Friday, January 3, 2014

Eave and beyond...

Oof.  I am mostly back, but bare with me as it will take me a little while to regain my feet.  I have been thinking about what I have done with Eave and taking a really hard look at it, there is some stuff that I want to change.  Don't know what that will be however.  The problem with doing Eave for Fate is that I do not have written down a definite bible for world creation to it.  I need to set up a design bible for Eave, stat!

There has been another blogger that has been hacking Castle Falkenstein to Fate, and it is really good.  I wonder how fast I can put together something together for Orccon this year.  Something Falkensteinish I think since that has been the most popular think that I have done at the con.  I am still not that familiar with the Fate system to run, but I will try it regardless.  More on that to come.

Well, the new year brings new challenges and new opportunities.  Here is to 2014, lets make it a good one!