  • It is Charles, not Chuck.  He is proper when it comes to names, because names are powerful and constitute proper binding in contracts.
  • Dual citizenship with England and the US.
  • Keeps an ear out for the Elixir for it is dangerous if it fell into general use.
  • He has made many allies and enemies over the years.
  • Colonel in the British Army.  Very few people know about it.

+4 Discipline, Lore, Contacts
+3 Resources, Deceit, Rapport
+2 Conviction, Presence, Empathy
+1 Alertness, Scholarship, Investigation

Concept: Bartending Alchemist
Trouble: The Man Who Knew Too Much
Aspect 1: [who] From Humble Beginnings. Charles was born sometime before the turn of the twentieth century.  An English orphan who ended up working for anyone who would hire him.  He was lucky for a man named Bartholomew Critchett, a simple alchemist who took the boy in.  Critchett saw in the boy a quick wit and a desire to learm.
Aspect 2: [what] The First Secret of Many More to Come. Charles came into prominence during the Great War.  He was part of a special unit that was made up of alchemists, making and distributing the gasses and cures from them.  While in the trenches on day, he found out that his superior had uncovered a secret elixir that granted immortality.  Major Adam Carter however was working for the Prussians as they have offered him an insane amount of money and titles if they got it.  In the ensuing fight, he got Major Carter but had to imbibe the liquor.  [That is how he gained Wizard’s Constitution].  The Immortality elixir worked he spent years working with The Section of the British Government to try to uncover its secrets.  In actuality, he knows the secret, but has been sabotaging the experiments.  He deemed it was too much to allow the populace (the rich and powerful) access to such a power.  That is his first and greatest secret.
Aspect 3: [first story] Still in the Service to Queen and Country.  He took part in what was known as World War II and worked with The Section, MI-5 and MI-6 with the rank of Colonel.  He worked with them until the 60’s. After spending some fifty years in the British intelligence community, he decided to retire.  At first, the JIC did not want him to go, but when you know where the bodies are buried and who put them there, he got to travel.  He moved to Los Angeles in 1962.  He set up a large British bar and opened it to all, supernatural or not.  A mere three years later, he was approached by a man named Hugh.  He was a member of MI-6 and wanted Charles' help and invoked Charles' reservist clause in his contract.  Charles relented.  He was still in the service and was called up due to the contract he had signed.  Every once in a while, MI-5 or 6 will come to him for help.  As of late, the FBI has come to him as well as Agents of the White Council all in accordance to helping the Services.  He has in turn, as per his contract contacted people for help and has received it in kind.  He knows a lot that some people are very wary of him.
Aspect 4: [who crossed; another player]
Aspect 5: [who crossed; another player]

The Lewd Toad Pub and Brewery
Welcome to the Lewd Toad Pub and Brewery.  Mind your manners!
  • Small microbrewery, bar and cafĂ©
  • Pasadena where the 210 and the 134 meet
  • The mascot is a toad kissing a princess bent over like that Life picture of the sailor and the girl.
  • The Lewd Toad is a neutral ground.  It is a magnet for supernatural creatures because of this and the good beer.
  • It has a large alchemical lab.
  • At any time there are 6 barmaid, 3 bartenders, 3 cooks, 2 busboys, a dishwasher and 3 apprentice brewers on staff.  It is a fair mix of the supernatural and mortal.

Potions that he carries.
  • Coming Soon!

  • Seeing as how I haven't read any of the novels, I hope that I have captured it well.  Odds are I haven't!  hehe
  • I never said that Major Carter was killed or if he himself took the elixir.