Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stories from Eave: Rin's Tale 2

Rin stood naked in front of a tall, thin mirror, her green eyes not missing a thing as she gazed over her form.  The scars on the remains of her left hand where the magical prosthesis was attached.  The prosthesis looked beautiful and despite of its moving parts what smooth and flush with the skin of her arm as the prosthesis claimed half her forearm.  She covered the prosthetic with a glove.  It conjured dreams of the redcap who took the arm when she was a child and for the life of her she could not banish the vile creature from her thoughts and her dreams.  Her hand went to her forehead where a two inch scar lay above her right eyebrow.  It was another scar she got from the night of the crash.

But it wasn’t all bad.  When Rin awoke form the horror filled dreams, she found herself in a large comfortable bed, in the middle of large room.  She did not say anything, in fact she did not even move for hours.  Two hours later when the nurse came wearing a pin denoting she was a follower of the Eladrin goddess Ellathe, the nurse smiled.  She told Rin that she was alright.  It was then that Rin cried and she cried out loud, as much as her battered and bruised body could handle under the circumstances while the nurse just gently held her.

She later learned that Elham danTaven, the Baron of Stormtonne had come to her rescue.  The Barony’s Control Tower heard the airships radio message and Elham himself lead a rescue party to save the doomed flight.  In the weeks after she awoke in the hospital, it became evident that no one would claim the child.  There was no evidence of her existence that they could find.  So the Baron did the only thing if which he could think.  He adopted her.  Emma, his wife had always wanted a girl and she took Rin to heart and with open arms.