Monday, February 10, 2014


[This is North Realms answer to the Tulathian Elite Spartans.  Not as numerous by far but they are match for match equal the the best that Tulath has to offer.  I am looking for an idea on the Myrmidon Training.  It copies the Tulathian training and I am looking for something different.  Any ideas?  This is subject to change!]

The Myrmidons are the elite of North Realms defenders.  There are only 129 of them because in the entire Realm there are only 129 Broadsword Mecha Suits left in workable condition.  Each Myrmidon is given one of these ancient warmachines and it is a serious point of pride to North Realm.  Each Myrmidon also has a support team of an engineer to maintain the suit along with two mechanics, a medic, a security team of five trained soldiers and their own small airship with a crew of six.  They are sent either singly or as a fire team of five.  A single Myrmidon is a sight to behold and to have one show up is enough to have everyone stop.  They are headquartered in Danaan Tir and have base in each Barony.  They train constantly and maintain a level of readiness for any situation.  Each Barony has a fire team of Myrmidons except for the Baronies of Crosstaal and Leavestonne, they have two.  There are five in perpetual patrol around the Kingdom.

There are about five-hundred additional soldiers culled from all branches of the militaries.  These Myrmidons-in-training train very hard and should a Myrmidon die or retire, a new one is selected.  Each Myrmidon goes through some serious training, akin the modern day Rangers or SEALs.  They are trained to fight armored and unarmored with all manner of weaponry.  This is similar to the Tulathian Spartan Training that the Spartan-blooded get in Tulath.  Needless to say, the selection is fierce and the competition is killer.

Spartan Blooded as well as those Spartan Related are typically chosen for duty as Myrmidons.  But size and strength alone are not the only reasons a person is chosen.  It also comes down to brains.  Needless to say, almost a hundred Myrmidons are Spartan Blooded or Related.

Extra: Myrmidon Training
Permission: Must be Danaan, must be willing to serve in the Danaan military as one of the 129.
Costs: Skills
Myrmidon Training extra is a skill that encompasses all manner of weaponry and hand to hand combat.  A Myrmidon may use this skill in place of any combat skill they would use, from Fight or Shoot.  They may also use it in place of any tactics role that they can make to gain some sort of tactical advantage due to their schooling.
[Possible change]