Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dark Elves

The Dark Elves of Eave are a dark and mysterious clans of elves who live under the very feet of those that they secretly control.  In The Crossover when the eladrin and dwarves can to this world in the ancient past, the fought armies of goblins and trolls and giants led by the dark elves.  They Crossovered but not in enough time before everything else came though as well.

Dark elves are a myth, a myth that they duly support.  There are those who disappear in the night, never to be seen again, but that is attributed to the goblins.  Most of the times it is, but there are the times when it is not.

The dark elves are very interested in sciences and what it could bring them.  They have approached the Tulath though their goblin intermediaries but that has gone very slowly.  So they have begun to kidnap various people, Tulath and Danaan to interrogate.  They (I should say their goblins) have scoured the land for crashed bits of technology and picked them clean.  They are slowly building a realm of technological, scientific and magical might.

No one knows of their existence.  Not the eladrin, not Section Command, not the Order of the Thorn.  Not even you, the reader know about them, for if you did, you might receive a visit in the night from some sharp daggers…