Monday, January 6, 2014

Eave Design Bible, Part I

This list is mainly from a human point of view.
  • Eave is a world were magic and science come together and try to make sense of one another.  It is advanced technology but one that is old and fading.  Besides a few of the technologies that are really over the top, such as some of the weapons and armor, the tech level is about equal to twentieth century earth.  Much of the technology is cumbersome and unwieldy, this is due to the humans not having much of the high tech and resources available to them.  Combine that with the fact that magic does not work at a certain level above the surface that means all of the magic that they do have is worthless in the humans bid for outer space.  
  • Magic and science are blended to a point that most of what they have is made of blending of the two disciplines.
  • Power Armor and Energy Weapons are very, very rare.  The slugthrower weapons are uncommon and the higher end ones (automatic weapons and such) are usually restricted to the military.  Swords, bows and the such, are the common weapons
  • Vehicles such at jets, tanks and mechs are very, very rare and are limited to the military.  Other vehicles such as cars and trucks are uncommon.  The people of Danaan usually use draft animals and air ships; while the Tulathians have an excellent mass transit system of trains.
  • Airships, because I wanted them!  Mainly because of swashbuckling fun high above the world. 
  • Medical science is quite good.  Danaan has been experimenting with magical prosthetics to great effect.  Tulath has some of the best prenatal care in the world.
  • Eladrin (or elves as they are commonly known) are a tall and tough race.  They are a beautiful people and much talk has went into talking about their involvement on ancient Earth.  With the existence of the portals and such, it is a very likely possibility.  
  • There are very few actual computers remaining and are usually common in government and military facilities.  Danaan has the Oracle System, the remnants of the original computer system aboard the Battlecrusier Danaan.  Tulath has SAGE, found aboard the UTN Fleet Carrier Tulath.  They are the only AI remains.  Computers arent made to play games.
  • Communications, like computers are bulky affairs.  Radio is very common and TV has just caught on.  They are usually bulky affairs.  The military has smaller ones, backpack sized ones.  The range is only line of sight due to the fact that they cannot put any satellites into orbit.  It is very rare that even the mechs have their original radios and have to make due with the primitive radios makeshifted to the vehicles.
  • Modern power generation was something that died out in the first century.  For many centuries afterwards the humans dealt with the dirty forms of generation by burning wood and coal.  This made for some very dangerous living conditions for Tulath.  Eventually the Tulathians discovered how to work the dwarven forges and create an enchanted metal that was always heated.  They used that to construct a clean burning generator that used steam.  North Realm took a bit of time for their magic took many years of one-to-one training.

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