Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Religion on Eave

Religion of Eave is a mix of old human religions and ancient elven religion.  Humans of North Realm have a freedom of religion and have taken to the worship of several elven deities.  Those within the Empire worship the perfection of the human body.  Religion is a somewhat hot button issue within the human community.  Most of humanity have taken a somewhat philosophical view of religion before they have landed on Eave.  Most forms of Christianity, Islam and Judaism have fallen by the wayside and worshipped by only a fraction of the faithful as more and more evidence proved it to be less and less useful to a technologically advanced society. 

On Eave, everything changed.  With magic, that the eladrin say comes of the gods and it is hard to argue with the results.  The advent of magic comes from the power of the gods, so say the eladrin.  Taelah, the god (or goddess) of magic is said to have taught the very first eladrin how to work magic.  The humans, scientists from both Danaan and Tulath, have been working to find out how the magic works as it manipulates an energy.  The eladrin say it is because of the gods and the humans have to reluctantly agree.

The eladrin do not have churches or cathedrals to their gods.  They have small temples and shrines, but no real clergy.  They may pray to Elinan for an easy brith, or thank Skrive for a good hunt.

Little do the inhabitants of Eave know that the gods sleep on Eave, providing the magic though their dreams.  They are being of immense power and their sleep provides a stable platform for the planet.  If they were ever awoken from their dreams, the planet would fall into cataclysm. 

Eladrin Gods
·         Alannah, god of youth, chance
·         Elinan, goddess of the earth, females, childbirth
·         Ellathe, goddess of nature, seasons
·         Skrive, god of hunting, animals
·         Taelah, god or goddess of magic
·         Vensor, god of the sky, males, virility


Every animal native to Eave has multiple Spirit Sovereigns.  One massive animal that holds the represents the best of the best of the animal.   It is intelligent and can speak telepathically.  Every animal has one.