Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stories from DnD: Markan

"I am not my father!  I do not even know him or who he is mother!" Markan yelled at his mother's back as the doors closed.  It was an argument that they have had many times before.  The young man sighed at the door and ran his hand through his unruly black hair.  It was just like his father's hair and the sight of it has always sickened the Baroness Maharie.  Whatever his father did had left Markan a bastard and a half-elf to boot.  Since his human father was not around, he got the brunt of of her fury toward him.

He wandered back to his room where Mirala and Veyli were busy packing his things, not that he had much to begin with.  Mirala was a human maid in her late twenties.  Even though he was older than her, she always treated him like a little brother.  As tall as he and large of breasts, she always knew what it was like to grow up in Celene a human, much less half a human.  She never let it bother her though, not as much as Markan.  Veyli was his self-appointed apprentice, a young half-elfin girl who Markan basically rescued from the streets after being picked on by some elvin children.  Besides being his self-appointed apprentice, she was his gofer and messenger.

"I take it your mother was not receptive to you going to see your father?" Mirala said as she folded a tunic.

Markan sighed.  "No.  She said that he was dead and she was happy and that I should count myself lucky."  He ran his hands through his hair again.  "He is a part of me, my human part.  I just wanted to see him and maybe, just maybe gain insight into the man.  He sounded like he was a real shitbag, but all humans can't be that bad," he said and Mirala gave him a look.  "Present company excluded of course."  She smiled and
went back to work.  "After all, a part of me is the man."

"Your mother isn't all bad.  She just ran afoul of not so nice man.  You will go to his grave, divine his presence and determine who you are.  You may be part of the man, but you have grown to be good man regardless."

He smiled, as Mirala told Veyli to put some clothes away.  "I dont know if I want to come back," he whispered to Mirala.  "Evalah will inherit the Barony and title when she is of age.  I love Evalah but I have nothing here.  After I see my father, I will, well, I do not know what I will do.  I wont be returning home for quite some time."

Mirala put down the laundry.  "So, when do we leave?"

Markan shook his head.  "We?  I said I was going.  Alone."

"Alone.  What will become of me?  Of Veyli should you leave?  Did you think of that?"

He sighed.  "So, we are leaving in the morning," he said he gave her half a grin.  "We go north to Emridy Fields to see my father.  From there, we shall see.  Now there is just one more think to do."

"What's that?"

"Tell Veyli," he said.  "She is going to like it."