Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stories from Eave: Rin's Tale 3

Rin quickly did her hair in a simple braid, her magic prosthetic did not lose any of the dexterity that it took to do the braid in its elaborate pattern.  She mainly did this this so her long hair did not get in the way of the rest of her dressing.  She dressed in simple clothes of black, white and green, the colors of House danTaven.  She wore tight leather pants under her skirts that could be shed really easily if she had to move more freely.  Besides the leather bodice, she wore a leather jerkin that hung to her hips.  All of her leather clothing seemed to be stiff and cumbersome, but was highly enchanted to be soft and supple.  It was also enchanted to turn an assassin’s blade or bullet, though she had not been unlucky enough to test that out.  The same mage who made her prosthetic hand made her clothing.  “Aunt” Ladeline made them for her and for the longest time that is how she knew the woman and her wife “aunt” Tava would do little sleight of hand tricks that would amuse the girl to no end.  It was later that she found out that they were people much greater than she thought.

Her clothing looked simple of the outside but was far from the unassuming garments that they appeared to be.  Rin had hidden on her body some forty daggers and knives of various shapes and functions.  All could be thrown however and to deadly accuracy.  Her aunt Tava noted she was a quick girl in both mind and body.  After a few times of observing her sleight of hand tricks, she could easily figure out how the trick was done.  So Tava did something else.  She taught the girl how to throw knives.  Her mother Emma only tsked this but did not stop it as long as she did not hurt herself or others.  Emma would rather have Rin study hard, but she became more and more active.  Emma just sighed and smiled.  Except for a few arguments that they had, Rin tried to do everything to make her adopted parents happy.  She buckled on her belt that had one her cherished possessions, a dagger that Elham gave her before he passed quite suddenly from a brain aneurism.  It was given to her on her sixteenth birthday and from that day it has never left her side.  She loved the old man, for he was like the father she which she had no memory.  The dagger was old and well serviced and while she had it, a piece of Elham would always remain alive to watch over her.  It was silly, Rin knew, but it kept most of her fears at bay.

Rin picked up her bag that contained many other throwing knives as well as her Armored Reactive Camouflage suit.  Her ARC suit was a piece of ancient tech that she had in her possession, one of only seven that remained in service to this days according to the Order of the Thorn.  The Order of the Thorn was North Realm’s spy organization of which she was a member.  Elham had just died when her bother Aylen had recruited her.  She was quick and smart but most importantly, she was a danTaven.  It was the purview of House danTaven, the steward of The Thorn to watch over the kingdom.  To be its eyes and ears and if needs be, the blade to slay the enemies of the kingdom.  Aylen became the new head of The Thorns after their father had died.  It was something that Elham was going to do, but never had the chance.  For the next two years, she had learned much in the performance of her duty.  Her aunt Tava was a teacher in the class and was one of the greatest agents they ever had.  Only two, people new she was in The Order of the Thorn, Aylen and Tava.  They have told her that The Order had been infiltrated, but by who and what they did not know.  In addition to her main duty as Princess Itami’s handmaiden (and secretly bodyguard) she was to be on the lookout for those suspicious enough to be a possible subversive [change]. 

She stepped out onto the main deck of the airship.  The Forest Mist was a small and fast courier ship that mainly carried correspondence from one city to another.  Captain Watson was a member of The Order of the Thorn and from time to time he was ordered to smuggle some cargo.  He was very good at what he did but not today.  Rin knew what he was, but he had no idea that they belonged to the same Order.  She smiled at him as she entered the command deck.  “Good morning,” she said bright and chipperly.

“Good morning to you too, m’lady,” he returned to her.  He may not have known she was part of the same Order, but she was the Baron’s sister and deserved such repect.  “We are coming in to the aerodrome now.”  The command deck was crewed by three people, in addition to the captain.  The pilot who stood at a great wheel, the navigator who sat at his charts and the communications officer who manned the radio.  “Did you sleep well?”

Rin smiled.  She did not sleep well aboard any airship as his question brought forward the redcap goblin.  “It was pleasant, Captain Watson,” she lied convincingly.  “I must thank you for the use of your cabin again.”  He bowed his head slightly.  He must know, she thought.  He was a member of the Order.  None the less, they exchanged pleasantries. 

The Forest Mist moored at Bay Three of the Maarke Aerodrome.  The Aerodromes made by North Realm are a marvel of construction.  They are usual vast, circular affairs that the airships landed in like they were wedges of a pie.  The center was a huge tower that was home to Maarke Air Traffic Control.  Overall, it was a huge building that could hold twenty-four ships on two levels.  She stepped off onto the gangway where she could smell the oil, and steam and ocean.