Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Orders of Knighthood of North Realm

  • King’s Companions: The King’s Companions is an honorary knighthood bestowed upon the friends of the king, forming core of his advisors.
  • Order of the Bow: This Order is given to a variety of gunners, marksman and bowmen of North Realm.  They are given this Order for exceptional skill and accuracy.  [Knight]
  • Order of the Crescent Sword: An order of knighthood granted to those who perform an exceptional deed or service to the realm.  [Knight Marshal, Knight Lord, Knight]
  • Order of the Hart: A special order of knights who range all across North Realm as Rangers bringing justice to far-flung homesteads and travelers.  Do to their status as only the most trustworthy are taken, they are respected by the eladrin and are allowed to travel in their lands unmolested.  [Knight Marshal, Knight Lord, Knight Warden, Knight]
  • Order of the Rose: Royal Guards and Queen’s Champions, The Order of the Rose are Protectors of the Royal House and Family.  Pages make up a bulk of the personal servants to the Royal Family.  The Order of the Rose lies under the direct command of the Queen of North Realm.  By tradition they can take no orders from anybody save her (hence the King’s Companions), a tradition dating back to Miranda, the first Queen of North Realm.  They may take all things by the King as merely asking them.  [Knight Marshal, Knight Lord, Knight, Squire, Page]
  • Order of the Shield: The noble defenders of Harro’s Wall.  After the invasion of Leavestonne by Tulath, the Order protects the whole southern border.  Vorra danGael is the Knight Marshal of the Order of the Shield.   [Knight Marshal, Knight Lord, Knight, Squire]
  • Order of the Thorn: This Order is a secret branch of the Order of the Rose.  They are spies and if needs-be assassins.  They are led by the current Baron of Stormtonne, Aylen danTaven.